Deadman’s Cross Walkthrough

Deadman’s Cross is an online collectible card game by Square Enix. It’s built on a similar engine to Guardian Cross, with plenty of exploration, dueling, and car sniping (yes, that’s really a thing). Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Deadman's Cross

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Game Introduction – Deadman’s Cross

Deadman’s Cross is an online collectible card game by Square Enix. It’s built on a similar engine to Guardian Cross, with plenty of exploration, dueling, and car sniping (yes, that’s really a thing). Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To get started, use the “Available On” option at the top of this page to download the game.
Deadman's Cross
  • Your first task will be to create an online persona. Just enter in a name, add an invite code if you’ve got one, and then hit “Start.” Or in the event that you already have a Deadman’s Cross profile and are looking to import your info onto a new device, you can use “Transfer Game Data.”
  • Note that you’ll have to go into your device’s Settings menu to disable Push Notifications. Assuming you want to, of course.
Deadman's Cross


  • Your main screen may look a little different depending on if you’re in the middle of an exploration job or not. You’ll see a first-person view of an area and a movement arrow if you are, and a city overview if you aren’t. The menu itself, however, will be the same.
  • The little strip at the top of the screen includes an information ticker, as well as the time and battery power. The bar just beneath that displays your Hardware (i.e. money), followed by Deadman Coins (premium currency), and your overall energy (needed for exploration).
  • When on a job that requires exploring, you’ll also see a window towards the top-left corner of the screen that displays the name of your current location, the area you’re in along with percentage explored, the job title, and your goal.
  • Along the right-hand side of the screen are a few quick-select buttons for Gifts, Mail, and (if exploring) one to Exit to the city map. Honestly there’s little reason to use the Exit button, however. Unless you really like that city overview.
Deadman's Cross
  • The rest of the important buttons are along the bottom of the screen and are as follows:
  • Hunt – Use tickets (earned or found) to hunt Deadmen. This is the game’s equivalent to drawing random cards, but instead of drawing cards you’re actually shooting at Deadman silhouettes. You’ll find more details on Hunting in the next section.
  • Boneyard – The Boneyard is for PvP. Players enter into a tournament that takes place over a set amount of real time, and then battle each other to see who can amass the most points. You’ll need to use a special pass in order to enter, and each pass is good for three fights. It’s an indirect competition however, and the only real penalty for losing is not making as many points as you would if you had won.
  • Jobs – Head over to the job board to see what jobs you have available, turn in completed jobs, and take new ones. Note that once you complete a job you’ll still have to collect your reward from the Gifts page.
Deadman's Cross
  • Deadmen – This is where you’ll manage your zombie horde. You can use Enhance to feed unneeded cards to more powerful ones and use special items to permanently boost their stats; organize your collection (one for City use and one for The Boneyard); sell unwanted cards for Hardware; or check the Catalog for more detailed stats and descriptions of your Deadmen.
  • Clan – A special set of challenges that are only available at certain times (determined by the developers). Joining a Clan will match you with other players and task your group with meeting specific conditions in order to win and claim special prizes.
  • Zom-B – It’s the Menu button, only with a snazzy new name. This menu includes buttons for your Profile, Mail, Trade (unlocked at level 10), Gifts, Social, Info, and Config.
Deadman's Cross


  • When going on a hunt, you’ll first want to make sure you have at least one Ticket available (or access to the free daily hunt). Otherwise you aren’t going to be shooting anything.
  • The Hunt map will indicate multiple areas, each with their own sets of Deadmen, but note that you’ll only have access to Gould Square until you hit level 12 and unlock Clayton Cemetery.
  • Once you’ve selected an area to hunt, you’ll have to choose between the Standard Course (regular amount of normal/rare/etc. cards) and the Elite Course (much higher concentration of rare/epic/legendary cards and a much higher spawn rate). Note that you’ll need a specified amount of Deadman Coins to access the Elite Course.
  • The Hunt will not begin until you tap the screen to look through your gun’s scope. So if you need a moment to get your thoughts, this is the time.
  • Across the top of the screen you’ll see the Timer, indicating how long you have until the Hunt is over.
Deadman's Cross
  • The right-hand side of the screen displays the current number of spawned Deadmen, your ammo count, and (when using the scope) the Shoot button.
  • Swipe the screen to look around, and tap Shoot to shoot (of course). When a Deadman is nearby you’ll also see an arrow indicator – Orange for normal, Yellow for a time bonus (+10 seconds if defeated), and Red for both attacking (will hit and stun you for a second or two) and weakened (can be defeated in one shot).
Deadman's Cross


