Digby Forever Tips, Cheats and Strategies


3 Sprockets’ Digby Forever is an endless digging game in the vein of Dig Dug and so many other games that somehow make digging a big hole fun. You’ll spend your time digging your way through various rocks and boulders, dodging lava, lasers, monsters, and even creepy monsters.

It might be simple to learn but there are plenty of cool tricks to make things even simpler for you. Gamezebo’s Digby Forever Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you get the most out of your digging excursions.

The Basic Principles

Digby Forever Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Speed isn’t everything. Ok, so you can always swipe downwards and move quickly through the landscape, but you don’t want to.
  • Instead, take slow and measured swipes around. It’ll give you time to predict what’s coming up. Admittedly, you don’t want to go too slow as you’ll be punished for doing so, but it’s good to keep at a cautious medium kind of pace.
  • Resist just aiming for the neverending bottom. Explore. Look around and negotiate areas. Dig through purple rock and red crystals in particular. You’ll gain plenty of bonuses that way which can be turned into coins.
  • The further you dig, the more unstable the area becomes. Look out for rocks falling from above. When the screen starts shaking, that’s when you know it’s about to hit!

Bombs are Good

  • Throughout the game, you’ll see various bombs. If you nudge them, they’ll become volatile and explode a few moments later. By doing so, they clear a huge area, giving you more room as well as some extra gems. Do so whenever possible, but make sure you’re clear of the blast radius!

The Importance of Cards

Digby Forever Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Ability cards offer you various bonuses and advantages, but you need to know how to use these effectively.
  • They’re available in different types. There are ones focused on boosting your drilling, shields, currency cards, death protection, enemy cards, world cards, and the mysteriously titled – gamble cards.
  • You can use up to three cards per run.
  • Currency cards boost how much you earn for certain crystals. Aim to collect as many of whatever crystal they correlate to. It’ll make a huge difference.
  • Shield cards give you a second chance if you’re hit by something that would normally kill you.
  • Death cards reward you if you die in a certain way. Weirdly, that’s what you want to do, despite usually wanting to survive for a while.
  • Drilling cards increase how quickly you drill. They’re always useful. Always have one equipped if you can!
  • Enemy cards make it easier to dodge your enemies. That means they’re immensely useful too.

Advanced Tips

Digby Forever Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • After a short time, you unlock a DigBot. This machine can dig for gems over time even when you’re not playing the game.
  • You can make him more effective by spending coins to upgrade how fast he digs or how many gems he can hold. Do so, as he’ll be much more useful to you that way.
  • It might cost you in the short term but in the long term, you’ll build up a plentiful supply of coins without even needing to play.
  • Don’t forget to check your free gift box. Every 30 minutes you gain one. It provides you with a random assortment of ability cards. Obviously some are better than others, but free is free, right?

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