Deepwoken Vibrant Gem Guide – How to Obtain Them

Our Deepwoken Vibrant Gem guide details what Vibrant Gems are used for in the game, as well as how to obtain them for yourself.

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The mystery being the Deepwoken Vibrant Gem leaves a lot of players stumped. In this guide, I explain what a Vibrant Gem is, and the known ways to obtain them.

Start your adventure in Deepwoken via the game’s official Roblox page. Why not take a look at our Deepwoken Chain of Perfection guide while you’re here?

Deepwoken Vibrant Gem

The elusive Vibrant Gem is an item that is often difficult to find, and even harder to work out. When you’re new to the game, you’ll notice that Vibrant Gems are a resource that you more or less need when it comes to upgrading your character. But how do you obtain them?

How to Obtain Vibrant Gems

There’s a lot of discourse on the internet about where and who drops Vibrant Gems. The general consensus is that the Duke Erisia boss is the best way to farm Vibrant Gems. You first battle against him when working through the quest, ‘The Lord Regent’s Quest’. However, Duke is a tough boss to defeat, as his HP increases by 15K depending on how many players are taking part in the fight.

Golems and Sharko mobs also drop Vibrant Gems. They are an extremely rare drop though! Sharko is the name given to the Megalodaunt monsters which are located in The Aratel Sea, The Depths, and in Erisia. As for the Golems, there are two types: the Golem Constructs (Hive Mechs) and the Rock Golems. The Rock Golems are located in Erisia and Burning Stone Gardens, whereas Golem Constructs are found in Bluster’s Rift and Starswept Valley. Reportedly, Overworld Lionfish can also drop vibrant gems.

What Are Vibrant Gems Used For?

Vibrant Gems are used to enhance your mantra. Usually, Cloudstones and Stratus Stones are the typical ways to modify your manta, but Vibrant Gems can also be used. A Vibrant Gem can enhance a mantra stat up to +3. You may know that Stratus Stones and Cloudstones only increase your mantra stat by +2 whilst lowering another stat by 1. Vibrant Gems don’t do this!

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