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Game Introduction – Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a game from ZeptoLab where you’ll cut ropes and need to drop candies into the waiting mouths of creatures. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To download the game, click the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Once downloaded, click the “play” button
  • That’s it! You’re ready to start the game!

How to Play:

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

  • Staging: Cut the Rope: Time Travel is set up in various stages and levels. Each level will have fifteen stages, where you have to get candy into the mouths of two monsters, and there are three stars in each stage for you to collect. It is not necessary in any one stage to collect all the stars—all you have to do is get the candy in the monster’s mouth to move forward.  However, in order to unlock new levels (there are six in Cut the Rope: Time Travel currently, with more on the way) you’ll have to get to a set amount of stars.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

  • Cutting the Rope: If the name wasn’t a dead give-away, you’ll be cutting some ropes in the game.  Here is one of the early levels displaying the game in one of its simplest forms.  The ropes can be cut in the game by simply sliding your finger across them.  With each level, you’ll want to take a look at the setup of the candy, ropes and where the monsters are located.  When you cut a rope, if it isn’t swinging, it will fall in a straight line.  The game has a tremendously accurate physics engine, so you’ll just have to think through logically how the timing, speed and impact of the disparate pieces will effect getting all the stars, while still get the candy to the little green monsters!  In the above screenshot, it’s one of the earlier, basic levels.  All you’ll want to do is cut the top left rope, causing the candy to swing into the next candy, get the second star (and sending the right candy into the helmeted monster). Then all you’ll have to do is cut the rope on the initial candy to complete the level.
  • Star Count: In the top left corner is your star counter, which will give you a snapshot within the stage how many stars you have at any given moment.
  • Restarting: In a game such as Cut the Rope: Time Travel, you’ll going to goof.  With a lot of stages, and continuous different mechanics being added to the game, you’ll frequently have to experiment with the stage to see what all the different mechanics do, how you need to time certain cuts, and so on.  For the moments that you mess up, simply tap the restart icon in the top right and you’re all set.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

  • Superpowers: If you ever get extremely stuck in the game, you do have the option to buy “superpowers”.  You can use it to slow down time completely, and essentially touch and guide candy into stars and monsters.  If you need some stars to move forward in the game, it’s not a half bad option to get to more content if you’d rather not spend the time improving your score count in the previous levels the “regular” way.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

  • Bubbles: One of the mainstay mechanics in Cut the Rope: Time Travel are bubbles.  Once the candy hits the bubble and are free from any rope bonds, they will simply float up and off the screen if you let it.  Once floating up, the candy will go in a straight line.   To stop the bubble from floating away, simply touch it to pop it, sending it dropping down below (hopefully to the intended target!)

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

  • Blades and Chains: The next mechanic you’ll be introduced to in Cut the Rope: Time Travel is the blade and chain mechanic.  Certain levels will have a spinning blade and the chain ropes, which can only be cut by the blade.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

  • Stage Score: After you’ve completed a level, you’ll be brought to the stage score screen.  Here you’ll be shown how many points you score, star count and have the option to go back to the stage select screen, replay the previous level you just completed, or move on to the next stage.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

  • Unlocking Levels:  In Cut the Rope: Time Travel, once you hit a set number of stars, you can unlock new levels.  Thankfully, if you’re going along fairly well, you can unlock levels and skip to their stages if you so desire.  However, the benefit of the game is playing in sequence, as it does a nice job of introducing new mechanics and showing how they interact with one another to complete the stage.
  • Achievements: The game will have various achievements for you to complete.  The game has a nice mix of achievements that you’ll unlock as you play the game naturally, but there are others that will ask you to do special tasks and play the game a bit differently.  These tasks are there to add another layer to the gameplay.
  • Trial and Error: The real key of Cut the Rope: Time Travel is to experiment with the new mechanics and don’t be afraid to just try an idea to complete the level.  The game doesn’t punish you for continuously restarting, so take advantage of it!


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Cut the Rope: Time Travel! You should be all set on your way to play your best game! Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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