Demeo Characters – All Characters and Classes Listed


Looking for Demeo characters? We’ve compiled a list of all Demeo characters, as well as all of the classes too! Make sure to bookmark this page so you can keep up to date with new additions to the game.

Demeo is a role-playing tabletop survival game. It was originally released as a VR game on the Oculus Quest, but was then released on other devices. It’s pretty similar to Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. The aim of the game is to reach the “Nevermost Catacombs” and battle the enemy that resides there. To get to this destination, you need to defeat all of the enemies in the “Elvian Necropolis”.

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Demeo Characters

Now, let’s crack on with the list of characters.

  • Sigrun – Guardian of the Realm
  • Kai – Assassin of the Shadows
  • Ailin – Hunter of the Woods
  • Zedokar – Sorcerer of the Elements
  • Molthas – Singer of the Mortal Sonnets
  • Oana – Warlock of the Ancients

Demeo Classes

Next up is the list of classes!


  • Armor – Guardians gain 5 points of armor
  • Knockback – Default melee attacks creates the knockback effect, moving the enemy 1 square away


  • Backstab – Defeault melee ability. It relies heavily on positioning and timing. You can perform this ability at the back of an enemy.
  • Sneak Ability – Allows the assassin to become “Stealthed” for a total of 3 turns. This allows assassins to pass enemies without being attacked or spotted. However, assassins can still take damage from area of effect attacks.


  • Courage Shanty – Replenishing ability. It has a total of 3 tiers that can be obtained before the buff runs out. Tier 1 reduces incoming damage by 1, tier 2 reduces all damage by 1, and tier 3 gives the bard the ability to move in front of enemies to cause the effect “Panic”.
  • Confusion – Multiple bard attacks causes the effect “Confusion”. This causes enemies to attack and move randomly until the debuff ends. It’s important to note that this effect is not always guaranteed.


  • Sourcerer Sucker Punch – “Zap” deals 1 damage and stuns the enemy for 1 turn. This means the enemy cannot attack on the next turn.
  • Manipulating the Map – “Freeze” and “Vortex” allow sorcerer’s to manipulate the map by freezing groups of enemies and moving them.


  • Ranged Attacks – Hunters can perform ranged attacks, and have a hand size of 11.
  • Summoning – Hunters can charm, distract, and summon allies.


  • Pet – Warlock’s have a pet called Cana. This pet will attack enemies, and has three levels. Each pet level will allow the pet to gain extra damage and health. Filling the experience bar when a pet is at level three results in an enhanced status effect that deals more damage, and allows the pet to gain more health.
  • Knockback – Default melee attacks creates the knockback effect, moving the enemy 1 square away.


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Demeo Characters FAQ

Got some questions about our character/classes guide? We’ll answer them below.

What Is A Character List?

A character list is a brief rundown of playable characters in a game. It gives you a quick reference of all of your options so you can make your choices ahead of time.  We arrange the characters by type, so you can browse your preferred role.

How Often Do We Update Our Demeo Characters List?

We keep this list up to date as each new class/character drops. Information may change after balancing patches, so remember to bookmark this page!

You can also keep up to date with the game on the official website.

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