Deer Hunter 2016 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Deer Hunter 2016 is the latest game in the nearly two decade-old franchise, and it’s available now for both Android and iOS devices. In the game, Glu tasks players with hunting down some of the world’s best game animals, and a few fantasy creatures from legend as well. From bears to Big Foot, players will have to keep their guns loaded and their quivers full if they want to rise up and become the world’s finest hunter.

Our Deer Hunter 2016 tips, cheats, and strategies will ensure that new players enter the game ready to bag a trophy.

Watch Your Flanks

Deer Hunter 2016 tips cheats strategies

Before you open fire and start shooting at your target, take a few seconds and look to your left and to your right. Many times, particularly when hunting dangerous animals like bears, there will be more animals off to the sides. The last thing you want is a startled bear to take you by surprise as you fire off at one of his friends standing on the other side of a hill.

Some animals take more than one shot to bring down, so take distance into consideration before you fire. You’ll want to target the creature who is closest to you first so that you’ll have enough time to reload before his buddy can get to you and strike.

Short-Term Superpowers

Deer Hunter 2016 tips cheats strategies

Some missions in Deer Hunter 2016 task players with killing an animal by shooting a particular part. This would be hard to do on its own, but fortunately the game gives players a handy thermal scope to use. This special scope allows players to see into the animals, to see exactly where the heart, lungs, and brain are located.

This handy ability only lasts for so long, though. Zoom in on the target before activating the thermal mode so that you don’t waste precious seconds adjusting for the shot.

Un-bow-lievable Accuracy

Deer Hunter 2016 tips cheats strategies

Apart from sniper rifles, assault rifles, and shotguns, player get to occasionally wield a bow. At first I had trouble with using the bow; none of my shots seemed to be hitting the targets at all. Then I realized I was compensating for distance by aiming a bit higher and taking into consideration the effects of gravity on the arrow as it traveled the distance. Don’t do this.

Deer Hunter 2016 has no time for physics: aim the bow just as you would the gun, straight at the target, and let that arrow fly. It will travel true and straight just like a bullet fired from a rifle would.

Re-Energize for the Hunt

Deer Hunter 2016 tips cheats strategies

Deer Hunter 2016 uses an energy system to limit the consecutive number of free turns players get in a particular amount of time. Thankfully, there are more than enough different ways for players to get a few extra energy bars with each play session.

The most obvious way, and probably least popular way, is by actually spending money. For players looking to score some free energy though, they have the options to watch an advertisement, come back during a predesignated time period in the future for a free half-refill, and players can take advantage of the complimentary full refill that Glu Games gives players the first time they clear out their energy meter. So take your pick and then take aim.

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