Deadly Sins Retribution Codes – New Codes, September 25!

Are you looking for the latest Deadly Sins Retribution codes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we round up the most recent active codes that you can redeem in-game for freebies. We keep it updated too, as often as new codes drop, so we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back soon. That way, you’ll never miss out on freebies.

Deadly Sins Retribution is a Roblox action RPG that challenges you to level up your own character, equipping them with magical abilities, battling enemies, and beating all other players. If you’re a fan of Roblox, anime, and RPGs, you’ll absolutely love this.

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Deadly Sins Retribution Codes

Last checked for new codes on September 24.

  • update2coming – 15 Spins (All Types) / Double XP (New!)
  • 2500concurrent – Ten Spins (All Types) / Double XP (New!)
  • freereset2 – Stat Reset (New!)
  • novice – Five Spins (All Types)
  • quickfix2 – Five Spins (All Types)
  • eventtime – Ten Spins (All Types) / Double XP
  • yetanotherbugfix – Ten Spins (All Types) / Double XP
  • preupdatebugfix – Ten Spins (All Types)
  • anotherbugfix – Ten Spins (All Types)
  • 50klikes – Ten Spins (All Types) / Double XP
  • fabfix1 – Ten Spins (All Types) / Double XP
  • freereset – Stat Reset
  • thankyou1700 – Ten Spins (all types)
  • upd1 – 20 Spins (all types) + Double XP
  • fabdelay – 20 Spins (all types)
  • thankyou1000 – 20 Spins (all types) / Double XP
  • fab – Five Magic Spins
  • bugfix2 – Double XP
  • updatesoon – Double XP
  • clover_retribution – Spins
  • dsrlove – 15 Race and Magic Spins
  • rerelease1 – Ten Race and Magic Spins
  • rerelease2 – Five Race and Magic Spins
  • rerelease3 – Five Race and Magic Spins
  • rerelease4 – Double XP
  • rerelease5 – Stat Reset
  • rerelease6 – Double Drop Rate

Expired Codes

  • quickfix

How do I Redeem Deadly Sins Retribution Codes?

Redeeming these codes is simple. Just follow these steps to get your freebies:

  • Launch Roblox and boot up Deadly Sins Retribution
  • Tap on ‘Customize’
  • Poke ‘Race & Magic’
  • Copy a code from above and paste it into the field
  • Redeem it to get your freebies

Where Can I Get More Codes?

We keep this article updated as often as there are new codes, so we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back soon. That way, you’ll never miss out on free stuff.

Alternatively, you can follow the developer on Twitter or join the official Discord. Both are good methods of getting codes directly from the source, and getting involved with the community.

But that’s going to do it for this guide. Make sure to grab the game via the links at the top of this page, check out our related content on paragraph three, and bookmark this page to get codes as soon as they drop.

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