Dairy Dash Tips Walkthrough

Check out our strategy guide for Dairy Dash, which includes general tips, explanations of machines and items, and a breakdown of what you can expect in each of the game's 52 levels. STRATEGY TIPS In this game you have the whole family working on the farm. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, their daughter Emily and their son Ethan as well. This means that you can do several things at one time. The biggest thing in this game is making huge chaining bonuses. If you can get making chains down to a scie…

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Check out our strategy guide for Dairy Dash, which includes general tips, explanations of machines and items, and a breakdown of what you can expect in each of the game’s 52 levels.


  • In this game you have the whole family working on the farm. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, their daughter Emily and their son Ethan as well. This means that you can do several things at one time.
  • The biggest thing in this game is making huge chaining bonuses. If you can get making chains down to a science, then you can pass each level with an expert score.
  • You can chain several actions in advance. The orders will be performed in the order in which you executed them. The person closest to the next action will take care of the next task at hand.
  • Sometimes you have to focus on making smaller chains since making bigger ones can make the animals lose patience and become unhappy. It is recommended that in some levels you focus more on making several smaller chains in order to keep the animals happier longer.
  • Some items are obvious when it comes to making chaining bonuses such as serving water, feed and hay. You need to perform several of the same tasks back to back in order to make your chaining bonuses.
  • You can also chain with actions that are different in nature, I’m referring to anything that comes out of the workshop. You can make bonuses by chaining things like washing the animals, buying seeds or fertilizer. Even though these are all different tasks, they come from the same building so they can be used together.
  • When you hear the sound of a cricket you will know that the day is almost over. If you look over at the sun you will notice that it’s almost out of view. When it’s getting close to the end of the day you should not pick up any food. Leave it all for the end of the day so you can get a huge last minute chaining bonus. Once the rooster crows, pick up all your produce and leave the cheese for last.
  • Once you learn the pattern of an animal you will be able to predict their behavior. For example most animals will ask for food first, followed by water. Once they get the water they will give you whatever they produce (eggs, milk or wool) and then go to sleep. The exception to this rule is in level 42 when the animals will start asking for things in a different order than usual. You will not be able to predict what they are going to ask for.
  • Once an animal goes to sleep, they will begin a new round once they wake up. If you want the animals to produce more supplies then you have to pick up the food they just made or they will keep on sleeping until you do.
  • The amount of milk a cow and goat will generate corresponds with their level of their happiness. If at the time that your cows and goats produce milk they are not too happy you may only get 1 or 2 bottles of milk from them. On the other hand if they are very happy, they will give you three bottles of milk each.
  • Every action you perform with an animal will increase their heart slightly. If you want to keep an animal happy then you must take care of them quickly. The faster you take care of them the happier they will stay. Each thing you do increases their hear rate by a small percentage.
  • On the other hand if an animal is unhappy they will cause you to lose money. If an animal is kept waiting too long, they will get angry and points will be deducted from your total until you attend to them.
  • You can predict what the animals are going to do next. As soon as you see a cow stand up you know that they are going to ask for some hay. Have the hay ready so you can get it to them as soon as they ask for it.
  • If you see some of your people standing around after the rooster has crowed and you can’t understand why. It means that you forgot to pick up something somewhere on the ground. The game will not end until you pick up whatever needs to be picked up.
  • Preparation and planning are essential in this game. Always make sure that the moment your hay machine is empty that you fill it up right away. Click on several things in a row so you can have a head start on the rest of the day. By doing several actions in a row you can get more things done.
  • When Flo calls on the phone, answer it right away. Doing so will earn you a lot of extra money. Flo will ask for specific items for that day and she is willing to pay you twice as much as you would have normally received.
  • It’s very important to keep your goats happy as they net you the most money in this game since their milk is used to make cheese. Always tend to your goats as soon as possible. The happier they are the more milk they will produce.
  • Crows and wolves have to be taken care of immediately or it will affect your animals and your crop. As soon as you see either one show up, click on them and Lucky the dog will chase them away.
  • Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade – drink as much of it as possible. Drinking lemonade will make you work much faster than usual which means you can get a lot more things done in a short period of time.
  • Throw out the items that you don’t need in the compost bin. This bin will be located in different parts of the scene depending on which level you are on. At times the bin will have a recycling symbol on it.


