Dawnbringer Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So you’ve picked up Dawnbringer, and you want to become the best avenging angel that the underworld has ever seen? I mean, who wouldn’t? What’s the point of doing something if you’re not the best at it? Well then, you should probably read these here Dawnbringer tips, cheats and strategies that we’ve written down in no particular order. Without them you’re never going to be the greatest swordsperson who ever lived. With them, well… you probably won’t be either.

But you’ll stand a better chance, and that’s the sort of caring sharing people we are. So sharpen your blade and straighten up your pauldrons and let’s get cracking.



  • Parry for your life – There’s no blocking in the game, so if you want to survive you need to parry as many attacks as you can or you’ll get slaughtered.
  • Learn the tells – Every move your opponent is going to make is telegraphed. Learn what’s coming up after a specific motion and you’ll be in better stead to defend against it.
  • Take your time – There’s no time limit to the fights, so don’t feel like you have to get all of your shots in in a single flurry. Be patient, defend, and chip away at your foe.
  • Brew your potions – You can’t make potions when you’re in a fight, so make sure you’ve got one to hand, especially before you take on a boss.
  • Build up to the bosses – The bosses do huge damage and have massive health bars. Don’t try and take them on if you’re not ready, go and grind some more to up your strength and hit points.



  • Smash everything – You’ll find the world is full of urns and chests. Smash them all and you’ll keep your ingredients pouch topped up.
  • Pull the axes – There are secrets hidden around the world as well, so keep an eye out for them. It’s easy to just run straight for your goal, but take some time to look about as well.
  • Pick different fights – There are often monsters wandering around that you don’t need to fight as part of your quest. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t smack them in the face for extra rewards and XP.
  • Keep an eye out – Sometimes you’ll find that the things you need to find aren’t marked on your HUD, so look out for glowing exclamation marks hovering in the world.
  • Stop and look around – It’s a lot easier to stop and look around than it is to try and check things out while you’re running around. Tap, stop, look around, then get moving again.



  • It’s difficult to balance brewing potions and upgrading your weapons. Sometimes you’ll need to just go on collection sprees to fill up your coffers.
  • Make sure you check your quests on a regular basis. Some refresh on a daily basis, and you’ll unlock more quest slots as you push through the game.
  • Stuff moves when you go back to the tower, so next time you’re wandering around the chests and urns you want to smash will be in a different place.
  • When you die, if you’ve got the option, watch a video to refill your health bar, otherwise you’re going to go back into the world with low health and need to waste a potion to get it back up.

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