Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! Tips Walkthrough

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a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:44:”Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:26113:”Check out our tips and tricks for Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble:


  • Save as often as you can to avoid losing a girl, miss an important information/item or just to learn the pattern you need to successfully flirt with a boy.
  • Silver Markers represent people your girls can interact with.
  • Some locations are only accessible during specific periods of the day, for example most of the rooms of the school are closed after for pm. Other locations open in the evening, for example Cicely’s Restaurant.  
  • It is a good idea to choose a girl as queen who has comparatively good skills in popularity and rebellion from the beginning on, because the game gambit appears later on in the game, so you can improve your savvy skills until then or recruit a girl who is good at that. The game "Fib" that is related to your glamour abilities depends more on luck than the other games and is not that important in the beginning as Exposing and Taunting. Nonetheless the glamour skill is of great importance to be successful in the fib-game.
  • There are four games which are the base of your success. They are related to the four skills every girls has and the four symbols: Hearts represent the popularity of a girl and they are important for the taunting game. Spades represent the rebellion skill of a girl, which is important for exposing. Diamonds represent the glamour of a girl, which is connected to the fibbing-game. At last Clubs represent a girl’s savvy, which strongly influences the game gambit.
  • There are four areas your can access during the game, the high school, downtown, the dells and the outskirts. You can reach the first three areas through the road signs while the outskirts are only reachable by the trolley.
  • Every time a girl wins a game she earns a symbol you can see under her profile. When she the queen has collected five or one of her henches has collected three of these symbols she can boost one of her skills.
  • When your girls want to pow-wow push the pow-wow-button as soon as possible, because these conversations are always important for the plot.  
  • Try to skill your girls equally and boost each one’s skills consistently. When the game proceeds it is advisable that every girl has at least average skills for each game. Let the girls play alternately so that all of them can boost their skills regularly and for that you have no weak member in your gang.
  • Get a boyfriend for every girl if possible, because for one thing they add their highest talent to the girl’s skills and for another thing they sacrifice themselves to receive a punishment instead of their girlfriend when she loses an important game.
  • You can hook a boyfriend by flirting with him. The flirting takes at least five turns and the boy will present from one through to three tokens each turn. To answer his flirt you have to select your own tokens, better to say the token with the symbol he expects. To hook him you have to answer his flirts every turn successfully. There is always a pattern, better to say a connection between the tokens the boy presents to you and which tokens he expects from you in return.
  • These patterns can be very easy, for example one as follows: Club=Spade ; Spade=Club ; Heart=Diamond ; Diamond=Heart. The patterns get the more complicated the further you proceed in the game and when it comes to flirting is is very important to save the game beforehand, so that you can learn the pattern by the trial-and-error-method.



  • This game is a duel with words. You start to taunt the other person – if she/he has the right retort, you will lose the amount of Hearts equal to the worth of the original taunt. After that it is the turn of the other person to taunt you – if you have the appropriate retort, he/she will lose Hearts, if you haven’t, you will lose them yourself. The game ends when either you or he/she has no Hearts left. Play taunting as often as possible in rather harmless situations to learn as many taunts and the right retorts as possible.


  • This game is a word riddle. You have to expose one or more sentences that the other person wants to hide from you. Every word is covered by one of the four symbols, heart, diamonds, clubs and spades. You can reveal as many words as you have according symbols. If you run out of symbols you have to guess the remaining covered words. You have won the game as soon as all the words are revealed.
  • Exposing is the only game where luck does not play any role and all four skills are of importance. The level of each skill is on par with the tokens you have to discover words. If you run out of either Club-, Diamond- or Heart-tokens the remaining symbols which cover words change into Spades, which is why the rebellion skill is of great importance in this game.


