Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden Tips Walkthrough

a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:35:”Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:33159:”Check out our Strategy Guide for Delicious-Emily’s Tea Garden.


Game Overview

  • There are two modes in Emily’s Tea Room, Regular Mode and Emily’s Diary. In Regular Mode you will play through each restaurant. As you play through 10 days of one restaurant, the next location will be unlocked. There are a total of 50 levels in Regular Mode.

Emily’s Diary

  • Once you finish the 10th day of each restaurant you will unlock that particular restaurant in Emily’s Diary. The goal in Emily’s Diary is to how many customers you can serve without losing any customers. As soon as 3 people walk away angrily, you will lose that round.
  • In each restaurant of Emily’s Diary you will begin the day with all the food choices available for that location. You will also have the Busser and the Entertainer available from day one.
  • Each restaurant will have a different scenario that you can unlock once you pass a certain level. You will have challenges such as, only serving people that come up to the counter only, no tables at all. Scenarios like an excessive amount of reservations in one day etc.

New items added

  • Whenever a level begins and you see items that are shimmering with light, it means that it is something new that has been added to the shop.
  • At the beginning of each day make sure that you look at the restaurant to see what has been added. You don’t want to waste time in the middle of a level by looking for items that were not previously there.

Restarting a level

  • Technically, you can’t restart a level in the middle; however, you can click on "menu" first and then on "quit". By the time you get back to the last level you were playing, it will take you back to the beginning of it.
  • If you want to replay a level in order to get a better score, just go to the main map menu. Click on the restaurant that you want to replay and you will see the calendar appear n the lower right corner, click on the day that you wish to do over.
  • The days of the week that have a star next to it are the days in which you completed that level with an expert score.


  • Click on the mouse that appears around the scene and you’ll get an extra 100 points.
  • You get an extra points for delivering complete orders to a table. If you give people their order without missing any items, you will earn more points.
  • You will lose points if any customer leaves your establishment because they waited too long.

Happiness Level

  • You can tell a customer is happy by the color of their face and by the fact that when they are very happy they will have hearts beating next to them.
  • When a customers face starts turning red it means that they are getting angry, take care of them right away. You can increase a customer’s happiness level by sending the entertainer over or by serving them quickly. You lose $ 50 when a customer walks away angry.


  • When you chain actions there are no check marks or numbers to let you know what is in queue. the only way to tell is by looking at the object, it will start flashing when you’ve scheduled something for it.
  • Once you chain several actions together there’s no way to cancel them, you will have to let them finish before you can schedule something else for Emily to do.
  • You have to click on certain machines to refill them like the nachos, ice cream etc. Make sure that as soon as you see a machine that is empty that you fill it right away. You don’t want to lose precious seconds waiting for a machine to refill.

Food Prep

  • Food must be prepared in a certain order or you will not be able to make it. When preparing 2 orders that are the same you cannot click on 2 of the same items, you have to complete each order separately. For example, you have 2 orders of nachos and salsa, you cannot click on 2 baskets of nachos first and then on 2 jars of salsa. You have to click the nachos first and then the salsa.
  • Discarding Foods
  • If you want to get rid of something that’s on the tray and nobody wants it, then click on the item that’s in the tray and it will be automatically thrown away. There are no point penalties for discarding food.
  • If you make a mistake because you picked up the wrong item when making a 2 step order, simply click on the right one. For example, if  you picked up a strawberry but you really wanted a pineapple slice then click on the pineapple and the strawberry will be replaced.


  • If you’re ever unsure of what items you’ve  prepared just look on the tray. If the item is not completely finished you will see an outline of the food that’s in the process of being cooked. If the food item is in there then you know that it is ready. It’s a good idea to check on the tray to make sure that you’re not making items that you don’t need.


  • There are several trophies that you can earn in the game. I will not list them all because they are well explained in the game. In order to see what you need to do in order to earn certain trophies, simply hover your mouse over each plant and read the description.


  • I don’t believe that I saw this mentioned in the instructions for the game but when you see the little mouse around the scene, click on it and you will earn 100 points.
  • The mouse can appear anywhere in a restaurant, on the counter, on the tables, in a hole on the floor etc.
  • It can be hard to spot the mouse because it is very tiny and it likes to hide behind other things, so sometimes all you’ll see is its head.
  • You’ll know that the mouse is around when you hear a squeaky noise in the background, as soon as you hear the noise see if you can spot it.
  • Even though having the extra 100 points comes in handy during certain levels, don’t waste too much time looking for the mouse, if you happen to see it right away then that’s fine but don’t waste time when the restaurant is busy.