Cheese Machine

  • You can only make cheese in this machine using goat’s milk.
  • It is better that once you make the cheese you let it sit and age.
  • Always collect all of it at the end of the day, the longer it sits the more value it has.
  • Waiting to collect the cheese also helps you in making large chaining bonuses at the end of the day.
  • You can look at the number above the cheese wheel to see how many pieces are stacked.
  • When the cheese making machine is around you cannot chain the pick-up of the goat’s milk with all the other produce. You can only chain it with the same type of milk since it goes into the cheese machine and not on the truck.

Hay Bailing Machine

  • Your Hay Bailing Machine is what turns feed into hay.
  • You will use the hay from the machine to feed your cows and your sheep.
  • You cannot produce additional hay unless you’ve used up everything that you made previously.
  • Depending on which level you are on you can make 1 or 2 bales of hay at a time.
  • Make sure that your machines are full at all times. Cows and sheep can be very impatient and they don’t like to wait for their food.
  • It takes a little while for the machine to process the feed. Look at the timer above the machine so you can see how long it will take to be ready. Do other things while you wait for the hay to be ready.


  • The workshop is where you get certain supplies for your farm.You can obtain seeds or fertilizers for your garden.
  • You can get the cleaning supplies to clean your animals with from there.
  • Clean animals are happy animals so make sure you wash them right away.
  • Always keep in mind that you can combine any of these items to make chaining bonuses.


  • The lemonade stand will appear on level 7.
  • Drinking lemonade will give your helpers a big boost of energy.
  • Their energy burst only lasts for a little while.
  • Drinking lemonade does not affect your chaining bonuses.
  • Drinking lemonade can come in handy when you’re trying to service your animals quickly.
  • Taking care of animals quickly means that they will be happier and will make more produce for you.
  • In the beginning stages you will be responsible for making sure that the lemonade stand is full at all time.
  • You can tell how many glasses are ready by the number above the machine.
  • As soon as the son Ethan appears (level 39) you will no longer need to make your own lemonade. Ethan will make it automatically.

Chopping wood

  • Starting in level 21 you will be able to chop some wood in order to fix the chicken shed.
  • Once you see the stack of wood highlighted, click on it and Mr. Smith will chop it up.
  • It can sometimes take a while to do but fixing the shed will keep your chickens happy.
  • If the sheds are not fixed right away then your chickens will become unhappy and may start deducting points from your total.
  • While Mr. Smith is chopping wood you have to make sure that your other helpers are working extra fast. Give them some lemonade so they can get things done quicker.

Lucky the Dog

  • Lucky the dog will appear starting in level 14.
  • Lucky is there to chase the crows and wolves away.
  • Whenever you see crows or wolves appear click on them and Lucky will chase them away.


  • Will make his first appearance around level 38.
  • When he shows up he will automatically make the lemonade for you so you do not have to worry about it anymore.
  • He will also be in charge of answering the telephone when Flo calls in her orders.
  • When you hear the phone ring, Ethan will stand still in one place and his body will be highlighted in green. Just click on Ethan at this time and you’ll be able to read what Flo needs for that day.
  • At times you will see Ethan flapping his arms around, he mostly does that when the crows and the wolves appear. Don’t try to click on him at that point since it doesn’t do anything to him.


  • Dairy Dash has a good way to summarize your scores at the end of every level.
  • In the level summary you will see a breakdown of how you did in each of the following 3 categories.

Chaining bonus

  • When you do similar actions in a row you will receive chaining bonuses.
  • This is the best way for you to obtain expert scores in this game.
  • The more things you chain in a row, the higher your bonus multiplier will be.
  • We have more detailed examples of chaining bonuses under the "Strategy Tips" section at the beginning of this guide.

