Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass Walkthrough

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Game Introduction – Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass

Welcome to the Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass walkthrough on Gamezebo. Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass is a point and click adventure game created by Wadjet Eye. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide on how to complete Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass.

General Tips

Basic Actions

  • To move around, just click on where you want to go.

  • By moving your cursor around the screen, interactive areas will show up with a neat little label of what they are.

  • Click on an object or person to interact with it or pick it up.

  • Right click on an object to get additional information. This also works for objects in your inventory.

  • At times it is necessary to combine two objects in your inventory before they can be used.


  • This walkthrough simply gives the quickest way to achieve things. However, you will miss out on a substantial part of the game if you just follow the walkthrough step by step as ‘wrong’ moves may often give entertaining results.

  • When you’re talking to someone, always go through all dialog options as new questions may be unlocked.

  • If you’re stuck, try everything on everything and everyone. Try and use all your inventory items on every interactive spot on the screen, talk to people and try to give people your inventory objects – you never know what you may find out!

Who Kidnapped Brian?

Escaping the Mob

 Day of the Jackass

  • As soon as you can move, pick up the table leaning against the ring and put it in the ring (A).

  • Go up the steps to the ring and interact with the table again to lean it against the ropes (B).

  • Leave the ring by clicking on the ropes, then click on the table a third time (C) to launch it at the wrestlers and win the game (D).

  • Go back into the ring.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Interact with Defender and Simon on the floor (A) to have your picture taken for the Ultimate Humiliation award. Then take the belt (B)

  • In the hallway of the apartment block, go through a few options of dialog until you can choose a lightbulb “idea”. Then choose Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle the dispute.

  • You’re taken to a ledge on the outside of the apartment block. If you go to the window on the left first and then click on “window”, you will be told that Mrs. Pencilwood will surely hear you if you open the window, so you need to figure out a way she won’t hear you.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Go through the window on the right and pick up the remote from the little side table.

  • Select the remote from your inventory and use it on the TV when Mr. Pencilwood is taking a draught from his can of soda and isn’t paying attention. This turns up the volume.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Go back through the window and go to the window on the left. You can now open it. Take the sleeping pills from the bedside table.

  • Go back out to the ledge and into the first window.

  • Select the sleeping pills from your inventory, wait until Mr. Pencilwood puts the can down and slip some sleeping pills into his soda. When Pencilwood is asleep, go right and into the hallway.

  • After the scene, attempt to exit to the street and watch what happens.

Finding the Ticket

  • Talk to the detective and go through all the options.

 Day of the Jackass

  • After he leaves, close the door and pick up the golf club. Then open the right drawer of the dresser and take Brain’s signature stamp.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Leave the room and talk to Simon. Then interact with the bookshelves behind him and take Brain’s autobiography.

  • Leave to the hallway, go to the car park and exit to the street. Make your way to Ice Cold’s house.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Talk to Ice Cold and go through all the options until you’ve convinced him that his kitchen is on fire.

 Day of the Jackass

  • While Ice Cold is freaking out, pick up the wastepaper basket and fill it with water from the fish tank.

  • When you have the ticket, go to the Wrestle Zone and go in through the main doors.

  • Talk to Horace the wrestling fan until he asks you to sign his fan art for you. Choose the green tick option.

  • Talk to Clarice the desk clerk. Ask her about the ticket. She says she can’t do anything with only half a ticket, so you need to find the other half. If you right click on the torn ticket in your inventory, the only information you get from it is a seat number, so let’s see if we can find the seat.

  • Go through the door to the backstage area and talk to the detective again. You can also talk to the janitor, but he’s not very chatty.

  • Explore the staging area to the right.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Off to the right again is the arena, but it is too dark there to do anything. You need to get up to the lighting area. There is a crank on the wall that will lower the ladder to the lighting area, but it is stuck.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Go back to the backstage area and take the cloth from the bucket by the vending machine. You can explore the gym now if you like, but there’s nothing useful for us there right now. So leave through the exit to the left of the gym and go right to the street, then go home.

  • Enter the apartment block and go into apartment 21. Talk to Simon and ask him to sign the picture for Horace.

