Delicious 2 Deluxe Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Get ready to do some work and travel overseas in Delicious 2 Deluxe. The sequel to Delicious Deluxe is here with 5 new restaurants, 2 game modes and all new customers to serve. But you will need to do a lot of work to save Uncle Antonio from losing his restaurants. Check out our tips and tricks to learn how.   Familiarize yourself with the different sounds. They will be very helpful to you in order to figure out what steps to perform next. There's a distinct sound to everything. Yo…

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Get ready to do some work and travel overseas in Delicious 2 Deluxe. The sequel to Delicious Deluxe is here with 5 new restaurants, 2 game modes and all new customers to serve. But you will need to do a lot of work to save Uncle Antonio from losing his restaurants. Check out our tips and tricks to learn how.


  • Familiarize yourself with the different sounds. They will be very helpful to you in order to figure out what steps to perform next. There’s a distinct sound to everything. You need to pay close attention to the sound that is made when the customers faces are turning really red and they are about to lose patience and leave the establishment. There are also sounds for when the fries are done, the coffee is brewed and many more.




  • Wait until 2 customers place an order at the same time. This way you can prepare two orders at the same time and deliver the orders in one swoop and receive extra points.




  • Customers that are ready to pay can turn red very quickly, if left unattended for a period of time.


    Make sure you take care of them first. If you have a customer that is ready to pay behind someone that is still ordering, serve the customer that is ordering first so that you can get to the paying customer next. If the paying customer waits too long, they will either leave or leave you a smaller tip.



  • If you make an order for a patron and the order is partially wrong after you gave it to them, the patron will accept whatever you made correctly and wait for you to add whatever is missing.




  • When you deliver food at a table, check and see if another table needs cleaning. If it does, go ahead and clean it before you go back to prepare orders. This will help you save time so that you can deliver food more efficiently.




  • Use the entertainer whenever he or she is available. The entertainer changes in different restaurants. They could be playing the guitar, playing the part of Marilyn Monroe or being a geisha girl just to name a few. They can entertain people at the side counters but not at the front counter that is by the register.




  • Do things in pairs to save time and make more money. Prepare, deliver, clean and ring up in pairs.




  • You don’t lose points for customers that walk away because the tables aren’t clean but you do lose money that you could have earned if they had stayed.




  • At the beginning of each level, look for things that are "sparkling" or "glimmering" because that means something has been added to the scene. It could be that the tables have been expanded or that an extra food item has been added to the menu.




  • Pay attention to the customers faces, if they are turning red you have to either send an entertainer over or take care them quickly so that they will be happy and leave you a bigger tip. You also don’t want them to leave because you will lose 50 points per person.




  • As soon as level is completed you can always go back and replay any level that you would like to do over. You can replay just for fun or to get an expert score. Just click on the restaurant that you want and then click the day that you want to play.




  • If you prepare the wrong food, you can either delete it or keep it for later. If you don’t want to keep the wrong food item because either you don’t want to or you don’t have any space on your holding tray, just click on the unwanted item and it will disappear.





  • When making a hot dog, you can’t click the mustard or ketchup first and then click the bun. You have to click the bun first and then the condiment that goes on it.




  • When Francois comes on to the scene, you no longer gave to clean the tables yourself. Just let him clean them as soon as you see someone getting up. This way you don’t have to worry about customers leaving because the tables are dirty. You can do that in between preparing orders and delivering, it does not slow you down or interrupt your chain of events.






  • Pay attention to the soup, make sure you stir it when the game prompts you to do it. You’ll have to stir it promptly or you will have to clean the boiled over soup. It will not cost you points if the soup boils over but it will cost you time since you have to wait until you clean the spill and make some more.




  • Make the cookies before you serve any customers , that way they’ll be ready when you have your first order. Don’t forget to turn off the oven as soon as they’re ready or they’ll burn. If they burn you will have to start the batch over again.




  • If you put a batch of cookies in, stay close to the oven while they’re cooking and prepare some orders. As soon as you hear the timer go off turn the oven off and keep preparing your orders. This will keep your orders from slowing down while the cookies are baking.




  • If you’re down to 1 cookie you can cook some more, even though you still have a cookie left. It will not give you 3 additional cookies but it will bring you back up to 3. This way if you have an order for 2 cookies you will be slowed down waiting for a new batch to bake.