  • When you see an exclamation point on the table, it means that the table needs to be cleaned. If there is still someone sitting at that table it means that someone from there is in line waiting to pay.
  • You have to clean a table after each customer or other people will not sit there.You can clean up a table even if the customer has not paid yet, so long as they’ve gotten up to pay, it’s OK to clear it.
  • When a customer comes into the restaurant and there are no clean tables they will leave and you lose that sale.
  • If you served a table their orders and you see that their hands are still up , it means that you forgot an item or that you have an incorrect item on the tray. The item that they need will still be on one of the thought bubbles, go back to the kitchen and get their food quickly.
  • If a customer comes in while you’re cleaning a table they will walk away if that table is not ready by the time they reach it. However, if there’s another table that is clean, they will be seated on the clean table. if there are no clean tables, they will walk away.


  • The cash register will only ring up the 2 people that are in the front of the line. In order to cash several people out, you will have to click on the cash register each time someone steps up to the front of the line. If Emily is just standing at the register the next people in line will not be rung up automatically.
  • When you cash out more than one person at a time on the register you make an extra tip. Try to cash several people  out at once so you can make some extra money.


  • The Entertainer will always look different depending on the type of restaurant he’s in. In the Western BBQ he will have a cowboy hat on, in the Posh Restaurant, he will have a violin but his effect on people will always be the same.
  • Click on him when you want to make all your customers happy by having him entertain the people at a particular table.
  • You will know the Entertainer made everyone happy at the table when you see hearts coming out of them. If someone is at a table and they don’t have any hearts after he played, send the Entertainer over to them again in order to boost their hearts some more.
  • If you see that a table has a lot of people with red faces on, go ahead and send him over so the people will be happier, the happier a customer is the bigger your tip will be.
  • You can use him as often as you’d like to make people happy, even if he’s not at the start position. If he just finished playing, he will stand at a table for a few seconds, before he walks back to the start position, send him to another table.
  • You cannot chain the Entertainer to visit several tables in a row, he must be scheduled to visit a table each separate time.You can send him to visit the same table several times in a row. You really want to do that when you have a table that’s full of angry people.
  • The Entertainer cannot soothe the mood of someone that is waiting in line, unless it is somebody that finished eating at a table. If someone from a table is waiting to pay and they look angry, send the Entertainer to the table they came from. By the time he’s done paying, the person in line will be in a better mood and will leave a better tip. If you’re not sure which table the person came from, look for the table that has an "!" over it and the people look angry.
  • The Entertainer can also go to the bar and make people that are seated in that section happy as well. Click on the place mat on the bar or on the person to send him over. Basically, the people at the bar must be treated the same as people seated at tables.


  • He will help you clear a table after a customer is done eating. When the Busser is present, click  on the table(s) that you want cleaned and he will clean the tables in the order in which you clicked.
  • You can have the Busser clean several tables at a time. Click on all the dirty tables at once and he will clean them in the order in which you clicked them.
  • Once the Busser is available you will no longer be able to send Emily to clean some tables.
  • You can clean a table even if someone is still sitting there as long as someone got up to pay. You will know that a table needs cleaning when you see a red exclamation point over it.


The Basics

  • The telephone appears for the first time on day 7 of the first location.
  • When you hear it ring pick it up, it means that you have a reservation, you will also some green circles on Emily’s thought bubble when the phone rings.
  • After you answer the phone you will see an icon on the top left side of the scene that has a table with a number next to it. The number indicates the amount of people that will be coming for that party.
  • The blue bar indicates how long before the people arrive.

Reservation Cards

  • Click on the place card that is underneath the telephone and then click on the table that you want it to go to.
  • Don’t place the card on the table too soon because people without reservations will not sit there. Wait and place the card on the table when the blue bar is almost empty.
  • Try not to forget placing the card on the table because you will get a huge bonus (100 to 200 points) when the reservation customers come in and find their card.
  • Keep in mind that if it’s a reservation for 2 people don’t place the card on a table that seats four. You don’t want to prevent other people from coming in to the restaurant.
  • If you think you placed the card too early on the table, then take it off by simply clicking on the card. When you’re ready to put it back on the table, get it underneath the telephone.

