Dessert Shop Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Dessert Shop

Dessert Shop by Shinezone Games is a delightful time management game on Facebook where you are given your very own dessert shop. You can design and expand it and learn to bake recipes from basic milk cookies to advanced five star desserts; use advanced machines and even grow fresh ingredients from your garden where you will plant and harvest goods as well as grow them from trees and farm plots; and visit your friends’ dessert shops and help each other out as you are building up your businesses. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started
Dessert Shop can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.

Dessert Shop

  • Log into your Facebook account and if you need to, do a search for “Dessert Shop” to go to their page. Here you can “Like” the game which will give you added in-game rewards. Here you can also find others to friend that are playing the game and see new features once added. If you have any issues with the game, post them on this page as the developers read it several times a day and work hard to fix any bugs as soon as they are mentioned.

Dessert Shop

  • Choose your Avatar
  • When you start the game for the first time, you will be asked to choose between a male and female avatar. Click on the one you wish to use. There is no way to change this later, and at this time there is no way to change the appearance of your avatar. You may in future game levels have the ability to change your avatar’s appearance. Watch for these updates.
  • You will be taken through a brief tutorial and will not be able to do anything else in the game until you follow it. You are given some premium currency and will be forced to spend it in the tutorial. Later in the game, you will be given more premium currency and wheat to help get you started. Use the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the machines you will use the most during the game. The oven, blender, grinder, garden, counter, and freezer are all critical to understand when starting out.

Dessert Shop

Game Settings

  • Look at the bottom right of the game screen for a gear icon. Click on it and it will expand upwards. Here you have the ability to put the game into full screen mode, zoom in or out of the scene, and turn the sounds and music on or off. Game controls are found under the settings on the wheel at the bottom right.

Dessert Shop


  • Gameplay consists of you decorating and running your own dessert shop for profit. You will be given a small shop with one oven, a blender, a grinder, and one set of tables and chairs for your customers. You will have one employee. Later you will be able to hire more. You also have a small patch of land that serves as a garden as you will be growing your own ingredients from trees and from land plots such as wheat, onions, strawberries and more. You will be allotted energy and each action will cost you one energy point to perform. You will be given goals in the game, and following these goals is critical to success in the game. Use them to guide you in your moves especially during the first ten levels of the game. As you earn more money you will be able to purchase additional machines to help you bake expensive desserts for your customers. You will be able to set up stations that help you gain exotic ingredients to make your baked goods even more impressive. As you grow, you will be able to expand your land and rebuild your store over it, making it capable of holding more advanced machines. By following the goals and making smart choices, you can have a beautiful and fun dessert shop that your Facebook friends will admire and enjoy visiting.

Dessert Shop


  • You will use energy to perform every task in the game. You will use it to gather supplies, build machines, bake items, serve coffee, and more.
  • You are given a maximum of thirty energy points in your energy meter at the top left of the game screen. Each time a task is performed you will see an energy point deducted from your overall total.

Dessert Shop

How to get more energy

  • You can obtain more energy in a few ways:
  • Regeneration – Energy regenerates at a rate of one point every ten minutes. If you do not want to purchase more, then you will likely have to leave the game and come back in a few hours.
  • Visit friends’ Shops – Having friends is very helpful as you earn free energy (3 points) once every twenty four hours as well as goods and coins as you help them. (See “Helping your friends” below)
  • Complete goals – Sometimes completing a goal will reward you with extra energy.
  • Leveling up – If you level up to the next level, your energy meter will fill back up to its maximum level.
  • Purchase energy – You may use premium virtual cash to purchase additional energy if you wish. This is very expensive and not recommended unless you just can’t wait.

Dessert Shop

Game Currency

  • There are two types of currency used in the game for purchasing additional energy, special premium goods such as trees, machines, or décor, and the ability to purchase time savers such as “Insta Make,” which allows you to either cut an hour off of your baking time or to finish it instantly.