  • Go into Brain’s room and use the cloth on the hair gel on the dresser so it becomes all greasy. If you didn’t do so earlier, take the golf club from behind the door and the signature stamp from the right drawer. Then go back out to the car park.

  • In the car park, use Brain’s signature stamp on the drainpipe (not on the note that’s stuck to it), then combine the stamp with the picture in your inventory.

  • Go back to the street and make your way to the Wrestle Zone. Go in and give the picture to Horace. Unfortunately, it is instantly nicked by Dave Mayhem. D’oh!

 Day of the Jackass

  • Go backstage and go into the gym, which is to the left of the stairs. Take the mirror out of Dave’s bag. Talk to Dave and tell him there are fans for him outside. As soon as he is gone, take the fan art off the punching bag, replace it with the mirror and then stick the fan art over it again.

  • Make to leave and watch what happens with Dave. You’ll get the Bully trophy. When he’s gone, take the fan art again. While you’re there, open The Defender’s locker (inset). Take out the hand wraps. Make sure you close the locker again before you leave.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Now go back to the staging area on the right and use the greasy cloth on the crank. Click on the crank again to lower the ladder. Use the golf club on it to pull it all the way down, then go up the ladder.

 Day of the Jackass

  • In the lighting area is a device that will allow you to shine a spotlight on individual chairs. Right click on your ticket stub to find out the seat number: section C, row 3, seat 6.

  • Zoom in on the device and find the seat you want. According to the legend at the top, rows are counted from the front (i.e. the side of the stage) and seats are counted clockwise. Select the seat marked red in the image above.

  • Go back down the ladder and go right to the arena. Click on the seat the spotlight is shining on. If you find nothing, go back and select the seat again. You should find the other half of the season ticket.

  • Go back to the lobby and talk to Clarice. She won’t do anything until Horace is gone, so give him the signed picture again so he goes away. Then talk to Clarice and go though all the options.

Getting the Password for Clarice

  • Go backstage again. The janitor is gone now, so you can go up the stairs. Go into the office on the left.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Look at the calendar on the door. You need to find out what R.N stands for, so go to the filing cabinet and look under R. Go through all the options for fun, but what you really want is the Rough Neck.

  • Take the key off the desk and leave. If you exit through the front door, Clarice will have a little chat with you, which will get you the Da New Girl trophy.

  • Go to the street and find the Rough Neck.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Look through the little window, then go right and around the corner to the bar.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Talk to the barkeeper and go through all the options. Talk to him about “downstairs” – note that he will only give you useful information about what’s going on in the basement if you looked through the basement window in the street. Keep talking until you know you need to talk to Muscles.

  • Go right a bit and talk to the big guy blocking the stairs. He will challenge you to an arm wrestling match, but you don’t stand a chance against him.

  • Go back to the Wrestle Zone and inspect the items in the display case by the door. Talk to Clarice and ask if you can buy a hand buzzer. Go back to the display case and open it with the key you found on Mr. O’Sullivan’s desk. Zoom in on it again and take the hand buzzer. Take it to Clarice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

  • Go back home and click on the car in the car park to open the bonnet. Select the hand buzzer from your inventory and try to charge it with the car battery. Unfortunately, you can’t do this without the keys, and Simon has the keys.

  • Go inside and into the apartment. Talk to Simon. Go through all options. He will give you the keys if you get him the latest copy of Bikini Bi-Monthly. You can also get the remote off him. However, if you try to leave with the remote he will keep asking you to come back and change the channel for him. Give him the golf club and leave.

  • Go back to the Rough Neck. Use the remote on the TV to change the channel. If you talk to the barkeeper he will be none too pleased, but oh well.

  • Now the patron at the bar is distracted by the TV, take the magazine out of his back pocket and replace it with Brain’s autobiography.

  • Go back home and give the magazine to Simon. You will get the car keys.

  • Go back to the car park and try the hand buzzer on the car again. This time it works.

  • In your inventory, combine the hand buzzer with the hand wraps and then go back to the Rough Neck.

  • Challenge Muscles to another fight and this time choose the hand buzzer option. You’ll win! You can now go to the basement.