Truck bonus

  • In levels in which you see the truck appear, you need to repair it as soon as you see the wrench icon appear over it.
  • When the truck is broken Mr. Smith needs to fix it right away.
  • You cannot get extra points for taking produce to the market while your truck is broken.
  • Having the truck fixed means that you will be able to earn more for your produce because you will not need to rent a truck in order to take the produce to the market.
  • You will earn 50% more for your produce when you pick it up after the truck is fixed.So do not deliver goods until the truck is fixed.

Flo Bonus

  • You can earn a Flo Bonus by answering the phone whenever it rings at the farm.
  • Flo will always be the one on the phone asking for special orders.
  • Flo will not call in orders in every level. You will know Flo is calling when you hear the telephone ringing.
  • Whenever she requests a special item she will pay you twice the amount of money you would have normally received for a product.

Bonus Score

  • Your bonus score is the total amount of all three bonuses combined (the Flo Bonus, the Truck Bonus and your Chain Bonus)


  • There are 3 mini games that appear in the game every few levels.
  • Even though there is a goal assigned for each one, if you don’t pass the level you can still advance in the game.
  • The purpose of the mini game is to accumulate bonus points.
  • If you make your goal you will see a star icon next to that level when you complete it.


  • This is an average match 3 type of game.
  • You need to make matches of three or more of the same kind in a row.
  • Swap tiles in order to make matches
  • Try to make matches of 4 or more in order to make bigger points at one time.

Catch Falling Fruit

  • In this game you must catch fruits that fall off the tree with your basket.
  • Make sure that you do not catch rotten fruit because if you do, points will be taken away from your total.
  • You can tell a fruit is about to drop once it starts shaking on the tree.
  • Always place your basket on the side that has the most fruit falling down at one time.

Pick Fruit

  • In this mini game you have to click on the fruit that is on the tree before it falls off.
  • Make sure that you do not click on the spoiled ones or you will lose points for each one that you do pick.
  • Spoiled peaches will be split down the middle, apples will have a worm inside and grapes will have wilted leaves.


This is a brief summary of what to expect in every level. Anything from mini games to new products and new equipment being introduced.

Level 1

  • Tutorial Level

Level 2

  • Cows are Introduced for the first time.

Level 3

  • Mrs. Smith arrives at the farm. You can now handle 2 items at one time.

Level 4

  • Flo makes her first appearance. Answer the phone when she calls. Whenever she requests a special item she will pay you twice the amount of money you would have normally received for a product. A goat is also introduced for the first time.

Level 5

  • You will play the Pick a Fruit mini game. Make sure that you don’t click on the rotten pieces of fruit.

Level 6

  • You will have your first vegetable garden to grow.
  • Follow the instructions on how to prepare the soil.
  • Flo will ask for milk in this level.

Level 7

  • The lemonade machine is introduced.
  • Keep an eye on the lemonade machine. Keep drinking lemonade as often as you can so that your characters can move faster.

Level 8

  • This will be the first time that the truck will appear. As soon as you see the truck break down you need to click on it to fix it.

Level 9

  • The instructions at the beginning of this level tells you that you need to drink lots of lemonade to get through the day.
  • You need the energy boost the lemonade provides or you will not pass this level.
  • As soon as the machine is out of lemonade make sure to make some more.

Level 10

  • You will play a match 3 type of mini game.

Level 11

  • Your second tomato garden appears.

Level 12

  • You will have 2 cows and one feeding machine.

Level 13

  • You will have 2 hay bailing machines.
  • Each machine will produce one bail of hay.
  • Flo calls in and says she wants milk and tomatoes.

Level 14

  • Lucky the dog makes its first appearance.
  • You will learn how to clean the cows for the first time.

Level 15

  • You will grow your first corn garden in this level. Pay attention to the instructions because cultivating corn is different than cultivating tomatoes.

Level 16

  • You will have sheep on the farm for the very first time.
  • Sheep attract wolves so make sure that you send Lucky the dog out to chase the wolves away.

Level 17

  • Crows are introduced for the first time.

Level 18

  • You will play a mini game in which you have to catch fruit from the tree with a basket.

Level 19

  • You will have 4 types of animals at once in this level.

Level 20

  • The Cheese Making Machine is introduced in this level

Level 21

  • This will be the first time in which you get to chop some wood.