Gold Coins

  • This is the basic game currency of which you can earn from selling the baked goods you prepare. Customers will automatically line up at the door and walk in making a choice, and then sit at the table or leave with their goods.
  • You are given seven thousand gold coins when you start the game.

Dessert Shop Cash

  • DS Cash – This is the premium currency of the game. You can use this currency to purchase special décor items, the ability to instantly complete a baking item or cut an hour off of its overall baking time, as well as purchase expansions faster. You can also use the cash to purchase coin and energy bundles if needed.
  • You will start out with thirty dessert cash when you begin the game, most of which is used in the tutorial.
  • Dessert cash may be purchased with real currency. You can access the currency menu by tapping on the “$” or price tag symbol along the currency indicator at the top right side of the game screen. Coins or Cash can be purchased in bundles. The more you purchase, the less you will pay overall.
  • Purchases are done via Facebook in the form of Facebook credits and will be charged based on how you have set up payments with Facebook.
  • Prices of coin or star bundles range from $2.00 to $130.00 USD. The larger the bundle you purchase, the better overall rate you will receive.

Dessert Shop

How to Bake

  • When you see an oven mitt over any machine or display it means it is empty and ready for use.
  • To bake, you can click on the oven or the freezer to make hot or cold desserts.

Dessert Shop


  • Click on the oven and look at the menu along the bottom of the screen. Note there are arrows allowing you to scroll through the various items. Many of the ingredients you will need such as eggs and milk can be gathered from their locations in your shop at various intervals. Place your mouse over any machine to see how much longer you have to wait until you can harvest from it.

Dessert Shop

  • Gathering ingredients
  • You will gather fresh ingredients from your outside garden such as eggs, walnuts, cocoa (items from trees), wheat, onions, strawberries (items from garden plots that you plant), and others from displays set up in your shop. Every item has a time limit on it before it can be gathered, or you must make it and wait until it is ready to place it in your inventory.
  • Blended items require you to gather all the ingredients, place them in a grinder or mixer and wait until it is ready before you can collect it and add it for baking.
  • As you level up, you will be able to purchase more shelves to add more ingredients to your desserts, as well as more plots and trees where you can grow more ingredients.
  • Visiting your neighbors that are at a more advanced level is another way to get ingredients that you can’t get any other way. If you help them with gathering from their Rum machine, you could win free rum from them.

Dessert Shop

Mixing Ingredients

  • Choose the type of dessert you wish to make and a screen will appear as the one in the image above showing you what you need to bake it.
  • Look at the menu along the bottom of the baking screen and use the arrows on each side to scroll through your options. Click on the dessert you wish to make and then you will see all the ingredients appear on the table.
  • Note – If you see any of the numbers in red, you are out of that ingredient and will have to go back into the store and gather it. You may need to just harvest it or you may need to grow it, grind it or mix it before its ready. You may also need more than one of a particular ingredient. It’s important you are aware of what you may need in advance.
  • Note – When you complete goals in the game, you are sometimes rewarded with ingredients such as butter, flour, and other items that are already prepared. They are in your inventory and can save a lot of time for you.
  • When you see the number in green it shows you how many of that ingredient you have on hand.

Dessert Shop

First time making a dessert

  • The first time you make a dessert it shows you how the dessert is made and asks you to add the ingredients one at a time from left to right. Once you do this, in the future you won’t have to again. You can simply click on “Instant Mix” which will now appear and all ingredients will be added at once.
  • You will see the ingredients mixed and poured into a baking pan and then placed into your oven.
  • Place your cursor over the oven to see how much time is needed to bake this dessert. It could be thirty seconds to several hours. Remember you can use premium cash to speed this up or instantly complete it at any time if you wish.
  • Tip – Only bake items requested of you in the goals for the first ten levels and you will have a much easier time in the game and will have funds on hand when needed.