 Day of the Jackass

  • O’Sullivan will challenge you to a fight. Try a few options. To win you need to distract him so you can pick up the fast food from the floor. There is ketchup in it. You can do the next step during the same distraction, but if not, just distract him again and then put the ketchup in the robe. Finally, insult him and pretend to be knocked down. You will get the It’s Not Fake trophy.

  • After the fight, go back to the Wrestle Zone and talk to Clarice again.

  • Back in the apartment, use the detective’s card on the phone to call him.

Cartalaz Penitentiary

Getting In

 Day of the Jackass

  • Talk to Simon, then go and knock on the window of the security cabin to talk to the guard. Tell him you’re delivering a pizza. Make sure you remember which pizza option you choose as you will need it later. Note that you can skip this step to get the Pizza Delivery trophy. Just start with the next instruction.

  • Walk to the payphone on the left. Go to the panel on the wall and open it with the detective’s card.

  • Zoom in on the panel. You need to re-route the wires so the guard house is connected to the payphone. You can do this by disconnecting the two lower wires and connecting them with your bookmark. First select one of the wires and click on the other one so they’re moved together. Then use the bookmark on them.

  • Go back and talk to Simon. Ask him to go stand by the payphone.

  • Knock on the window again and tell the guard you’re really delivering a pizza. If you connected the wires correctly, the payphone should ring and Simon will answer. Tell the guard which pizza you ordered, making sure both D and Simon say the same thing.

  • Go into the car and drive to the prison. Go into the next security station.

  • If you try to wake Eddie, he won’t wake up. So talk to Simon and ask him to do it. When Eddie is awake, talk to him about everything possible.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Zoom in on either the cameras or control panel. Change the channel until you see the guard guarding an entrance. Then exit and talk to Eddie again. You know, Simon isn’t as dim as he looks!

  • Go back to the control panel and change back to the channel with the guard. Use the zoom buttons to zoom in on the guard, then use the small arrows to pan to the keypad by the door. D will let you know when you’ve reached the right position.

  • Exit and talk to Eddie again, and after the scene exit the station and go through the arch to the courtyard. Click on the keypad.

Avoiding the Guards

  • Once inside, move to the corridors on the other side of the lobby. You need to make your way south without being seen by the guards. Basically, this means you can’t enter the guards’ torchlight.

 Day of the Jackass

  • For the first guard, wait until he has gone off to the left (red arrow), then quickly move south (yellow arrow).

 Day of the Jackass

  • Walk south but stop outside the circle of light. When a door opens, wait outside the circle of light until the guard has gone south. Then continue on south.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Wait on the right side of the dark pillar until the first guard coming from the south has gone left. The second guard coming from the south will go right and then up, so quickly move north of the column and then go south down the left side. Simon will catch up with you when you reach the end.

  • The guard in the next area will keep walking in a counterclockwise circle, so if you’ll stay behind him you’ll be ok.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Grab the wire from the railing and go left into the cell block.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Make your way towards the barred cell and talk to the prisoner.

  • Go left and on the next screen go past the elevator to the right.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Go through the door in the next section. You’ll find yourself in the guards’ locker room.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Read the note on the locker. The teddy bear is in J.M.’s locker. Go to the sink and run the tap. Put the end of the wire in the water. Now stick the wet wire in the wall socket by the door and click on it again to pick it up. Put the end of the wire in the padlock on Mcurk’s locker. Take the teddy bear and exit.

  • Go left and left again and talk to the prisoner again. Give him back his teddy and ask him to distract the guard. Exit left.

  • When the prisoner is talking to the guard, quickly make your way into the corridor right, then left to the walkway and left again to the cell block.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Use your magnet on the guard to get his key.

  • Go right and open the office door with the key. Go in, take the keycard from the desk and go out again.

  • Go left to the cell block, left again to the walkway and use the keycard on the card slot to enter the elevator.

 Day of the Jackass

  • In the next area there is a grid of lasers that change every few seconds. There are only two configurations that they keep swapping between. Carefully move The Defender through un-lasered paths from square to square until he is on the other side. Move one square each time the lasers change, making sure you click right in the middle of each square so he doesn’t touch any sides. If you do this without making any mistakes, you will get the Ninja Style trophy.

