Deepwoken Mantra Tier List – Every Mantra Ranked

Our Deepwoken Mantra tier list ranks all Mantras from best to worst in the expansive and notoriously difficult Roblox RPG.

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Searching for a Deepwoken Mantra tier list? You’ll find the top Mantras to use in Deepwoken down below. This guide can help you to avoid the useless ones, allowing you to crack on with the most powerful Mantras!

Deepwoken is a challenging Roblox game that pushes you to your limits. Travel across the sea and solve the mysteries of the decaying world as you utilise a variety of abilities and strengths. Upgrade your character as you progress and do your best to escape the clutches of the dangers that lurk in the water.

For more information about Deepwoken, visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also have guides for Deepwoken Seafarer’s Chime and Deepwoken Chain of Perfection! If you’re looking for new games to play, take a look at our Arcane Lineage classes guide.

Deepwoken Mantra Tier List

Now, let’s move on to the Mantra tier list!

What Does Each Tier Mean

First, let’s delve into the context behind each tier.

  • S Tier: The best Mantras to use in the game right now
  • A Tier: Very strong but lacking a little something when compared to a Mantra in S tier
  • B Tier: Still useful but not the best – there’s no harm in using them though!
  • C Tier: It’s best not to use these Mantras as they’re pretty useless
  • D Tier: Avoid using these Mantras completely

S Tier

  • Disguise
  • Dread Breath
  • Astral Wind
  • Exhaustion Strike
  • Flame Leap
  • Gale Lunge
  • Gaze
  • Glare
  • Ice Daggers
  • Ice Spikes
  • Iceberg
  • Master’s Flourish
  • Shadow Eruption
  • Shadow Gun
  • Summon Cauldron
  • Equalizer
  • Tempest Blitz

A Tier

  • Arc Beam
  • Arc Wave
  • Flame Wisp
  • Prediction
  • Gale Punch
  • Spark Swap
  • Beast Burrow
  • Gale Wisp
  • Strong Left
  • Reinforce
  • Grand Javelin
  • Wind Carve
  • Radiant Kick
  • Ice Forge
  • Rising Shadow
  • Ice Lance
  • Blinding Dawn
  • Sightless Beam
  • Brachial Spear
  • Illusory Servants
  • Crystal Impale
  • Jolt Grab
  • Eclipse Kick
  • Lightning Stream
  • Fire Force
  • Rapid Punches

B Tier

  • Air Force
  • Fire Palm
  • Ice Eruption
  • Mindsoothe
  • Sinister Hao
  • Ascension
  • Flame Assault
  • Ice Skates
  • Pressure Blast
  • Thunder Kick
  • Ash Slam
  • Flame Blind
  • Shadow Assault
  • Rising Flame
  • Tornado
  • Brace
  • Flame Grab
  • Burning Servants
  • Glacial Arc
  • Lightning Assault
  • shadow Road
  • Wind Gun
  • Celestial Assault
  • Shade Bringer
  • Shade Devour
  • Wind Blade
  • Tranquil Circle

C Tier

  • Champion’s Whirlthrow
  • Graceful Flame
  • Lightning Blade
  • Tacet Drop Kick
  • Coral Spear
  • Judgement
  • Symbiotic Leech
  • Syumbiotic Link
  • Dark Blade
  • Rapid Slashes
  • Lightning Cloak
  • Symbiotic Link
  • Symbiotic Sustain
  • Dash
  • Ice Beam
  • Lightning Clones
  • Shoulder Bash
  • Fire Blade
  • Illusionary Realm
  • Lords Slice
  • Storm Blades
  • Adrenaline Surge
  • Bolt Piercer
  • Clutching Shadow
  • Crystal Knee
  • Ice Chain
  • Electro Carve
  • Enforcer Pull
  • Fire Eruption
  • Flame of Denial
  • Frost Grab
  • Frozen Servants

D Tier

  • Heavenly Wind
  • Ice Blade
  • Lightning Beam
  • Ice Fissure
  • Ice Lasers
  • Lightning Strike
  • Warden’s Blades
  • Lightning Impact
  • Rally
  • Ice Smash
  • Illusionary Counter
  • Mecha Gatling
  • Shadow Meteors
  • Shadow Seekers
  • Sing
  • Strong Leap
  • Taunt

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