Crowd City Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Sam Simmons |

Crowd City is another PvP battler where the aim of the game is to create as large a crowd as possible. You can do this the safe way by picking up random civilians to join your mob. Or you can do this the aggressive way, and raid other battler’s clans for all their members. Crowd City really is a silly amount of fun and if you follow these tips, you will dominate the leaderboards in no time.

  • Crowd – Think of this game as another one of the many .io games out there. You are placed in an arena and have a limited amount of time to make it to the top of the leaderboard. As with any .io game, there are several other competitors who stand between you and glory. So, if you want to make it to top dog, you are going to need to consume the competition.
  • Numbers mean everything – If you are unsure that you don’t have what it takes to consume your opponent, all you need to do is check if your number is higher than theirs. If it is, then pursue your victim until you have consumed every single one of his followers. If not, then head for a quiet bit of city to gather more troops.

Crowd City

  • Gather troops first, attack later – If you are unsure how to approach Crowd City, you should follow the same procedure as you would in any other PvP game. Build up your strength, in this case, your numbers, then strike with deadly force. How will you know when you have enough troops? Easy, check the top right and if your name is on top, then you have absolutely nothing to fear, you can consume whoever you meet. If your name isn’t on the top, then avoid heading towards the colour that corresponds to that player’s name, for now.

Crowd City

  • Learn the city layout – There are many nooks and crannies to force your opponent down a specific area, once you have learnt the map. There are many alleyways and dead ends which are perfect for trapping and consuming your prey. Learning the city layout is crucial for defending yourself specifically, from attackers. You can simply give them the slip or keep avoiding any areas with dead ends. If you are the pursuer, all you have to do is follow your enemy and hope they don’t gather more numbers than you. When they make a mistake, you will be right there ready to strike.

Crowd City

  • Should I consume their entire following? – Yes, you should make sure you get every single one of his troops into your gang. But if you are feeling brave, you can leave one alive to gather more troops and then strike again. So you can save yourself time by allowing your victim to gather more troops for you. This is a small risk, because you may never catch this guy again, but he won’t be able to take troops off you anytime soon. One more point to mention is, you may want to consume your enemy entirely to avoid feeding the competition.
  • Gather more and more – The aim of the game is to gather as many followers as you can inside a short space of time. Meaning, you should collect people until the last second. Which means you should be following the colours to meet other players and consume their following as soon as possible. I would avoid collecting the lowest number squads at the later stages of the game, just because they aren’t worth your time to catch. Set your eyes on the big prize and you will be rewarded.

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