Level 22

  • You will have an additional sheep to take care of.
  • The shed will need to be repaired as well.
  • The 2 feeding machines will now be able to make 3 bales of hay.
  • Flo calls and wants milk and wool for the day.

Level 23

  • Match 3 mini game.

Level 24

  • Emily makes her first appearance; she will be a third helping hand.

Level 25

  • You will have three cows in this level.
  • Flo calls and she wants to make a special order for milk.

Level 26

  • Flo called and wants to buy all your produce for twice the normal value.
  • You will have three cows and three sheep in this level.
  • Most animals in this level will ask for things in three’s.
  • Here is a great chance to make good chaining bonuses.

Level 27

  • A new layout is unveiled and you will also have two water wells to draw from.

Level 28

  • You will 2 pumpkin patches for the first time.
  • Flo called and wants to buy all the pumpkins you can produce.

Level 29

  • Mr. Smith will not be around so you have to pick up the extra slack. Make as many chaining bonuses as you can.
  • Flo wants to buy wool and cheese.

Level 30

  • Mr. Smith is back and he brought along a chocolate cow for the farm.

Level 31

  • Click on the fruit to pick it mini game.

Level 32

  • Flo will not make an appearance today.
  • You will also not see any wolves or crows either.
  • Focus on making chaining bonuses,

Level 33

  • The feeding machine can now make 3 bails of hay.
  • The large machine makes 2 bails of hay and the small one makes one.
  • Flo wants to buy all of your produce.

Level 34

  • Flo wants to buy lots of vegetables today.
  • High demand for pumpkins and tomatoes today.
  • You will not have the cheese making machine on this day.

Level 35

  • You will not have the cheese machine in this level.
  • Flo will pay you twice as much for all the milk you can bring her.

Level 36

  • Match-3 mini game.

Level 37

  • Flo wants wool, corn and eggs.
  • Mr. Smith will not be available to help you.
  • It will be just 2 of you working so you have to move faster than usual.
  • Drink lots of lemonade.
  • The cheese machine is back.

Level 38

  • Ethan makes his first appearance in the game.

Level 39

  • This will be a very chaotic day, make sure that everyone drinks lemonade constantly.

Level 40

  • A new layout will be presented to you in this level.
  • There will be 2 hay machines in this level, each machine will actually make 2 bales of hay.
  • All you have to do is place one piece of food into each machine and 2 stacks will come out of each.

Level 41

  • A new garden will appear.
  • Flo will call and will want some cheese and corn. Make sure that Ethan answers the phone when she does.

Level 42

  • In this level animals will ask for things in a different order than usual so don’t expect to be able to predict their needs ahead of time.

Level 43

  • Once you beat this level the kids will be able to go to the rodeo tomorrow.
  • Flo wants milk and wool in this level.

Level 44

  • Place the fruit in the basket mini game.

Level 45

  • The kids went to rodeo so Mr. and Mrs. Frank will have to do all the work themselves.
  • Remember that since Ethan is not around you will have to make your own lemonade.

Level 46

  • Flo wants whatever you can send her.
  • In this level you will have 2 of each animal and 2 pumpkin patches.
  • The kids are back to help you
  • The lightning bolt will appear behind on the barn behind the sheep on this day, click on it as soon as you see it.

Level 47

  • You will have a third sheep on the farm.
  • Click on the barn with the lightning bolt as soon as you see it.
  • Flo wants lots of wool in this level, she will pay you twice as much for it.

Level 48

  • Another set of chickens have been added.
  • This is a great opportunity to make huge chaining bonuses.
  • Flo does not call during this level.

Level 49

  • You have to play the match 3 mini game.

Level 50

  • You will not have any pumpkin patches to take care of today.
  • Instead you will have to grow corn and tomatoes.
  • The animals will not require cleaning on this day.

Level 51

  • This is a very hectic day.
  • Flo does not call for a special order today.

Level 52

  • The farm is at full capacity on this day.
  • Keep drinking lemonade and make big chaining matches as soon as you can.
  • Flo will buy anything that you bring her
  • All the animals are not going to be ready at the same time.