Dawn of Steel Tips, Cheats, Strategies

Dawn of Steel is a brand-new RTS / base-building hybrid from Flaregames. In Dawn of Steel, players take control of three giant mechs and destroy as much of the enemy’s base as possible. While it plays out very similarly to other base-building mobile games, Dawn of Steel gives players complete control of their mechs, and that’s enough of a responsibility to keep players very busy issuing movement and combat commands throughout each mission.

With our Dawn of Steel tips, cheats and strategies, players can get the most out of every mission they undertake knowing that they’re attacking with their mech’s fullest potential.

Line of Sight

Dawn of Steel tips cheats strategies

Line of sight is a big strategic consideration in Dawn of Steel. Some defensive structures can shoot over walls, and others cannot. Knowing which of your enemy’s defenses can and cannot hit you from the other side of buildings and walls is crucial.

My favorite strategy involved looking over the enemy’s base, finding a building or stretch of wall to put my mechs behind that was close enough to turrets and other defenses to hit with my mech’s rockets. I would just spend a minute or two just launching rockets over the wall/building, take out the defenses, and then move in and easily clean up the rest of the base.

On the flip side, take into consideration such weaknesses as you construct your own base. Leave turrets with relatively unobstructed views, and stash the defenses that can shoot over walls and buildings inside the core of your base, making it tougher for the enemy to take out, while your defenses can bombard them.

Required Repairs

Dawn of Steel tips cheats strategies

Don’t close out of the game without starting repairs on your mechs. Even if your mechs have just dents and scratches, repair them. You won’t be playing the game for a little bit of time anyways, so make some of that time useful.

Nothing was more frustrating than loading up Dawn of Steel only to realize all of my mechs were at half health and then having to wait a few minutes to begin playing the game as my mechs underwent repairs. Just do yourself a favor and tap the repair buttons before you close out of the game.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

Dawn of Steel tips cheats strategies

One more time: upgrade.

Keeping your mech in top-tier condition is crucial for success in Dawn of Steel. By upgrading your mechs you’ll unlock new weapon and ability functions and slots which make your machines that much deadlier in combat. As you play through the game you’ll occasionally loot weapons from enemy bases. Some weapons require special weapon upgrades in order to equip them. If you have been diligently keeping on top of your upgrades, you’ll be able to use that flashy new gun instantly.

That flashy new gun could mean the difference between victory and defeat in the next battle.

By the way, don’t forget to upgrade.

Quick Tips

Dawn of Steel tips cheats strategies

  • Double-tap one mech to select the entire group.
  • If you select an ability, then choose not to use it, you can safely tap the ability button again to cancel it.
  • Early on in the game, resources are more valuable than defenses, so invest in upgrading your resource buildings to be able to more rapidly upgrade everything else.
  • You can use your rocket mech’s rockets to take out enemy drones, which quickly helps to clear out those pesky little robots.
  • Watch for little green orbs that fall out of destroyed buildings, they can heal damaged mechs.

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