General Tips for Reservations

  • The people with reservations will have cards above their heads as they walk into the restaurant.
  • If you don’t answer the phone in time you will lose that reservation and a chance to make some extra points.
  • You only have to place one card on a table even if there are multiple people coming in with a reservation.
  • When you pick up a reservation card you’ll see it show up on the tray but don’t worry about it, simply click on the table that you want to place the card on and it will disappear from the tray.
  • Some reservations move faster than others so always watch the meter, just because they have the same amount of blue in it, it does not mean they will go at the same speed.
  • Don’t always answer the phone when it rings. In some levels when you are very busy, it’s best not to answer the phone because that can keep you from completing a level. I’m not saying never answer the phone, just use your own discretion on each level.


  • A bar will be added to some of the restaurants, the people seated at the bar will be treated like you would the customers that sit at the table. You can serve them food, send The Entertainer over to make them happy and the Busser can be scheduled to clean up the dirty dishes.
  • Since it’s easy to forget about the people at the bar, make sure that you always keep an eye on the people over there because you don’t want them getting angry and leaving.
  • The bar could be added at any part of the restaurant, right in the middle or in a corner.
  • Even if someone was at the bar and they got up to pay, you can still send the Entertainer over to the empty bar seat and it will increase the heart of the person in line that was sitting at that table. This has to be done before they pay or it will not work.


  • With the money that you earn each day you can buy decorations for your restaurants. The decorations don’t really help you with your gameplay but are there just to make things improve the look of your restaurants.
  • You will be able to afford better upgrades when you earn the expert score in any level since it means that you’ve  earned more money.
  • You can go back and replay any level if you wish to get the expert score, any money that you earn over the first time will be added to your total. In other words the points that you earned above the original score will be added to your total.
  • Once you click on a decoration, you will have the option to buy that item or cancel it.
  • You don’t have to buy decorations after each round, save your money and buy them as you see fit.
  • If you’re able to buy all the decorations for a restaurant you will receive a trophy.


  • As soon as you hand out the food order to someone on line, click on the cash register immediately. That way the customer will leave happy because they were served quickly and you will not leave them standing in line too long because you forgot to cash them out.
  • Try to get as much done in one trip as possible. If the phone is ringing, take an order to a table on your way to answering the phone. If you have 2 people at the counter with orders, prepare both of them at once so you can knock out 2 birds with one stone.
  • If someone gets in line that is ready to pay behind someone that is ordering, make sure that you get that order filled quickly so that person does not stand in line too long. If you can’t get the orders fast enough to get the line moving, send the Entertainer over to their table and the person in line will be in a better mood when they pay.
  • Look to see how many items your food tray can hold and don’t prepare more than it can hold. You start out being able to hold 3 items and later on in the game you will be able to hold up to 5  items. Make sure that you use the maximum amount of space on the trays as possible so you can get more orders out at one time.
  • Get as many customers through the door as you can, once you see the closed sign, no more customers can come in, unless they were already walking towards the entrance. Look at the clock and if you see it’s almost closing time, make sure your tables are clear so you can get some last minute people in.
  • You can chain Emily to do several tasks at once and she’ll perform them in the order that you clicked.
  • Emily will stand in the last spot that she went to unless you command her to do something else. Click on an area even if Emily is not needed there at that particular moment. Place her closer to the counter if she needs to prepare an order.
  • Send the Entertainer over to all the tables as much as possible. There’s no limit as to how many times he can go to a table, make sure that he is busy all day long visiting the patrons. The happier a customer is before they leave the restaurant the more money they will pay you before they leave.
  • Before the first customer comes in make things in advance so you can be one step ahead. Each restaurant is different and they all have different items that can be me in advance so make sure that you know the limitations of each recipe. Please read the section below which outlines all the special items for each individual restaurant.
  • Sometimes when you prepare things in advance a customer will order what’s already on the tray.
  • Make orders in advance that are complicated to make, for example the crepes require you to flip them once before you take them off the grill, it can be hard to do when there are a lot of people ordering at the same time. Make mostly crepes and steaks in advance. In the seafood restaurant boil the lobsters and clams ahead of time since you can’t burn or overcook them.
  • If you see a table where people are really angry and are about to finish eating, don’t leave the cash register area because they are going straight to the line to pay. If they get to the register and you’re not there you will lose $50 because at that point they lost patience.
  • If you’re on your way to serve a customer and the phone rings answer it first and then serve the table. You don’t want to lose a reservation of you can’t get to the phone in time.
  • You should always take care of a customer that is at the counter before someone at a table. There’s no way to soothe the patience of someone who is at the counter since the Entertainer cannot take care of them, that’s why you need to get the people at the counter served quickly.
  • More strategies are discussed under the heading for each individual restaurant.