  • Glamour is the important skill to be good at this game. Both you and your opponent have five tokens on your hands. Your aim is to get a better combination of symbols than your opponent. You have definitely won the game when you get five of a kind, for example five clubs. This is the best possible combination and your opponent wont be able to outbid this. However you will get this combination only rarely.
  • Your glamour level dictates the number of token you can flip. Most of the times you will start with one or more empty token and then you have to flip those tokens you do not need to get a specific combination.
  • One example: You start with two clubs, one heart and two empty tokens. Then it is a good idea to flip all tokens except for the two clubs. After flipping (but you also have the possibility to not flip at all if you are content with your actual tokens) you have to make your bid, but you always can fib. If you have only one pair at the end of a round and the last bid of your opponent was "All one color" you can bid "3 of a kind" even if you haven’t got it.
  • However your opponent can "call" if he does not believe you. When he calls and you lied, you will lose the game. Of course you also can always call if you do not think that your opponent’s bid is true. So there are two options to win this game, either outbid your opponent or find out he is lying.


  • You will be taught this game later on in the game by Florence. The level of the savvy skill of the girl who is playing and the opposite talent of that one the opponent is using for that encounter will constitute her two tokens. You can put these tokens on two of the three different fields, the brazen, the smooth and the devious field.
  • After you get the Glimmer Scope this game will get much easier and you will even be able to defeat people with much higher talents than your girls. Before you get the Glimmer Scope you have to assume which tactic your opponent might take, better to say which tactic resembles his character.
  • If he seems devious it is very probable that he will put his highest token on the devious field. Your own tactic always should depend on the probable tactic of your opponent, try to avoid guessing. If your opponent plays brazen, lay your highest token on the devious field and the other one on the brazen field. If your opponent plays smooth, lay your highest token on the brazen field and the other one on the smooth field. If your opponent plays devious, lay your highest token on the devious field and the other one on the smooth field.


  • 1) Alma: good at glamour, weak at popularity
  • 2) Charlotte: good at popularity, weak at glamour
  • 3) Clara: good at popularity, weak at rebellion
  • 4) Eleanor: good at rebellion and savvy, weak at glamour
  • 5) Emma: good at glamour, weak at savvy
  • 6) Jessie: good at popularity and savvy, weak at rebellion
  • 7) Louise: good at rebellion, weak at popularity
  • 8) Lucille: good at savvy, weak at rebellion
  • 9) Mamie: good at popularity and savvy, weak at glamour
  • 10) Mildred: good at rebellion and savvy, weak at popularity
  • 11) Myrtle: good at rebellion, weak at glamour
  • 12) Viola: good at rebellion and glamour, weak at savvy.
  • The best choice for the queen is Viola, because her weak point in the beginning is savvy, which will become important later on and she has two skills where is good at. But Eleanor and Myrtle are good queens. Definitely avoid to choose a queen who is weak at rebellion.


The Gang

  • After you have chosen the queen of your gang it is your first task to complete your gang with three other girls. You can find them all around the school area.
  • When you have recruited the first girl your next task will be to find "Stoolie Girl". You will find her in the gymnasium and have to taunt her. She tells you that she will blackmail nurse – what that means you fill get to know by recruting another girl. The second possible member of your gang will catch Stoolie Girl at the Girl’s Room. If you can deal with her successfully again the girl will finally join your gang. The third and last member you can find at. After you have beaten her in a certain game you will be directly confronted with Bully Girl. You will have to play a game with her and then your first task will be completed.

The new maintenance man:

  • This task will lead you to the patio where you are going to meet Liar Girl. After exposing her secret you will have to visit Secretary Primly in the Administration to get a hall pass. This pass is needed to go on with the game. As Primly is a strong opponent it is advisable to save the game before playing against him, because every loss against him will have a punishment for one of your girls as a result. After that you have to go to the basement where you meet Maximillian, the maintenance man.

