Dark and Darker Classes – Which Class Is Best?

Not sure which job to pick in Ragnarok Arena? That’s exactly what our Dark and Darker classes guide is here to help with. In this guide, we round up all of the classes and jobs available in the game, and detail exactly …

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Not sure which job to pick in Ragnarok Arena? That’s exactly what our Dark and Darker classes guide is here to help with. In this guide, we round up all of the classes and jobs available in the game, and detail exactly how they work. We’ll then move onto recommending which we consider to be the Dark and Darker best class. However, this is quite subjective, so we’ll incorporate a number of factors into our decision-making.

Dark and Darker is a hardcore first person dungeon crawling RPG. You and a few friends create a character from a number of different classes and venture into dungeons to gather loot. As the name suggests, these dungeons are quite terrifyingly dingy, with danger lurking around every corner. You’ll battle enemies, encounter traps, and loot all of the treasure along the way.

You can learn more about it on the official site. We’ve also put together a Dark and Darker tier list to help you get started.

Dark and Darker Classes

Now, let’s take a look at the classes available in Dark and Darker.


The Barbarian is your melee DPS class in Dark and Darker, specialising on bringing down your enemies as quickly as possible from close range.

Barbarian Perks

These are the Barbarian perks on offer.

  • Two Handed Weapon Expert: Two handed weapons deal 5% more damage
  • Savage: Gain 5% more damage when not wearing chest armour
  • Smash: Can destroy normal doors and sturdy containers, as well as increase impact of attacks by 1 against blocks and parries
  • Toughness: Gain 10% more HP
  • Iron Will: Gain 100 more magic resistance
  • Carnage: Gain +10 STR for four seconds after killing an enemy
  • Berserker: Each 10% HP loss grants you 2% more attack power, up to 18%
  • Axe Specialisation: Gain +10 to axe attacks
  • Morale Boost: Gain 10% HP after killing a player

Barbarian Skills

These are the Barbarian skills on offer.

  • Rage: Increase STR and movement speed, but decrease defence
  • Reckless Attack: Next hit ignores 75% enemy defense, and lose 75 armour rating during the animation
  • Savage Roar: Frighten NPCs within a 7.5m radius for 6s, reducing damage by 20%
  • War Cry: Increase max HP of yourself and your party by 25% for seven seconds

Barbarian Starting Inventory

  • Two Handed Axe
  • Helmet
  • Trousers
  • Boots
  • Torch
  • Throwing Axe


The Cleric is your healing and support class that’s far from useless in a fight. This class is strong against undead opponents, and can use a blunt weapon like an expert.

Cleric Perks

These are the Cleric perks on offer.

  • Advanced Healer: Increase base heal by five
  • Brewmaster: Drunk visual effects don’t affect you
  • Kindness: Self heal for 15% when healing another player
  • Perseverance: Reduces all types of incoming damage by three
  • Undead Slaying: Increase damage bonus by 20% when attacking undead
  • Requiem: Rezzing an ally revives them with 25% HP, and you no longer lose health when rezzing via an altar
  • Protection From Evil: Harmful DoTs last 20% less time
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery: Increase blunt weapon attack damage by 5%

Cleric Skills

These are the Cleric skills on offer.

  • Holy Purification: Inflicts 100 base damage to all undead within 7.5m
  • Judgement: After focusing for 0.5s, deal 30 damage to a target and reduce their movement speed by 20% for two seconds. Can only be cast when targeting an enemy within 4.5m
  • Smite: For seven seconds, deal +10 damage to all enemies
  • Spell Memory: Memorise spells so you can cast magic
  • Spell Memory 2: Memorise additional spells

Cleric Starting Inventory

Here’s the starting inventory for the Cleric.

  • One Handed Mace
  • Shield
  • Robes
  • Trousrs
  • Torch
  • Health Pack


Rangers are a very handy class. Not only are they effective at ranged combat, but they can also track enemies, heal allies, and deal with traps. They’re very handy to have in a party.

