Deepwoken Race Tier List – The Best and Worst!

Our Deepwoken Race Tier List ranks each and every race in the Roblox RPG from best to worst depending on their rarity, talents, and stats!

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Looking for a Deepwoken Race Tier List? Read on to find out which races are the strongest, and which are the weakest due to their talents and stats. Some races are rarer to obtain than others, and this is largely due to how powerful they are in and outside of combat. The lowest rarity in Deepwoken right now is 2%!

Deepwoken is a challenging Roblox game that pushes you to your limits. Travel across the sea and solve the mysteries of the decaying world as you utilise a variety of abilities and strengths. Upgrade your character as you progress and do your best to escape the clutches of the dangers that lurk in the water.

For more information about Deepwoken, visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also have guides for Deepwoken Seafarer’s Chime and Deepwoken Chain of Perfection! Plus, a Deepwoken Mantra Tier List.

Deepwoken Race Tier List

Each race in Deepwoken has been ranked from best to worst depending on their stats and overall uses throughout the game. Aim to obtain an A-tier or above! However, it’s not the end of the world if you get a B-tier.

S Tier

The strongest in Deepwoken so far! You’ll easily breeze through the game with little to no difficulties. Most likely some of the rarest races to obtain in the game, and for good reason.

  • Tiran
  • Vesperian
  • Capra
  • Gremor

A Tier

Almost the strongest in Deepwoken, but not quite there. They’re still pretty strong though! These races are also quite hard to obtain because of their rarity, so I suggest keeping an A-tier race if you manage to get one.

  • Adret
  • Khan
  • Ganymede

B Tier

Incredibly average, but not the worst. A little more common than those in A-tier and above!

  • Etrean
  • Celtor

C Tier

Do I recommend those in C-tier? Not really.

  • Canor
  • Felinor

D Tier

The worst and most common in the game.

  • Chrysid

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