The accidents:

  • You should go to the basement again, where you at first meet another girl and then have to deal with Liar Girl. This will be the first accident you get to know of. You will aslo meet Eleanor around the basement who will involve your girls in the second accident. Visit Secretary Primly in the administration. He will lead you to the auditorium where you will be hear of the third accident.
  • Go then to the bleachers and taunt Mildred. After that you have to talk with her again and you will find out that the bleachers are broken. This will be the fourth accident.
  • At the Shady Tree you will find Bully Girl. Taunt her and then go to the South Grounds. Return to the shady tree and you will be a witness of the fifth accident.
  • After that you have to confront Maximillian with the accidents in the campus basement. After this you have to return to Nurse Nacht in the administration. She will tell you that she wanted to protect another person instead of Maximillian but is refusing to tell you whom.
  • Visit the library to get more information. After that you have to return to Secretary Primly in the administration for possible evidence. After that you will follow him to the library and find out a connection between all these accidents.  

The arrest of Maximillian:

  • Your next task is to find the detective. You can find him at the campus basement. He will arrest Maximillian. Go on to the Primary School and meet Florence. After talking to her you can meet her the next Saturday under the shady tree and she will teach you the last game, "gambit". After you have learned it you must return to the administration to meet Nurse Nacht once more.
  • After beating her by gambit you should search for evidence in the dean’s office. After beating him in a game you have to wait till regular school hours are over and search for Miss Hippilyta at the patio. Then go to the gymnasium to get the crowbar. It will be your way into the dean’s office. After you have dealt with the dean you are able to access a new location, "Downtown".

Downtown Business:

  • Visit Downtown to find out if the businesses there were also involved in any accidents. Go to the Two Peeks Diner and talk to Henry. He will tell you about some accidents that happened just recently in the different buildings in downtown. Feel free to visit other businesses and talk to the owners, for example the pharmacy. After you have talked some people the girls will summarise what they’ve found out.  

Maximillian’s appeal:

  • Go the town library then. Go the city hall and meet Julianne Fox. She will give you her keys to the maths room where you have to take her telescope after the school hours. When you do that Stoolie Girl will tell you that Bully Girl took the telescope to the basement, go there.
  • After you have won against Bully Girl return to Downtown and visit Maximillian in prison at the police-station. After you have talked to him go to the library again and ask how you to convince the mayor. Go to the Daily Muse and talk to journalist Otto Glimmernut. Go to the city hall and inform the mayor’s secretary, George Pavel, about the Pogo Parade.
  • Head then to the market circle. Talk to Otto Glimmernut and the children, then play gambit against the mayor. Talk to the mayor again.

The tribunal:

  • Go to the library to ask Cadie Baskerval how to recruit the tribunal. Go to the hospital and convince Dr. Dielater to apply at the city hall. Then go to the school and talk to the dean in the administration. After that oyu have already two people who will be on Max’s side. Return to downtown. Visit the Brigiton Hotel and talk to Mahatma McTeague. The last applicant you have to deal with is Clive the barber. Then return to the city hall and ask Vincent Haas about the applicants.
  • Talk to Haas again and he will tell you that the judge decided Maximillian is innocent. He will talk to you and your girls meet at the new location the next day, "The Dells".
  • Go to the bandstand and meet Susan Fragette.
  • Another possibility instead of this path is to let the tribunal judge him as guilty and then trying to save him while he is about to be hung. Be sure to give the Weehawken catalogue to the mayor’s secretary.

The neighbors of Brigiton:

  • Look around at the dells and talk to the neighbors. Visit every house with a silver marker except the one Miss Busby. After exploring the dells return to downtown. Visit the two peeks diner to talk to Henry Piccolo.
  • In the evening you should talk to Roslyn about the same matter at the diner. After that go to the city hall. You will find out what is really going on with the Piccolo’s there.
  • Be sure to visit the school and talk to Secretary Primly in the administration. Return to downtown and visit the pharmacy. Help Timothy and go back to the school.
  • You will find Miriam at the campus lunchroom. Send her to Timothy and return to the pharmacy, too. Visit the dells and go to the chantry garden, Miriam will tell you there that she is going to marry Timothy. Go to Dells Park – spend the afternoon there and after that talk to the children who are playing at the park. After that Flatfoot Cooning will announce that the mayor will held a speech at the bandstand. Go there.

