Devilian Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Devilian might not do anything that different from the norm, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own twists and foibles that you need to dig into and discover. Well you would need to do that if we weren’t here. But at Gamezebo we’re only too happy to step in when someone’s looking for tips and tricks. To all intents and purposes, it’s a pretty large part of our jobs.

In this feature we’ll walk you through the basics of the game, explain some of its finer points, and make sure that when it comes down to it you’re cutting up fools, rather than being the fool that’s getting cut up.

The Basics


  • Pick your player – The first choice you’re going to make in the game involves the character you’re going to play. Read into what they do before picking – there’s a good chance you’ve played an RPG before so you’re going to have a decent idea about which archetype does what.
  • DIY or die – It’s always tempting in games like this to stick on auto-battle and let the digital mind take care of everything. To start with though, you want to avoid doing that. Mainly because you’re going to want to get to grips with the mechanics of the game.
  • Boss man – The smaller foes are easy to dispatch using the automated fighting system, but when it comes to the bigger bads you’re going to have to use a little more cunning. And quite a lot of running away.
  • Dodge smart – It’s important not to waste your dodges. They’re on a cool-down so don’t just spam them out for fun. There’s pretty much always something coming up around the next corner, and being prepared is key.

Tips and Tricks


  • Listen and learn – There’s a lot of information to parse at the start of the game, but it’s important you take your time and let it sink in. Especially when it comes to the character upgrading mechanics that make up the core of the experience.
  • Spend smart – Don’t throw your money away on things that aren’t going to help you out in the long term. It’s tempting to go for little stat increases, but if you don’t want to splurge real cash it makes more sense to grind to get better items.
  • Take any advantage – If the game offers you something for free, then grab it with both hands. You’ll need these boosts to take on some of the tougher scraps that start to crop up deeper into the game.

Devils and Bust


  • Fight smart – To be honest there’s not much reason to use your special moves on smaller enemies. If you’re surrounded you might need to clear out the bad guys with one of your specials, but the amount of damage small enemies do to start with is negligible.
  • Devil time – Your special Devilian move is going to come in handy when you’re fighting against the bigger enemies. Try and keep it saved up for these moments, because you’ll be able to clear them out quicker.
  • Engage and combine – Always check the items you receive after a fight. There’s a lot of vendor trash that you might want to chuck out but you can often use it to expand and improve the weapons and armour that you’ve got equipped.

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