Design Home Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Design Home is the ideal game for those who want to design their perfect home. Your sole aim is to design the most beautiful rooms possible, all through buying new pieces of furniture and placing them accordingly. It’s fairly straight forward to get started but there are some key tips you need to truly bring in the votes from other players.

Gamezebo’s Design Home Tips, Cheats and Strategies has you covered with plenty of great advice on how best to decorate those rooms.

Starting Out

Design Home Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • When setting up your first room, take and use everything you can including the optional items, even if you don’t like them. If you pass on anything, you have to pay for it later. You might as well have as many free options as possible to start with.
  • Don’t go nuts with purchase. A little like in life, it’s really tempting to go mad and run out of cash. Don’t do it. Work on your star score first, before overdoing it. Make the most of what you’ve got.
  • When you do make a purchase, make sure it’s for something you’ll use a lot. Pick something that can be reused on existing challenges and complements your other items. You don’t want to spend lots of money on something that sits in your inventory unused.
  • Log in every day. It’s an easy way to gain rewards. As Design Home isn’t very generous, you want to gain freebies any way you can!

Design Challenges

Design Home Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Each room and Design Challenge comes with its own set of objectives. That can be things like having a certain number of items that match a particular theme, or simply all being the same color. Make sure you stick to these objectives first before you tackle the optional stuff.
  • Sometimes, less is more. You don’t have to place furniture everywhere. Sometimes, you’re better off sticking with a more minimalist look.
  • Make sure you keep to the theme. If half the room has to be modern looking, you don’t want to throw in tacky leather just for the sake of it. People won’t vote for messed up designs.
  • Use items that complement each other tonally. The voting is based on the whim of the voters, but a cohesive look will likely do better than not.
  • Rugs, low-cost lamps, and artwork can tie a room together with seemingly mismatched large furniture pieces.

Design Home Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Low on money? Go for the highest rewarding design challenges first! And don’t buy optional items.
  • Check out the prizes beforehand. Sometimes, you can win an item that you can then use in a different challenge, thereby helping you along.
  • Fulfilling design requirements can mean you’ll be buying some things you won’t particularly like and might not find a way to use again. If that design challenge needs two of a particularly requirement, use that item you got. It will use up the item efficiently and you’ll likely have a more cohesive look.

The ‘Opposition’

Design Home Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Learn from the best. Check out other players and their creations. Odds are if they’ve got a high star score, they’ve earned it through some great designs. Take a look at their rooms and see if there are certain trends that are working for them. Apply such styles to your rooms and see how it works out.
  • Keep voting for other players! Every 5 votes you cast, you gain 3 keys. You need 25 keys to submit a design of yours so it’s important you keep gaining keys. Plus, it’s fun to check out new designs.

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