Cursed Arena Bosses Guide – How To Spawn Bosses and Bosses Showcase!

Our Cursed Arena Bosses guide tells you some info on how you can spawn bosses and what drops you can expect when defeating them!

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Hey, you stumbled on our Cursed Arena Bosses guide! Here we tell you everything we know about the bosses you face against in Cursed Arena. Our walkthrough tells you the boss drops and other bits of information we think you’ll find useful, so you can strategize and fight to win! After checking out this guide, you can officially dub yourself Yuji ‘catch these hands’ Itadori!

Cursed Arena slams you into the heart of a PvPer’s dream. If you find your footing, Cursed Arena is a free-for-all battleground-style game where you use the techniques and abilities familiar to Jujutsu Kaisen and hurl them at other players.

You can check out Cursed Arena over on Roblox. If you like JJK-style games but don’t wanna commit to just one we have a bunch of guides on other Roblox JJK experiences! Jujutsu Chronicles Codes, Jujutsu Chronicles Clans and Jujutsu Chronicles Cursed Techniques Guide.

Cursed Arena Bosses

Suguru… Satoru…

How To Spawn Bosses

Bosses can be spawned using Boss Tickets. VIP players are awarded one Boss Ticket per day which can be used to auto-summon a boss. If you want to face off against another Boss Tickets are purchased for 145 Robux or 300 Yen.

Non-VIP and VIP Players can earn Boss Tickets through player-on-player combat. You earn Yen as you kill other players, which is exchanged for the Boss Tickets. There is always the option of mooching off another player who spawns a boss. VIP game passes can also be gifted.

Bosses And Drops

Onto the fun part! This is a list of the bosses you can defeat and what you have a chance to obtain when you deal that final blow.

  • Gojo Boss
    • Gojo’s Moveset – 35% chance of dropping
    • Gojo’s Shades – 50% chance of dropping [COSMETIC]
  • Volcano Head (Jogo) Boss
    • Volcano Head Moveset – 35% chance of dropping
    • Volcano Head Mask – 35% chance of dropping [COSMETIC]
  • Special Curse Boss
    • Special Curse Moveset – 35% chance of dropping
  • Toji Boss
    • Sorcerer Hunter Moveset – 35% chance of dropping
  • Megumi Boss
    • Shadow Sorcerer Moveset – 35% chance of dropping
  • Sukuna Boss
    • King of Curses Moveset – 35% chance of dropping
  • Todo Boss
    • Best Friend Moveset – 35% chance of dropping
  • Yuta Boss
    • Cursed Apprentice Moveset – 35% chance of dropping
    • Yuta’s Sword on players back – [COSMETIC]
  • Nanami Boss
    • Cursed Teacher Moveset – 35% chance of dropping

Early Access

The characters here are subject to change heavily with nerfing, buffing and drop rates.

  • Hakari Boss (Restless Gambler)

When We Will Update This Guide

Give us some time to keep fighting the Cursed Arena bosses, earn more cosmetics, and move sets to add to this list accurately. For the time being though we hope this guide proved helpful!

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