  • When exploring an area, the main goal is to just keep moving. Note that every time you move forward you’ll spend five units of energy.
  • No matter what the goal – be it hunting a specific number of Deadmen, finding special items, or simply reaching the end of the area – you’ll be tapping the blue arrow along the bottom of the screen.
  • Occasionally you’ll also see a door, gate, path, etc. with some sparkly bits over it. You may tap on it to investigate, which tends to either lead to an encounter with a wandering Deadman or one of the items you may be looking for. Investigating these areas will not use stamina. Unless you lose against a Deadman, anyway.
Deadman's Cross
  • Depending on the location, you’ll also have obstacles to deal with. These may include barricades (tap repeatedly to break them down within a time limit), bombs (tap the correct button to diffuse), laser alarm systems (tap when all the beams disappear), and more.
  • When you reach the end of an area, provided you still have more to accomplish for the job, you’ll be able to tap to move on. Note that this action will not use stamina.
Deadman's Cross

Tips and tricks

  • When Hunting Deadmen, where you hit them doesn’t really seem to matter. A headshot is as effective as hitting them in the leg, so try to aim for center mass as it’s a bigger target.
  • If you have the opportunity, go after yellow targets as those extra ten seconds can really make a difference.
  • Pay attention to the shape of what you’re shooting at. Each silhouette denotes a specific kind of Deadman – Man, Woman, Flying, Animal, etc. So if your job is to capture a specific one, or if you’re looking for one in particular, you’ll know where to shoot.
  • Don’t ignore all the other targets, however. Only a certain number of Deadmen will spawn at a given time, so if you don’t thin them out a bit, then new ones won’t appear: which could potentially result in completely missing out on bagging your intended targets.
Deadman's Cross
  • Since there doesn’t appear to be any way to manually reload, miss on purpose. If you only have one shot left in the clip and there are no Deadmen in the immediate area, shoot at nothing in order to trigger a reload and have a fresh clip once you do find a new target. Because unless they’re weakened, it’ll never take a single shot to bring them down anyway.
  • When exploring for a job, try to juggle it with other tasks. If you’ve only got three stamina units left (and it takes five to move), spend a minute or two in The Boneyard or Hunting. Assuming you have the means to do so, of course. Otherwise you can mess around with your Deadmen: feed them, boost them, read the flavor text on their cards, etc.
  • If you lose to a wandering Deadman, don’t sweat it. Worst case scenario is you lose a bit of stamina.
Deadman's Cross
  • And if you do lose to a wandering Deadman, know that your forces will heal up but the Deadman’s will not. So even if you can only cut through half of their army, that half won’t be there the next time you fight.
  • Hit the Boneyard every chance you get. It’s incredibly easy to fight up to the mid-range in the Amateur League. Sometimes fights will earn you boost items or tickets, and ranking decently in the league can yield some pretty nice rewards. And even if you lose you’ll only earn fewer points for that set.
  • Rarity trumps level every time. A level 1 against a level 30, sure, then I’d have to give it to the 30, but if you have a 4-star Deadman at level 10-15 you could easily cut a swath through a level 20-25 normal. They’re just a lot more powerful all-around.
Deadman's Cross
  • That said though, don’t put all your eggs in one Deadman. Having a very rare character up to level 40 definitely creates a decent roadblock for opponents, but if everything behind it is level 1 you’ll be in quite the predicament if they manage to bring down your tank.
  • If possible, consider putting your heavy hitters towards the middle of your lineup. This way, assuming your opponent has their most powerful Deadmen up front, they might burn through your weaker cards and use up most of their juice (i.e. magic) before they reach the big guns. Again, assuming it’s possible. I’ve yet to acquire a means to manually adjust my deck, which may be some sort of glitch.
Deadman's Cross


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Deadman’s Cross. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!

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