Diablo Immortal Demon Gates Guide


If you’ve reached the endgame of the hit new mobile MMORPG, chances are you’ve encountered Diablo Immortal Demon Gates already. These fun events challenge you to head into the portal, massacre waves of demons, and hoover up the rewards. They’re worth doing if you encounter them, as some of the best rewards in the game are on offer.

In this guide, we’re going to explain in more detail exactly what Demon Gates are. We’ll also give you clues on how to encounter them more often, and detail the myriad rewards you can get for beating them. We’re pretty nice like that.

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We’ve also got a guide on how to beat the Diablo Immortal Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem. Now, let’s crack on with that Diablo Immortal Demon Gates guide.

What are Diablo Immortal Demon Gates?

If you’ve reached this guide, you probably have a good idea of what Demon Gates are at this point. They’re a portal that pops up while you’re exploring the Realm of Damnation. You simply head into the portal, at which point you are tasked with clearing out waves of demons in exchange for rewards.

They act in a similar manner to any of the random events that pop up while you’re exploring zones. You do need to be level 56 or above to encounter them, as well as have access to Hell 1 difficulty.

How do I Trigger Demon Gates?

Sadly, there are no reliable methods at present to force a Demon Gate to appear. They appear at random, anywhere in the zone, at any time.

If you’re keen on encountering Demon Gates as often as possible, we recommend just farming Realm of Damnation. It’s a reliable method of getting XP and rewards as things stand, and that will give you the best possible chance to encounter Demon Gates as they pop up.

Fortunately, you do get a notification when a Demon Gate is near – much like you do with any of the random events Diablo Immortal throws at you. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble encountering a few as you play.

What Rewards do I Get For Completing Demon Gates?

Demon Gates reward you with much the same as any random event does. You get loot, gold, and, perhaps most importantly, Enchanted Dust. That’s the stuff that lets you upgrade your gear’s rank.

There’s also a daily quest that challenges you to beat three Demon Gates, and rewards you  for doing so. That’s all the more reason to get stuck in.

Do I Need a Party of Three to Beat Diablo Immortal Demon Gates?

It seems like you can enter a Demon Gate solo, but when you do so, a notification will display for any players within the zone. They will get a chance to join your party and help you to beat the Demon Gate. So, no need to play as part of a group – though that is much more fun.

And that will do it for our Diablo Immortal Demon Gates guide. Make sure to grab the game via the links at the top of this page, or check out our other guides. We’ve linked them in the third paragraph.

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