Getting Smiley Out

  • Click on the light switch behind D and then talk to Smiley. If you choose to leave with Simon, the game ends right there and you get the Early Night trophy. Fortunately, you get a second chance! This time choose to release Smiley.

  • When the lights go out in the elevator, find the area on the screen indicated with ???? and click on it to get a flashlight.

  • Outside the elevator, go through the junk pile to find a thermometer. The thermometer is all you have to make your way through the dark tunnels. Right click on the thermometer to read the temperature in the current room. You need to make your way down in temperature, so measure the temperature in each room and if it is warmer than in the previous room, go back and choose another exit. If it is colder than in the previous room you’re heading in the right direction so move on. One route to take from the elevator is right (16), straight (14), right (12), right (10), right (8), left.

 Day of the Jackass

  • When Simon is waterskiing behind the boat, try and move him so he hits one of the wooden ramps.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Keep hitting Grimheimer in the face until he blocks, then grab the throttle.

  • Back on dry land, go to the forest. The memorial is northwest of where you are, so you somehow need to find out what’s north.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Click on the waterlilly and combine it with your magnet. Then put it back in the water and wait until it settles. The red end points north, so you need to find a path just to the left of the direction in which the compass is pointing – meaning you need to exit straight left, by where Simon is standing.

Disguise for Brian

The Sock and the Ponytail

  • Save your game when asked. You get to play a computer game within the game. If you somehow manage to beat this game (which I haven’t been able to do), you will get the Turn-Based Master trophy.

  • Have D pick up the coloring pencils from the floor, then follow Brain into his bedroom.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Use the coloring pencils on the poster on the wall. Set to restoring the image, trying different options and stop each time it says it looks familiar. Choose a ponytail, oval glasses and no facial hair.

  • After a fairly long scene you get to play with either Simon or Brain. You can switch between characters by moving your cursor to the bottom right of the screen.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Play with Simon and take him to the Rough Neck. Go into the bar, have a chat with the barkeeper and go down to the basement. Climb on the two stacked drums by the window and open the window.

  • Switch to Brain, go back inside and talk to D. Find out you need to find a ponytail, a hat and oval glasses. Go into Brain’s room and take the sock from the wardrobe door. Go to the street and make your way to the Rough Neck. Put the sock through the window. (Brain can’t go into the bar and if Simon carries the sock in he gets sent straight back out, too.)

  • Switch back to Simon and put the sock in the drum of paint to get a makeshift ponytail.

The Golden Ticket and the Glasses

  • Switch to Brain and go to the beach, which is to the right from the corner outside the bar. You saw Ice Cold and his boy go there earlier. Simon can’t go to the beach when Ice Cold is there.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Go to Horace in the deck chair and try to take his glasses, which are on the ground by his feet. Then talk to Horace about them. He will give them to you if you give him a front row ticket for the match. Leave the beach, go to the street and go to the Wrestle Zone.

  • Talk to Eddie in the lobby and buy a front row ticket. Leave the Wrestle Zone. The ticket blows away! Dangit. When you try and grab it, it goes down the drain by the back door.

  • Go to the street and now go to the Cosmic Burger.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Talk to Smiley in the van (only Brain can do this). Smiley wants a kids meal.

  • Go into the restaurant and try to buy a kids meal. Unfortunately, you can’t. Buy a cola instead. Put some money down the flap and take your cola from the delivery hatch.

  • Still playing with Brain, go back to the Wrestle Zone, go in and go backstage.

  • Use your money to try and buy a roll of Fizzy Mints from the machine, but it gets stuck. Kicking the machine won’t help.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Go into the gym and open Brain’s locker. Take out the cheese.

  • Go back to the backstage corridor and use the cheese on the exit to wedge the door open. Change to Simon, who should be by the back door. If he isn’t, just take him to the back door of the Wrestle Zone and go in through the door.

  • Have Simon kick the vending machine and take the mints. If you take him into the gym and punch the punch bag, you will get the Stress Relief trophy. Take him outside and position him by the drain.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Switch back to Brain and take him into the gym. Have him pour his cola down the plughole in the corner.