Dessert Shop

Collecting and Serving your Desserts

  • Once a dessert is ready, you will see an icon of it over the oven or freezer. Click on it and spend one energy point to gather it. Your avatar will take the dessert to the counter by the cashier where customers will now start coming into your shop to purchase them.
  • Note – Place your cursor over the plate on the counter at any time to see how many desserts you have sold and how many you have left.

Dessert Shop

Gold and Pink Star Mastery of a Dessert

  • Each time you bake a dessert you earn a gold star for it. If you play with the recipe, say adding jellies or walnuts to make it more interesting, you earn a pink star rating. These desserts will sell at much higher rates and increase your popularity by bringing more customers into the shop.
  • Mastery – Once you have three gold stars on a recipe, that indicates mastery of that recipe and it is known as a “Gold Star Dessert”
  • Pink Star Dessert – After you earn three gold stars you can now make this dessert and add other ingredients to it to make it more interesting. Doing this a few times will earn you a pink star mastery. These earn the most money in your shop and have the highest demand.

Dessert Shop


  • Counter space is very important as this is where you present your desserts to customers.
  • Counters can be purchased as you level up and they can only be upgraded with premium cash which lets them hold more.
  • Note – You can add more of the same type of dessert to a counter, but you can’t have more than a couple of different desserts on one counter at any one time.
  • You will likely need to purchase another counter as soon as possible in the game.
  • Try to keep your counter stocked at all times to keep the money coming in.
  • You will see customers leaving gold coins after they eat and these are added to your total for you to use for additional items in your shop such as décor or ingredients.

Dessert Shop

Adding additional Décor/Reputation points

  • You have the option to purchase décor in the shop by clicking on the shop button at the bottom right corner of the game screen. Here you can scroll through different categories. You can purchase items using coins, premium currency or friendship hearts. Placing these items in your shop increases your reputation level. This is shown at the bottom center of the screen near a white daisy. The higher your reputation, the more customers will come to your dessert shop.

Dessert Shop

XP – Experience Points

  • Each time you complete a task, purchase an item, or do anything in the game, you earn blue XP stars. These are what determine how fast you level up in the game. There is an XP meter and level indicator at the top left corner of the game screen. When this meter fills up, you will level up to the next level. This will help you because it unlocks many items in the shop for you to purchase and it will refill your energy meter to its capacity for you.

Dessert Shop


  • Immediately after the tutorial, game goals will begin. These are shown at the left side of the game screen. You can place your cursor over them to see them briefly, or you can click on them for a full screen explanation.
  • If you click on “Go” you will be taken to where you can immediately complete that goal.
  • Premium cash buy out – You also have the option if it is shown to purchase a “buy out” of that task with premium cash. If you pay it, the task is considered completed. It is not recommended that you do this unless you don’t want to wait for a long task as it can be very expensive.

Dessert Shop

  • After you complete a goal, you will be given a reward of XP stars, coins, and sometimes ingredients or décor items for your shop. A summary is shown whenever you complete a goal.
  • As soon as one goal is completed, another will appear in its place.

Moving items around/Selling and purchasing items

  • You may purchase items in the game shop.
  • If you click on the arrow icon at the bottom right of the game screen, you will have the ability to move any item you click on.
  • You may also sell items or add them to storage for later use.

Dessert Shop


  • If you look around the shop, you will see there are several areas of land that highlight when you place your cursor over them. Some will have level requirements and some will say you must wait until you purchase closer plots first. The first area for expansion is where you see the park bench and coffee machine.
  • Expansion requires coins, and you must earn fans in order to expand. Each location requires a different number of fans which can only be earned by serving them coffee.

Dessert Shop

How to obtain fans/Using Coffee Machine

  • Every six hours the coffee machine located south of your shop next to the park bench will give you three cups of coffee that go into your inventory.
  • When customers sit at the table, you will see a coffee cup icon over their heads if they want coffee. If you give it to them on time, you will see hearts appear over their heads and then a smiley face ball will appear which represents the fact that you have made a fan out of that customer.
  • Each piece of land tells you how many fans you need, so always keep up on the coffee and give it to everyone that request it.

