Delicious Emily’s Moms vs Dads Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Balance a new family life with the family business in Emily’s newest Delicious installment: Moms Vs Dads. For those just getting started with this popular time management franchise, here are tips and tricks to get you quickly serving up success.

Before your first guests enter the diner, fill up your tray, start some things cooking on the grill and bag an item or two. There is a chance you may have to remove an item and grab another, but if you guess correctly and have things ready on your tray, you gain a few seconds.

Do things in groups whenever you can. Take an extra moment to gather all of the things in an order and deliver all of them at once; if you have several customers waiting, then deliver them complete orders quickly in succession, whenever possible. Similarly, you can clear all your dirty tables one after the next for a bonus- but only do so if they are going to be ready around the same time. Finally, if you have customers piling up at the counter, check them all out at once.

You can earn extra money by replaying levels and then pick up items in the store that improve your stats. As with any resource management game, you should consider what your strengths are as a player when you choose your bonus items. For example, if you’re having trouble getting over to the people at the tables, then purchase the bouquet of flowers or a juggling friend to keep your customer’s mood happy. When your friend visits, send them to entertain a table whenever you can and you’ll recover a heart when your customers are happily entertained.

Over time, as you serve lots of the same products, you’ll start to unlock new items with different bonuses. Check out your menu offerings by tapping on any of your food before you start a level so you can strategize which products you want to keep using and what the right balance of bonuses is. At the end of the day, make sure everything is cleaned and re-stocked and you’ll be running the best little cafe in town.

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