Ranger Perks

These are the Ranger perks on offer.

  • Tracking: Enemy footprints appear red on the ground
  • Enhanced Hearing: Hear enemy footsteps from further away
  • Nimble Hands: When using a bow, your default shooting animation is 15% faster
  • Ranged Weapons Expert: Increases physical attack power by 5% when using a ranged weapon
  • Sharpshooter: Headshots deal 15% more damage when using a ranged weapon
  • Trap Expert: Set traps quicker than other classes
  • Spear Proficiency: This will allow a Ranger to equip a Spear and gain 10 physical strength when attacking with the Spear
  • Crossbow Mastery: Increases crossbow reload speed by 50% and increases movement speed by 50% while reloading the crossbow
  • Kinesthesia: When moving with the bowstring drawn, movement speed increases by 10%

Ranger Skills

These are the Ranger skills on offer.

  • True Shot: Increases projectile flight speed
  • Field Ration: Instantly recover 25 HP
  • Quick Fire: Increases bow action speed by 50% for five seconds
  • Quickshot: Fire three arrows in rapid succession
  • Multishot: When attacking with a bow-type weapon, fire five arrows in a spread

Ranger Starting Inventory

Here is the Ranger’s starting inventory

  • Bow
  • Hood
  • Chest Armour
  • Trousers
  • Three Torches
  • Three Traps
  • Quiver


The Fighter is the defensive master, capable of keeping their allies alive and dealing decent damage back to opponents in the process.

Fighter Perks

These are the Fighter perks on offer.

  • Defense Expert: Increases Armour Rating acquired from armor by 10%
  • Swift: Reduces base movement speed penalty from equipped armor by 10%
  • Weapon Mastery: You can use all primary and secondary weapons can be used, with a 20% physical damage penalty applied to all non-native weapons
  • Barricade: When in defensive stance, gain a defence rating bonus of 5%
  • Combo Attack: Physical attack power temporarily increases by 10% with each successful melee attack within three seconds
  • Counterattack: Successful defense increases movement speed and attack speed by 10% for three seconds
  • Dual Wield: Equipping weapons in both hands increases attack speed by 7%
  • Projectile Resistance: Reduces damage taken from projectiles by 10%
  • Shield Expert: Increases movement speed by 5% when in a defensive stance

Fighter Skills

These are the Fighter skills on offer.

  • Sprint: Movement speed is greatly increased for a short duration. Move speed is now increased by 50
  • Second Wind: Recovers 50% of HP over 12 seconds, and eliminates side effects of Adrenaline Rush
  • Adrenaline Rush: Increases attack speed by 25% for six seconds. Afterwards, attack and movement speed is reduced for six seconds
  • Taunt: Increases aggro value to all monsters within a 7.5m area by 50% and increases defense bonus by 10% for seven seconds
  • Victory Strike: The next attack deals 20% additional weapon damage. If you kill with this attack, recover 5% of max HP
  • Breakthrough: Removes debuffs that slow movement speed

Fighter Starting Inventory

Here is the Fighter’s starting inventory

  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Three Torches
  • Chest Armour
  • Trousers


Much like the Ranger, the Rogue is a useful class to have in any party. Not only are they effective in combat – and capable of taking out opponents before they even notice them – but they’re handy for keeping you alive thanks to their trap detection ability.

Rogue Perks

These are the Rogue perks on offer.

  • Ambush: Your first attack within three seconds after using stealth deals 50% additional damage
  • Backstab: Increases damage by 30% when attacking from behind a target
  • Creep: Footstep sounds are reduced when walking or crouching
  • Dagger Expert: Daggers deal 5% additional damage.
  • Trap Detection: Highlights nearby traps, which you can then disarm
  • Pickpocket: You can steal an enemy’s item
  • Hidden Pockets: Bright items such as potions and Heart Cores do not appear on your waist
  • Poisoned Weapon: A successful attack applies poison that deals four Magic damage over four seconds, which can stack up to four times
  • Stealth: If you’re hiding, you can move ten steps while crouching or walking

Rogue Skills

These are the Rogue skills on offer.

