Device 6 Walkthrough

Device 6 is a puzzle game/interactive novel created by Simogo.  In this game, you play as Anna, a woman who’s been stranded on a mysterious island teeming with cryptic messages and curious puzzles. If she wants answers, she needs to solve everything that’s put in front of her. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Device 6

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Game Introduction – Device 6

Device 6 is a puzzle game/interactive novel created by Simogo.  In this game, you play as Anna, a woman who’s been stranded on a mysterious island teeming with cryptic messages and curious puzzles. If she wants answers, she needs to solve everything that’s put in front of her. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

General Tips

Device 6

  • Device 6 is quite an unorthodox game. You don’t move through it with traditional game controls. You don’t even read it left-to-right like you would do with a normal interactive novel. Instead, the text follows all kinds of weird paths, and sound fades in and out accordingly. To give just one example, when Anna descends a staircase, the text travels downwards as well.
  • Playing/reading Device 6 can be a little confusing because of its odd presentation, but it’s not hard to get the hang of things. There are arrows that run alongside the game’s text and illustrate the direction you should read in.
  • Device 6 is full of puzzles. Some appear in the middle of the chapter, while others appear at the beginning or the end. The clues to each puzzle are hidden throughout the chapter, sometimes as text, sometimes as images, and sometimes even as audio files. You can move around a chapter’s text freely in order to collect clues.

Chapter One: Awakening

Overview: Anna wakes up in what appears to be a mansion or a castle. She has no idea where she is, and no memory of how she got there. The castle is seemingly abandoned, save for some creepy mannequins, dolls, and voice recordings. There appears to be a door leading to the outside world, but it’s locked.Device 6

  • Read through whole chapter to get a feel for where you are and what you ought to do. This is a good way to start off every chapter.
  • There’s a recording in the Master’s Voice room that gives you a hint on how to find the password for the monitor in the study.
  • The password is “2062.” Enter it on the monitor by using the arrow key to change the cursor’s position, and the numbers key to shuffle through the numbers.
  • “Follow” the moving line to the next area.
  • There’s another monitor. When you push the button, the words “ELLE” and “ARE” alternate ten times. These words actually stand for “LEFT” and “RIGHT” – L and R.
  • Return to the Kirke room near the beginning of the chapter. Using the buttons above the door, enter: L, R, R, L, L, L, R, L, R, L.
  • As the chapter ends, you’ll be asked to fill out a survey. Most of the questions involve your own thoughts and feelings, so there are no right or wrong answers. Regardless of what you enter, you’ll receive 100 points.

Chapter Two: The Story of the Three Bears

Overview: Anna finds herself on a bridge that’s home to three stuffed bears. The bears have a lot to say about secret codes, which come into play when Anna enters an eerie area stocked with missiles.Device 6

  • Swipe between the three bears and press the buttons to hear each one’s recording (when a bear’s eyes are blinking, it has a message). Remember to go back and forth between them to hear everything they have to say. The music will turn off when they’ve said everything.
  • Hit the light bulb icon to turn on the lights to the Launch Room.
  • There’s a monitor in the Research and Development area marked with “PAPA BEAR,” “MAMA BEAR,” and “BABY BEAR.” You’re asked for passwords for each, but all you have for now is Mama Bear’s password – 069. Enter it and select “Login.”
  • It doesn’t work! Well, there was some miscommunication and trust issues between the bears, right? Enter 069 as Papa Bear’s password instead.
  • Mama Bear’s password is 690. Baby Bear’s password is 759. Enter them alongside Papa Bear’s password.
  • If you haven’t visited the Strategy and Marketing area yet, do so now. Anna will trip over a lever and unlock shooting range targets.
  • Return to the Product Evaluation Area.
  • Look at the human-shaped shooting targets. Each one has a number on its head. Press the zoom button to observe the symbols on each target’s chest and note how each symbol corresponds to the targets’ numbers.
  • Go to the keypad in the Research and Development Area and enter the following symbols: Square, Smiley Face, Heart.
  • Another survey follows. There aren’t any right or wrong answers, so input whatever you’d like. You get 100 points.

