Cut the Rope: Experiments Walkthrough

Cut the Rope: Experiments developed by ZeptoLab is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A mysterious box with our adorable ever-starving friend Om Nom has arrived at the Professor’s home. The Professor is determined to figure out why Om Nom can never get enough sweets and he needs your help. Gamezebo’s strategy guide will provide you with a quick start guide, and several helpful tips and tricks so you can play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Cut the Rope: Experiments

Cut the Rope: Experiments developed by ZeptoLab is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A mysterious box with our adorable ever-starving friend Om Nom has arrived at the Professor’s home. The Professor is determined to figure out why Om Nom can never get enough sweets and he needs your help. Gamezebo’s strategy guide will provide you with a quick start guide, and several helpful tips and tricks so you can play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page to purchase and download Cut the Rope: Experiments.
  • If you are already a member of Apple’s Game Center, the device will recognize you sending you a welcome back message. If not, you will be prompted to sign up for a free account which allows you to connect with other players, participate in leader boards, win rewards, post on Facebook or Twitter and more.
  • To register you will need to choose a user name, password and provide your email address. Once you click on the link provided in the verification email that is sent out you are ready to begin playing the game.
  • There are 75 levels in the game and each 25 levels is divided into a chapter. You will be able to unlock 25 levels at a time but will have to complete them in order.
  • The levels break down as follows;
  • Level 1 – 1-1 to 1-25 “Getting Started”
  • Level 2 – 2-1 to 2-25 “Shooting the Candy”
  • Level 3 – 3-1 to 3-25 “Sticky Steps”
  • Each time you play a level you can earn one to three stars. The stars are added together and you must earn the minimum required number to unlock the next set of twenty five levels. If you fall short, simply go back into a puzzle and replay it until you earn more stars.
  • You can pass a level even if you do not catch any stars as long as the Om Nom eats the candy.
  • You can replay the levels as many times as you want.
  • If you would like to totally reset your game you can do this in the options menu. This is a final action. Once you reset you will not be able to regain the levels you had previously unlocked or your scores.
  • Be sure to watch for future game upgrades as more levels are expected to be added.

Puzzle Objective

  • The critical game elements are shown labelled in the image above.
  • When playing a level the objective is to gather the three stars by having the candy touch it and then to feed the candy to the Om Nom.
  • Using various techniques, you must capture at least one star and feed the candy to the Om Nom to unlock and progress to the next level.
  • You can always come back to a level later to replay it and improve your score.
  • Even if you catch all three stars if you can’t feed the Om Nom you can’t pass the level. Simply cut the string with your finger and let it drop out of the scene or hit the replay button at the top right of the screen.
  • Each set of twenty five levels will progressively become more difficult than the set before it.

Game Elements

  • Here are the basic game moves and elements to the game. The moves from the earlier version of Cut the Rope that are also in this game are shown first and the three new moves are listed at the end.
  • Cutting the Rope – This is the most basic game element and requires you to use your finger to slice across the rope to cut it. You can cut one or several ropes at once using this method. You may even have to use different fingers cutting ropes on opposite sides of the screen simultaneously in the more advanced levels.
  • Bubble – Candy that moves into bubbles will float up. You may have to find a way to manipulate the candy into the bubble using a string, trampoline or other devices. At the right moment you will need to tap on the bubble to pop it allowing it to drop into the Om Nom’s mouth.
  • Automatic Ropes – The blue dotted circles will cause a rope to attach to the candy as soon as the candy touches any part of the circle.
  • Ropes that stretch – Ropes can sometimes stretch by pulling on a lever. If they are stretched they will turn red and do not break.
  • Slide buttons/Automatic Ropes with Slide Buttons – Slide buttons let you move a rope up or down to change the tension of the rope. Once a rope is formed due to moving into the dotted circle you can slide the rope using the slide buttons. These can be very helpful in lining up the candy with the Om Nom.
  • Spikes – These metallic spikes will shatter candy the instant it touches it so be sure to keep candy away from spikes at all times. You will see spikes in all kinds of positions, formations and sizes and sometimes they even rotate and you must time your actions to avoid them.
  • Spiders – A spider will immediately start moving for the opposite side of the rope and you will need to cut the rope before it gets to you or you will lose your ability to play. Sometimes there is only one spider and sometimes there are multiple spiders which require you to move quickly.
  • Air Cushions – These are blue and have a little spout which when aimed in a particular direction and tapped on will blow air causing a piece of candy in a bubble to move in the direction it is blown to. This can be a very helpful element especially when used with the rope slide buttons.
  • Timed Levels – Some levels such as 2-20 must be solved very quickly as the stars only stay on the screen for a few seconds.