  • Smoke Bomb: Drop a smoke grenade at your feet that lasts for 20 seconds and covers an area of 7.5m, reducing enemy move speed by 15%
  • Weakpoint attack: The next attack deals 50% additional weapon damage and reduces target’s defense by 50% for five seconds
  • Rupture: The next attack causes target to bleed for 20 dmg over five seconds
  • Hide: Become invisible, though any movement or skill usage will reveal you

Rogue Starting Inventory

Here is the Rogue’s starting inventory

  • Dagger
  • Hood
  • Chest Armour
  • Trousers
  • Three Torches
  • Three Throwing Knives


The Wizard is perhaps one of the least useful classes in terms of dungeon navigation, but in a fight there’s simply no one better. Well, that’s provided you don’t run out of spells before the carnage is over.

Wizard Perks

These are the Wizard perks on offer.

  • Mana Surge: Increases magic damage bonus by 5%
  • Quick Chant: Increases spell casting speed by 20%
  • Reactive Shield: Creates an arcane shield that lasts for three seconds, and can absorb ten total damage.
  • Sage: Increases knowledge by 10%
  • Melt: Fire damage reduces target’s physical reduction bonus by 10% for five seconds
  • Fire Mastery: Increases magic damage of fire spells by 5% and increases burn status by 2.5 seconds
  • Arcane Mastery: Increases magic damage of arcane spells by 5% and reduces cast time of arcane spells by a second
  • Arcane Feedback: Dealing arcane spell damage increases your cast speed and base magic damage by 1% per stack, with a max of five stacks. Bonus duration lasts for seven seconds and resets with each successful attack
  • Ice Shield: Increases Armor Rating by 20 and inflicts Frostbite on melee attack targets for 0.5 seconds

Wizard Skills

These are the Wizard skills on offer.

  • Meditation: Sit on the ground and revive spells at a rate of 40 spell costs over ten seconds
  • Focus: Reduce casting time of next spell to 0.1s
  • Spell Memory: Memorize spells so you can cast magic
  • Spell Memory 2: Allows additional spells to be memorized

Wizard Starting Inventory

Here is the Rogue’s starting inventory

  • Staff
  • Hat
  • Robe
  • Trousers
  • Three Torches
  • Potion

What Is The Dark and Darker Best Class?

So, this is a subjective question, and depends on your preferred playstyle. We prefer to break down the classes into the holy trinity to help make your decision easier.

DPS Classes

  • Barbarian
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Wizard

Support Classes

  • Cleric
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Barbarian
  • Wizard

Tank Classes

  • Fighter

As you can see, a few of the classes above can multi-role – most notably the Barbarian and Wizard. However, ironically, these are two of the least useful classes to help you navigate a dungeon, so it doesn’t provide you with the most help.

Best Class Per Role

Here’s how we’d break down the best class per role though:

  • Best DPS: Wizard
  • Best Tank: Fighter
  • Best Support: Cleric

Best Class For Dungeon Navigation

But that’s purely in terms of combat. If we’re talking helpful to navigate through dungeons, it would be the Ranger closely followed by the Rogue. Both of these classes are adept at finding and disarming traps, and taking out enemies before they spot you.

Here’s how we’d rank them in order:

  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Barbarian

Dark and Darker Classes FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you may have about Dark and Darker or classes in general.

What Is A Class?

A class is a role that your player character takes on in many RPGs or MMOs, and determines your base stats, skills, and, often, appearance.

Classes can come in many forms, but they typically fall into the holy trinity of classes: DPS, support, and tank. You can also get hybrid classes that can multi-role.

In the case of Dark and Darker, classes are useful for more than just combat. Many have handy dungeon skills that help you avoid traps and enemies, and gather more treasure.

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