The Sanitation Patrol:

  • After you listened to the mayer visit Maximillian at his Fix-it-shop. After talking to him go to the school and visit Julianne Fox at the maths room when school is over. Return to the dells and talk to Widow Coyle. After that go to Lot 49 and talk to Stool Pigeon. Go to the Piccolo’s house and bring the pogo stick to Widow Coyle.
  • Visit downtown and go to the hotel. Deal with the Sanitation Patrol and move on to Fieffer’s. You will meet the Patrol here again. Visit the City Hall and expose George Pavel.
  • Go to high school and talk to Coach Gustav at the gymnasium. Then talk to Secretary Primly in the administration. After you get the hall passes from him search for the sanitation patrol at the south grounds. Later on you should go to Susanne Fragette in the social class room, she will inform you about a school dance at the bandstand.
  • Return to the dells and talk to the Garden Club at the chantry gardens. Go to Mrs Folkkes. She will give you a broken Pogo Stick. Bring the stick to Maximillian at the Fix-it-Shop. After he repaired the stick return it to Mrs Folkkes. Then visit Miss Busby (for the first time!). Return to Max and talk to him about his willingness to repair pogo sticks. Visit Old Oswald, he will have a broken pogo stick for you. Go on to Lot 49 and talk to the kids, they will give you another broken stick. Return to Max – he will give you a pair of shoes he invented which you should use on Miss Busby. Visit her again and give her the shoes. Talk to her again and after that deliver the other broken pogo sticks to Max.
  • Bring the repaired pogo sticks back to their former possessors, the kids at lot 49 and old Oswald. Then go to Mr Grabbles at the department store in downtown. He might inform his customers about the shoes, if they arouse him. Take also a stop at the barber and talk to Marjorie the beautician.
  • If it is already Saturday evening and visit the bandstand for the school’s dance. It will be quickly disturbed by the sanitation patrol.

The defeat of the patrol:

  • Visit Detective Friendly at the police station and expose him. Then go to the city hall and talk to all the persons available there, especially the sanitation patrol. Your next tasks are to get a few pogo sticks and the school’s camera. Go to the school and wait till classes are over. Then got the arts room and talk to Miss Hippilyta.
  • After you have received the camera return to the dells and talk to Widow Coyle. Wait until its 9 pm and go to the abandoned house. Return to this house the next morning and deal with the nasty ghost. After your girls have run away go downtown and visit Lil’ ol’ Lynette at the market circle. She will give you something to calm down the ghost.
  • Go back to the dells and the abandoned house and use the cards on the ghost. After you played gambit against him and received the pogo sticks, search for the sanitation patrol on the streets. Follow the patrol to Dells Park.
  • Then bring the photo to Otto Glimmernut at the Daily Muse in downtown. Go to the main street and talk to news boy, then return to Maximillian at the fix-it-shop. Return to downtown and visit the library. Deal with the sanitation patrol and then talk to Cadie Baskerval. After that, visit the chantry gardens at the dells to meet the patrol again. After that, head on to the boarding house, listen to what Pearl Primly and the shepherd have to say, then expose Mrs. Tin.
  • With the new information, return to Otto Glimmernut at the daily muse in downtown. Return to High School after 4 pm and get more film for the camera of Miss Hippilyta in the arts room. Return to the Dell’s Park and use to camera to make a photo of the patrol there. Bring the phot to Otto Glimmernut. Visit Main Street and Creep Alley in downtown and talk to everyone there. Follow the towns folk to the park.