Nachos and Salsa

  • To prepare the nachos and salsa all you have to do is click on the bowl of nachos and then click on the salsa flavor that you want to add to it.
  • You can make some nachos ahead of time but they will not be able to sit on the machine, they will be automatically sent to the tray.
  • When the nacho machine is empty make sure that you refill it right away. It takes a few seconds to make more and you don’t want to waste time, waiting for them.


  • Click on the steak and place it on the BBQ. Customers will ask for their steak to be cooked either medium or well done. Look at the icon above a customer’s head to determine how long a steak should be on the grill. The food will be ready when you see it flashing on the grill.
  • The steaks that look dark will need to be made well done, the steaks that are lighter and redder will need to be cooked medium.
  • Besides looking at the color of the steak you can listen for the amount of rings you hear when a steak is on the grill. One ring means the steak is medium done and 2 rings mean it is well done.
  • If you let an item sit on the grill too long, it will burn and you will have to cook them again. You’ll see that the food item on the grill will disintegrate.
  • When you put an item on the grill all you have to do is click on the items and it will automatically go to the grill. The only time you have to click on the grill is when it is time to retrieve the item after it is cooked the way you want it.
  • You cannot pick up a steak before it’s cooked you have to wait for the ring before you pick it up.


  • To serve the ribs you have to click on the ribs first and click in the seasoning that is on the other side of the grill to complete the order.
  • By level 8 of the BBQ grill there will be a second seasoning added that you can put on the ribs.
  • People will ask for their ribs cooked the same way each time, whenever you hear the ribs ring once take them off the grill.

General Tips

  • Don’t get nachos when a steak is being cooked because you don’t want to miss the window to pick it up. Since it sometimes takes a while for Emily to get the nachos you stand the chance of burning your steaks while she’s busy gathering the nachos.
  • To get the foods like chicken, corn and beverages is pretty self-explanatory; all you have to do is click on them once to get them into the tray.

THE BEACH CLUB-2nd Location

Fruit Bowls

  • To make the fruit bowls, you have to click on the type of fruit you want first and then on the bowl. If you don’t do it in that order you will not be able to serve the fruit to the customers.
  • If you have 2 orders for fruit bowls that are the same, you can only prepare one of them at a time. For example, to make 2 strawberry bowls, you cannot click on the strawberries twice and then on the bowls twice. You have to prepare each order separately, click on the fruit and then the bowl, repeat the same process for the second order.


  • To make juice all you have to do is click on the type of fruit you want first and then click on the glass.
  • You can only make one glass at a time and it’s hard to make orders in advance since there are several types of fruits available.

Ice Cream

  • You will see the tubs of ice cream on the right side of the page, each tub will have a number next to it. The number represents the amount of servings that you can get out of each flavor before you have to refill it.
  • When the counter on the tub gets down to zero, grab the fruit that you need on the counter. You will see an ice cream machine that is under the counter where the fruits are kept. Click on the fruit that you want and then click on the round white circle that is on the machine and the flavor will be filled.

Granola Bars

  • There are 2 flavors of granola bars to choose from. the colors are very similar so make sure that you look at the colors carefully before you serve them.


Frying Pan

  • Click on the salmon or turbot (day 5) to throw them in the pan. You only have to click on the fish once and it will automatically go into the frying pan.
  • Once the fish is completed. click on the salt and pepper shakers or click on the lemon or citrus that are at the end of the stove and the fish will be ready. Just look at the icon next to the customer’s order to see which seasoning they desire.
  • The fish will be done as soon as you hear the ring or if you have the volume off you will know its ready when you see the pan flashing. The fish will also have a golden color when it’s done, the salmon will have a darker tone to it.
  • The turbot and the salmon look so much alike that you really have to look closely to make sure you have the right one. Don’t let them burn or you will have to cook it all over.

Paella-Day 4

  • You can make paella by clicking on the rice first and then on the shrimp, it has to be done in that order or you will not be able to complete it.
  • The wonderful thing about making paella is that you can make 9 batches at a time. When you have some idle time on your hands, make the maximum amount of paellas in one sitting, that way you will not have to worry about.

Clams and Lobsters

  • Clams are introduced on day 6 and lobsters are introduced on day 8.
  • You will cook clams and lobsters in the same way, by throwing them into a pot of boiling water. The wonderful thing about the clams and lobsters is that you cannot burn or overcook them so it’s good to make them ahead of time.
  • To make a clam or a lobster, simply click on the one you want and they will go into the water. When they are done, they will rise to the top. You don’t have to touch them again until you’re ready to give them to a customer. When you want to give it to the customer just click on it and it will go into the tray.
  • There will be 2 pots available. You can make one of each or two of the same kind on the pots. To be on the safe side, just keep one of each on the stove at all times.
  • As soon as you remove one of them from the pot, go ahead and put another one to boil. That way you can always have them ready when you need them.
  • You cannot click on a lobster or a clam to cook if there is one on top of the pot that has not been removed. Make sure the pot is empty before you place another one to cook.