Dessert Shop

Dessert Shop

Adding friends/Visiting friends shops/Friendship hearts

  • There is an area that allows you to invite your Facebook friends to play the game. Be sure to send out invitations and to also look at the Facebook page of the game to meet new friends that are also playing.
  • Visiting – Along the bottom of the screen you will see the word “NEW” whenever a new friend has been added to your game. Click on their icon and you will be taken to their shop. You will immediately earn a reward for visiting that includes coins and energy points, as well as friendship hearts.
  • Helping friends – You have the ability to help your friend five times while you are visiting. Look for items with hearts over them. Click on any item with a heart over it and you are harvesting that item for your friend. You will in turn earn ten coins or ten coins and an ingredient for helping them. When you hover your cursor over an item, it will show you what you may earn for helping.
  • Once you do all five tasks you will not be able to help again for a full twenty four hours.

Dessert Shop

  • When you return to your game, you will be able to see who has stopped by your shop to help. You will see their avatar which is identical to yours, but their Facebook picture will be there as well. Click on “Accept” and watch them help you just as they did when they were actually in your shop.
  • Once your friend is finished the message will change to “Thank your friend.” Click on this and it will send another reward to your friend. Again, no more visits until twenty four hours has passed.

Dessert Shop

Trees and Garden Plots

  • You may purchase trees from the store and plant them on land next to your shop. Each tree has a specified number of times it will yield for you, and then it will die and will need to be cleared away. You can see this information any time by placing your cursor over the tree.
  • You will have to replant the tree once you clear it away if you are still actively using the ingredient it yields.

Garden Plots – You start out with one or two but can purchase more as you level up. You will need to plant wheat to grind into flour and it’s important to always have wheat on hand. Once you plant it, wait for it to mature and then click on it using one energy point to harvest each plot.

Dessert Shop

Building Shelves

  • Shelves allow you to add specialized ingredients to your shop but take a while to build. Choose a shelf from the store and place it anywhere in your dessert shop. Click on the crate three times to open it and then a menu such as the one above will appear. You must post messages and ask friends to send you the required tools needed to finish the shelf. Once it is finished, you may place it in the shop and use it as often as possible.

Dessert Shop


  • All items go into inventory once they are collected, won, or harvested from the garden. Each ingredient has a maximum level of twenty in your storage area.
  • Some items have a maximum level based on your level in the game.
  • Be sure to check your inventory frequently to see what you have and need.

Game Tips/Additional Information

  • Follow the goals as much as possible in the first ten levels. This will keep you from using up all of your finances.
  • Always keep your machines working. If you have to leave the game, make sure something is in the blender, grinder, oven, etc. This will save you a lot of time.
  • If you choose to purchase premium currency, note that any décor items purchased with it will give you much higher reputation levels than those purchased with coins, and those purchased with friendship hearts will also increase reputation more than coin purchases.
  • Be sure to visit all of your friends daily. This is a great way to get free energy, coins and goods.
  • Since the game is new there are a few features coming up. In the future, you will be able to hire additional employees including your Facebook friends, and once you reach level twenty seven, you will open a research and development office where you will be able to come up with new recipes to add to your shop’s repertoire. Other features marked “Coming Soon” are found all over the game board so be sure to check in frequently for new game additions.

Dessert Shop

Play Daily Bonus Round

  • Daily bonus – Each day you are shown the game board which allows you to pick a prize. On day one you pick one box, day two you pick two boxes, and on day three you pick three boxes. Then the game starts over at day one again. If you miss a day then the game starts over at day one again as well.  There are ingredients, décor items, and money in these gift boxes so be sure not to miss them.


  • You have completed the basic quick start guide for Dessert Shop by Shinezone Games. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo.

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