Dawn of the Dragons Walkthrough

Character Creation & Tutorial

The game starts with the character creation screen. Here you may select your character’s name, gender, and appearance.

Dawn of the Dragons

Upon creating your character, you join the game and experience the tutorial which introduces you to its basic features.

Dawn of the Dragons


Dawn of the Dragons

At the top left of the screen you see your stat bars. These are as follows:

  • Health: This represents the amount of damage you can sustain from bosses and other players.
  • Energy: This is used to complete Quests.
  • Stamina: This is used for PvP and Raids.
  • Honor: This is used in Guild PvP and Guild Raids.

You also see how much gold and how many Planet Coins you have.

The buttons at the top right of the screen allow you to navigate to the various game pages.

  • Home: The game’s opening page.
  • Profile: Where you can spend attribute points after leveling up, and equip gear.
  • Bazaar: The store, in which you can buy new items or recruit new Troops.
  • Quest: This page allows you to play through the game’s storyline.
  • Legion: Here you can select a Legion and equip it with Generals and Troops to help you inflict more damage in Raids.
  • Raid: The place to battle powerful monsters, alongside other players.
  • Craft: Ingredients may be crafted into items, or used to generate bonus stat points.
  • PvP: Where you can battle against other players.
  • Army: You can view the Facebook friends who have joined your Army.
  • Guild: If you start or join a Guild, this button takes you to the Guild Hall.

Class Selection

At the end of the tutorial you are asked to select your class. There are three to choose from, which determine the rate at which you regenerate Energy and Stamina. Below are the initial classes and the time (in minutes) each one takes to regenerate a point in those attributes:

Dawn of the Dragons

Battlemaster: Energy: 5:00, Stamina: 4:00

Wanderer: Energy: 4:00, Stamina: 5:00

Adventurer: Energy: 4:30, Stamina: 4:30

New class selections become available when you reach levels 100, 500, and 1000.


Quests take you through the game’s storyline, as you battle against the monstrous forces which have invaded the kingdom of West Kruna and attacked your hometown of Burden’s Rest.

Each Quest zone contains a number of areas that you have to fight your way through in sequence.

Dawn of the Dragons

Every area has a series of Quests to complete, which will in turn unlock a boss you must then battle to proceed.

Dawn of the Dragons

Defeating one of these bosses unlocks the next area. It also enables you to summon the more powerful Raid version of that boss.

Defeating the final boss in a zone allows you to move onto the next zone on the world map.

Dawn of the Dragons

You also have the option of redoing the areas from your current zone on higher difficulty levels. Each difficulty level may also be reset, meaning that you will never run out of Quests to spend your Energy on.


Raid bosses are more powerful than Quest bosses. To defeat these monsters, you have to get help from other players by using your Rallying Cry. You can also join other people’s Raids, to help them out.

Dawn of the Dragons

Attacking Raid bosses uses up your Stamina. You can also use Magic on them, which will allow you to inflict more damage or grant other bonuses to all the players in the Raid.

Profile Page

Your character can be viewed on the Profile page. At the start of the game you’ll be wearing the simple clothes of a farmhand.

Dawn of the Dragons

But as you gain new items through Quests, Raids, Crafting, and Gifts, you can end up looking rather impressive.

Dawn of the Dragons


Groups of players can choose to come together and form Guilds. These Guilds will then have access to the Guild Hall, from which they can engage in Guild PvP and summon special Guild Raid bosses to fight on the Raid page.

Dawn of the Dragons

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