Jimmy Finn:

  • Go to high school and leave the town by the trolley. Talk to Jimmy Finn at the salvage yard. Go to the field of stumps (this is also situated outside the town, in the right bottom corner of the screen) to find Mayor Stogie. After talking to him and after you have freed Bill the pony return to downtown and visit the police station. Return to High School and search Stoolie Girl in the hallways.
  • Go back to downtown and find Stool Pigeon at Creep Alley. Play gambit against him, every other game will lead to nothing in this case.
  • Leave the town by trolley again and talk to Jimmy Finn at the salvage yard.
  • Return to the market circle in downtown and visit Gene Poladian. Observe him and follow the garden club. Do that again twice and follow Dorothy down the Broadway Avenue. Talk to her and you will be automatically brought out of town. Search for her in the different woods. You will have to gambit in every wood and after you have won you will get a message to which wood you have to go next. Follow the trails and you will find Dorothy in the end. Visit the wood where you found Dorothy again and you will meet Otto Glimmernut, Stool Pigeon and Detective Friendly.
  • After some words you will be brought to the school and have to visit Dean Hemlock in the administration. You are expelled from school and find yourself at the dells. Visit every possible house and taunt everytime you can to learn a lot of new taunts and retorts. After you have visited all houses in downtown and the dells go to the police station and talk to Detective Friendly.

Bill the Pony:

  • Return to the field of stumps. After talking to the man wait until it is nine pm and return again. Use the crowbar, though this wont work to free Bill. Return to the dells and visit Maximillian, he will give you a more proper tool. Return to Bill and use the tool. After that, scratch him two times.  

The Mayoral Race:

  • Go to the City Hall and talk to Pearl Primly. Use item "Bill the pony" to enter him as a candidate. Gambit twice against Pearl Primly, after you have won have to begin to collect votes for Bill. Visit the library at first to get the librarians voice. Go on to the Two Peeks Diner to get Henry’s vote. Go there again to get Roslyn’s vote. You can visit every possible building to get the needed votes for Bill. You can promote Bill in downtown as well as in the dells.
  • Instead of collecting votes you have also the possibility to visit the night club after curfew to see what Boss Pierce has to say.
  • After you have collected seven votes the mayor will challenge you for a debate at the gallows in the market circle. If you do not win the debate it is no problem, but you have to collect all the votes again.
  • After you have beaten the mayor go immediately to the city hall and then visit Jimmy Finn at the junkyard out of town. After you talked to him go to Indian’s Creek, you can find that location in the wood on the left side of the junkyard. Return to downtown and visit Otto Glimmernut at the daily muse. Go to the bank and talk to as many persons as possible.

The fire at the Dells:

  • After the run on money at the bank has ended return to the Fix-it-Shop at the Dells. Search for Max at the Bus Depot out of the town. After dealing with him and Detective Friendly go to Jimmy Finn at the junkyard. Use the crowbar at the locked door. After the showdown with Jimmy Finn go to Indian’s Creek. Search one of the woods for the kidnapped girl and then go to the Vista Point. Use the pistol on Varsity Boy and go to the Vista Point again.
  • After you have talked to the detective return to downtown and go to the city hall. Then visit the hotel and the police station. Visit every possible silver marker in downtown and at the dells. Then leave the town again and visit the junkyard where you will find Lil’ ol’ Lynette. After talking to her quickly go to the graveyard. After meeting the ghost and again Lil’ ol’ Lynette take the trolley, give the amulet you just got to the trolley-driver and he will bring you to high school. Visit the auditorium and the patio there. After talking to Nurse Nacht, Maximillian and Julianne Fox you have reached THE END.  

Alternate endings:

  • The ending described above is the simple ending. If you collect all four strictures and all four morals, then you can experience all outcomes of 4 specific end events, (thus 16 separate endings) most which occur in the auditorium. After saving Max and Miss Fox, you can enter the auditorium, and discover the destructive secret of the town and all the intrigue that has led up to the awful events since the accidents began. By choosing morals to assert in conversations in the auditorium, your girls change what happens to the town of Brigiton.


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