  • Instantly switch back to Simon and have him drop a mint down the drain. Pick up the ticket. Find Brain and give him the ticket.

  • Switch back to Brain and take him to the Rough Neck. Go to the beach and give the ticket to Horace.

The Kids Meal and the Hat

  • Take Brain to the beach.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Say hello to Ice Cold if you like, but he’s quite preoccupied. Instead, keep switching off the CD player over and over. You need to do this at least five times until one of the puppets in the theatre swears and Ice Cold gets upset and throws away the puppet theatre. Then pick up the CD player. You can try and give the CD player to Simon and have him take it to the bar right now, but the barkeeper won’t like the music, so let’s do other things first.

  • Switch to Simon, go in through the back door of the Wrestle Zone and go upstairs and into O’Sullivan’s office. Keep talking to O’Sullivan until he gives you the weapons key. If Simon takes a look at the trophies, O’Sullivan will ask him to find him a drink.

  • Go back downstairs and go right into the staging area. Open the weapons locker with the weapons key and take the rope/noose. Make sure the close the locker before you leave.

 Day of the Jackass

  • If you tried to buy a kids meal for Smiley earlier, you will know that Brain was too tall to buy one. Take Simon to the Cosmic Burger and buy the Terrestial Taco. When Simon moves to the money flap, put the noose on the camera to fix it in place at the top. Click on the flap. Simon doesn’t have any money, so he is taken outside.

  • Switch to Brain and take him to the Cosmic Burger. Go inside and try to buy a kids meal again. You can buy one now the camera can’t move. Pay for it, pick it up and take it to Smiley in the van. He will give you a bottle of scotch. Also go and buy a burger and some nuggets for the Meal Deal trophy.

  • Give the scotch and the CD player to Simon.

  • Switch to Simon, go back to the Wrestle Zone, in through the back door and upstairs to O’Sullivan. Give O’Sullivan the scotch.

  • After you’ve heard O’Sullivan keel over, go back into the office. Click on the laptop to take the CD of rock music. Combine the rock music with the CD player in your inventory.

  • Go to the Rough Neck and give the CD player with rock music to the bartender. When he takes off his hat, take the hat.

  • Take both Simon and Brain back home and give your three items to D.

The Challenge

The Fight

  • First select a kick, so you by the table outside the ring.

 Day of the Jackass

  • When Surly arrives, choose another kick to break the table.

  • Get kicked back into the ring and then kicked to Horace.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Distract Surly with a drink, run to the outer mat and take the table leg from the broken table.

  • Get thrown back into the ring.

 Day of the Jackass

  • The next step requires some agility. Choose an uppercut, then as soon as you can get into your inventory during your flight, select the table leg and click on the hook hanging from the ceiling. If you miss and land on the ropes, you will get the Brain Damage trophy.

  • Up on the walkway, walk to the sandbags and kick one down to knock Surly out.

  • Pull the lever, then use the table leg on the hook to go back down. If you leave Surly like this, he will get back up before the count of three, so you need to think of something else to keep him down for longer.

  • While Surly is out cold, quickly get out of the ring through the ropes and then go left back to Horace. Put your sleeping pills in his drink.

  • Distract Surly again with a drink. When he’s knocked down, click on him for the count.

  • Fight Smiley – it doesn’t really matter what you do.

Car Chase!

  • Leave through the front door with D. Unfortunately, you will have to fight Surly again.

 Day of the Jackass

  • You get several options to choose from. The red and green lights on the door show you your progress. If a light goes back from green to red, repeat the last action that gave you a green light. The order is: argue, stall, sympathize, reason

  • As soon as you can act again, click on Simon to pull him up beside the car. Then click on him again to pull him onto the bonnet.

 Day of the Jackass

  • In the next scene, click on the car bonnet to launch Simon at the van.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Climb onto the roof of the van and take Joe’s gun. When you’re back at the back of the van, take the gun from your inventory and throw it back to Brain.

 Day of the Jackass

  • Have Brain shoot the left rear tire.

  • In the sewers, click on Smiley and he will throw the belt in the water. Get the Day’s End trophy.

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