Deepwoken Seafarer’s Chime Guide – How to Obtain and Use the Item

Our Deepwoken Seafarer’s Chime guide contains all you need to know about the handy item, as well as how to obtain a boat!

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Curious about the Deepwoken Seafarer’s Chime? You can find all you need to know down below regarding the item, including what it’s used for and how to obtain it.

Deepwoken is a challenging Roblox game that pushes you to your limits. Travel across the sea and solve the mysteries of the decaying world as you utilise a variety of abilities and strengths. Upgrade your character as you progress and do your best to escape the clutches of the dangers that lurk in the water.

For more information about Deepwoken, visit the game’s official Roblox page. If you’re looking for new games to play, take a look at our Arcane Lineage Enchantments guide, Project Mugetsu Hollow Evolution guide, and Arcane Lineage classes guide.

Deepwoken Seafarer’s Chime Guide

Now, let’s delve into what exactly the Seafarer’s Chime is.

Deepwoken Seafarer’s Chime

So, what is the Seafarer’s Chime? It’s a chime that you can use to summon a ship/boat in any body of water while you are standing on land. If you’ve already obtained a variety of boats, you can select any of these to summon on the water.

How to Obtain the Seafarer’s Chime

Luckily, you obtain the Seafarer’s Chime if you are a boat owner. It will be added automatically to your inventory, allowing you to summon any of your ships. You can purchase boats from the Shipwright who can be located at the dock on an island.

This can be Etris, Minityrsa, Fort Merie, Summer Isle, Isle of Vigils, and Greathive Aratel. You can then build the ship at the Shipyard and can also be repaired with the Repair Hammer tool – bought in Etris for 30 Notes!


  • Dinghy
    • Cost: 0 Notes
    • 300 HP
  • Merchant Schooner
    • Cost: 1K Notes
    • 3K HP
    • 4 Cannons
    • Lantern to use for respawn
  • Frigate
    • Cost: 2K Notes
    • 5K HP
    • 6 Cannons
    • Lantern to use for respawn
  • Schooner
    • Cost: 500 Notes
    • 2K HP
    • 4 Cannons
  • Ironclad
    • Cost: 6K Notes
    • 10K HP
    • 20 Cannons
    • Lantern to use for respawn
  • Sloop
    • Cost: 50 Notes
    • 600 HP

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