General Info

  • The Entertainer will be available on Day 3.
  • The Busser will be available to help you on day 6.


Bread Basket-Day 1

  • The customers order bread as soon as they sit down so keep bread stocked at all times.
  • Each time you cut up some bread it makes 2 servings. You can make up to 6 servings at one time.
  • As soon as you someone coming through the door, grab the bread so you can get to the table with the bread as soon as they sit down.

Crepe-day 2

  • To make a crepe, all you have to do is click on the batter and it will automatically go into the pan. When you hear the bell ring, click on the crepe so you can flip it. When it rings again click on the crepe and then on the ice cream.
  • If you don’t flip the crepe in time, it will burn and you’ll have to start all over again.
  • At the beginning you will only have one ice cream flavor to choose from and later on there will be a second flavor added.
  • Since it can be hard to keep up with the crepes, I would advice making some in advance. That way when people order them, they will be ready in advance.

Creme Brulee

  • To prepare the creme brulee, click on the cup one time. You’ll see a round meter appear, click on your mouse when the needle for the meter falls in the green section.
  • If the meter does not fall on green section, you will have to start again until you get it right.
  • I think creme brulees are pretty easy to make but if you find it tricky to hit the meter in time when it’s busy then you may want to make one or two of them in advance so they can be ready.

Asparagus and Meat with Bread

  • In order to prepare the foods that have bread next to them, you have to click on the food first and then on the bread.
  • When the level first opens, you will only have one choice of bread available, by level 8 a second bread choice will be available.
  • Make sure that you take an extra second out to click on the right bread since at times it can be hard to distinguish what goes where.

General Info

  • You will start the very first day of this restaurant with the telephone already available. Your food tray will be able to hold 5 items.
  • The busser will be at your disposal on the first day and the Entertainer will not appear until day 8.


  • In order to pass this level you HAVE to ignore the telephone when it rings and simply take care of the customers that come out on their own. I failed this level a couple of times. then when I decided not to answer the phone,  I passed the level on the very first try.
  • Keep sending the violinist to the table constantly. the happier the customers are the more money you will earn. The violinist should be at one table or another constantly. No rest for the weary.



  • To make a cup of tea, click on the glass first and then on the leaves to make a cup of tea. pay attention to the color of the leaves before you make the tea.
  • You will notice that there’s a number attached to each leaf, that number signifies the amount of glasses of tea that you make with that leaf.
  • Once you’ve made all the glasses of tea possible with one cup, you will have to go into the garden and grab the leaf that you need in order to make some more tea. Just click on the leaf and when it’s ready it will automatically go to the counter.
  • You can click on a leaf to refill it even if count is not down to zero. If Emily is out in the garden making a delivery and a particular leaf is almost empty, let her click on a leaf before she returns to the counter.

Orange Juice/ Grapefruit Juice

  • To make a glass of  juice, you have to click on the oranges 2 times. You will see the oranges go into the juicer. Once the machine starts making the juice you have to wait for the glass to fill up. Once the glass is full click on it and the juice will go into the tray.
  • You can always have one glass of orange juice ready on the machine at all times.
  • When a customer wants a glass of grapefruit juice, you will see a pink wedge on the right side of the glass. Just remember that the glass of orange juice will have  an orange  wedge on the left side of the glass.

Mixed Juice

  • On day 6 of this restaurant you will learn how to make mixed juices. Click on the orange and then the grapefruit.
  • You’ll be able to tell the orders for mixed juices because you will have a pink and an orange wedge sticking out of the glasses.

Puff Pastry

  • Click on the pastry and then click again when the needle in the meter reaches the green part. If you miss the mark you will cream that will fall on the counter, click on the excess to clean it up.

Fried Eggs-Day 5

  • To make fried eggs click on the eggs once, click on it again once you hear the ring and the eggs start flashing. Once he egg is in your hands click on the topping that you want to add to it.

General Info

  • Day 3 second type of leaf is added and the Entertainer is available.
  • Day 5 eggs are introduced
  • Day 6 Grapefruits and Mixed Juices are added and the Busser is available.
  • Day 7-A third type of tea is added.


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