Chapter Three: Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Overview: Anna finds herself in a beautiful garden, but her freedom is as distant as ever. She acquires a special chapter-exclusive item to help her through the garden’s puzzles.

Device 6

  • As Anna makes her way through the garden, she’ll find the Venetian Mask. She can put it on or take it off by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. When the mask is on, the screen turns red, and Anna can see hidden messages in otherwise ordinary text.
  • Start by reading the nearby Life and Death Wall. The blanked-out letters add up to read “Forty Minutes.”
  • Go back to the trio of statues near the garden entrance and slip on the Venetian Mask. The word “Midnight” is revealed.
  • Remember how Anna passed a sign warning her of sharks in the water? Go back to that passage and put on the Mask. A “bridge” will appear for you to cross. Visit the Botanical Research Facility and make note of the words on the paper in the piglet’s mouth.
  • Return to the Time Compass Gazebo. Assuming the compass needle is a clock face, put the “hand” in the following positions (pushing the input button with each answer): 6 o’clock, 12 o’clock, the 40 minute mark, and the 15 minute mark.
  • Another survey follows. Again, there are no right or wrong answers.

Chapter Four: An Inverted Funeral

Overview: Anna wakes up in a coffin. A funeral is being held on her behalf, but the recorded eulogy isn’t anything like a traditional prayer. Anna encounters some truly bizarre puzzles in this chapter, including one wedged in the midst of hypnotized sheep.

Device 6

  • Listen to the eulogy from the “priest” and take note of what he says. Particularly, “The moon. Let her in. The head of a black dog. Let her in. The smile from a stranger. Let her in.”
  • Put the priest’s recording on channel 2. While it’s playing, visit the flipped Black Chapel by swiping up and to the left from the White Chapel. The seemingly nonsense words will become a recording about “Agent Alpha” and “Agent Beta.”
  • Make note of the paper Anna is carrying that says, “The solution is MY EX.”
  • To unlock the lighthouse, you need to solve three puzzle panels. Us the <+> button to flip between the puzzles.
  • The first puzzle is “Welcome Words,” which involves the creepy shapes the sheep were staring at earlier. Do you remember what the priest said earlier about the moon, the black dog, and the stranger’s smile? Your answer needs to involve the specifics from all three. That is, the head of the black dog, the moon in its entirety, and the smile from the stranger. Here’s the solution:

Device 6

  • Next is the “Our Town” test, which involves the reversed recording you heard in the chapter. It’s a bit of a brain teaser, and the final answer looks like this:

Device 6

  • Finally, the “Link Test” involves linking the letters from the words in Anna’s “IS MY EX” paper. The solution should look like this:

Device 6

  • Here comes another survey. All you need to do is put your device on a flat horizontal surface.

Chapter Five: The Show

Overview: Anna is invited to attend a show that includes a song on her behalf. She’s getting closer to finding some answers. Maybe.

Device 6

  • Walk through the theatre. Enjoy the show.
  • When you have control of DEVICE 4, enter the code “247.” This is done by filling in two squares by pressing the green button twice, then hitting the red button. Repeat the process for four and seven.
  • Note: If you push the red button without filling any of the grid squares, you’ll witness a cryptic cutscene.
  • DEVICE 4 is full of cryptic information, in fact. The “Messages” folder holds the key to the next puzzle.
  • Return to the Men’s Restroom and enter the password “7141.”
  • Another survey follows. There are no right or wrong answers.

Chapter Six: Technical Perfection / Epilogue

Device 6

  • There are no puzzles in chapter six or the epilogue. Navigate through the text as usual and watch the end of the story play out.
  • Note: You can’t earn more than 600 points through the course of the game. You can only select the Precious Doll from the HAT product page.


You have completed Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Device 6.  Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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