  • The oven can bake 2 pizzas at one time. If you cook them simultaneously, they should be ready around the same. You can click on the oven once and both pizzas will be ready yielding you 8 slices. If both pizzas are not done at the same time, just click the oven twice to get the slices. Don’t let them burn or you’ll have to cook them again.




  • As you get low in pizza inventory, you can cook some more while doing other tasks. Get the ingredients, place them in the oven and while they’re cooking either deliver some orders or prepare some other food. You can prepare 2 kinds ahead of time since you have double ovens.




  • In levels where the violin player appears, use him as much as possible because it will get hectic and he will help alleviate the patrons mood. If you see their faces turning red, or they’ve been waiting too long for something, send him as quickly as possible to take care of things.




  • It’s easy to miss the customers that are on the second level of the restaurant. Make sure you get their orders in a timely manner or they will walk away and you will lose points 50 points for every customer that walks away.






  • Don’t forget the people on the side counters.




  • Make the coffee before you get your first order. Since you will be getting a lot of coffee orders it’s best to get a head start on it by brewing it as soon as you come through the door.




  • The coffee maker brews 4 cups each time you press it. You don’t have to wait until all 4 cups are brewed to serve it. As soon as you see that the first cup is available you can go ahead and start serving it.




  • When you are frying the eggs don’t forget to remove them when they are done or you will burn that order and will have to start again from scratch.




  • If you’re down to one cup of coffee you can brew some more before it gets to zero. you will just be able to replenish it back to 4 not 5 cups. It does not add the extra cup in there; it just refills it to 4.




  • When making fries or eggs prepare them first and do other things close by so that when they are done you can make sure they don’t burn.




  • Marilyn Monroe can also entertain customers at the side counter. Don’t hesitate to send her there if customers have waited too long.




  • Since the French fries, the fried eggs and the hamburgers take longer to make it’s a good idea to make one of each ahead of time in order to save time and keep the customer service moving. Don’t do this step if you’re not comfortable with it because if the eggs and the fries don’t come out in the next orders then that limits you to taking care of only one customer at a time.




  • When you get an order click the fries or eggs first and then get your sodas and waffles etc. That way when they are finished cooking you can be close by to take the eggs or the burgers off the grill. By the time they are finished cooking you should have your complete order ready at the holding tray.





  • In this level customers sometimes order twice. You have to pay close attention to the customers on this chapter because they tend to reorder several times. You may think that you are done with their order and you’re not.




  • Try to serve as many customers in pairs as you can. When it’s getting close to closing time don’t worry about cleaning the tables since there will not be many more customers coming. You will need to focus the rest of your time on serving the customers that you have left.




  • On day 2 of this restaurant I do not recommend doing anything in advance. There are a lot of different recipes and it can get confusing. Make sure to carefully click the food that you are preparing because some of it looks the same, there are only small variations in color and texture. It’s best to remain calm and take each order as they come. When I tried to do too many things, I had to start over again.




  • On day 3 make sure you use the geisha to appease the customers tempers. If the patrons are extremely angry you can use the geisha back to back to make them happy once again. The best way to beat this day and the rest of the days is to make sure the geisha is out constantly; don’t let her rest too long. Once you deliver an order, send the geisha right behind the server. People get angry quickly in this restaurant and they order a lot of food. The only way to keep from losing them is to keep them content.




  • On day 4, you have the side counters that appear. It’s kind of hard at times to click on the counter to get a task done (cleaning or delivering). When cleaning the counter press on the dirty plates, clicking the area on the counter does not always work, especially when doing many steps in advance. When delivering the order click on the person instead.




  • On day 5, 6, and 7 Marcello is here to save the day! Have him help you clean those tables. By this day you will be exhausted and you’ll be very glad for the extra help.




  • On day 8, 9 and 10 there’s an extra counter that appears on the left side of the screen. So now you have to make sure that you get all the customers sitting at the side counters on the left and on the right side. Both sides of people on those counters seem to order at the same time and frequently. Try to wait for at least 2 of them to order so you don’t have to make too many trips to the counter. It also seems that the moment you go deliver some food somebody gets up and is waiting to pay at the register. Try to maximize your time by efficiently managing your preparation and your deliveries of food. I know I’m repeating myself but you’re really going to need the geisha girl on the last 3 days.


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