New Game Elements

  • Rope Shooting Gun – This is a new element where you can tap on the gun and it will shoot a rope into the candy with a tiny suction cup. If the candy is moving when you shoot at it the length of the rope can vary based on when you shoot the rope at it as well as the distance you shoot it from. With practice you can get proficient with your timing.
  • Trampoline Platforms – Trampoline platforms are another new element where the candy will bounce off of a trampoline and into other areas. Usually there are several of these trampolines placed together or opposite each other. You may have to practice strategically bouncing the candy off of the trampoline and into the Om Nom’s mouth in some levels.
  • Suction cups – In the third set of twenty five levels you will see another type of suction cup. There are two each at the end of ropes that are attached to the wall. Tap on one of the cups to release it and while it is swinging you tap anywhere on the screen and they will instantly stick to the wall again. You can travel around the scene and manipulate where the candy moves using this clever new element. Note – One of the interesting things about suction cups is that they can move on top of other items such as spikes and air cushions.

The Professor’s Album

  • In this game you have a new feature where you are to find the photos and place them in the Professor’s album.
  • There are four photos to find and they are hidden in various levels of the game and you will have to look for them in the background where you can see them sticking out a little bit Tap on them to release them.
  • Photo 1 – Level 1-14 This photo is fairly easy to find.You can see the outline right away.
  • Photo 2 – Level 2 -19 You will need to scroll to the right to find this photo while solving the puzzle.
  • Photo 3 – Level 3-19 You will need to travel to the far right of the game screen to find this hidden image.
  • Photo 4 – Facebook – To find the final photo you will have to go to the game’s Facebook page and click on the “Like” button. You can do this directly from the game or log into your Facebook account and find it from there.


  • Here you will find solutions for a few of the more difficult puzzles.
  • For more solutions to individual puzzles be sure to check the forums here at Gamezebo as well as the “Tips and Tricks” section found at the top of this page.
  • Solution for Level 3-4
  • Tap on the suction cup and let the bubble rise until the suction cup is in the circle drawn on the center of the screen and the bubble is directly in front of the air cushion blower.
  • Tap on the air cushion until it hits the first star
  • Immediately tap on the bubble to pop it the instant it hits the first star and it should swing right into the Om Nom’s mouth.
  • If it doesn’t swing directly in his mouth cut the rope when it is over the Om Nom and you should be fine.
  • Solution for Level 3 – 21
  • Note you must work very fast on this level as the stars disappear after a few seconds. Avoid the spikes at the lower right and left.
  • Tap on the suction cup to release it.
  • Use the air cushions to blow the suction cup right to left until you hit the two stars on each side.
  • Next wait until the suction cup lands a tiny bit to the right of the left side air cushion and tap to anchor it in place.
  • Slice through the top rope and the candy should hit the final star and land in the Om Nom’s mouth.


 Experiments Experiments

  • As you play you will see messages appear at the top of the screen when you have earned an achievement medal. Tap on the main menu then tap on “Options” you will see another button with a trophy on it.
  • Now you are at the achievement menu. You can see which achievements have been completed and what percentage of the other ones are completed.
  • You earn points for each achievement and a running total of these points are seen at the top of the screen.
  • It is a good idea read through all of the achievements ahead of time if you want to complete all of them. This way you can adjust your game play accordingly.


  • If you wish to participate in the leader boards access the main menu this tap on “Options” you will see a button with stars on it. Tap this to reach the leader boards.
  • You can look up the scores of your friends and for other players all over the world.
  • The boards are broken down into the groups of levels, “Getting Started”, “Shoot the Candy” and “Sticky Steps”
  • You can see today’s scores, last week and last month.
  • You must be registered in order to participate on the leader boards for high scores.


  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Cut the Rope: Experiments for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!