Crossy Road Piffle Guide: How To Unlock New Secret Characters

Crossy Road is the high-score chaser with more to do then just chase high scores. There’s a boatload of characters to unlock, some require more than just random luck to acquire. This guide will tell you how to unlock the Piffle character, plus all of his friends.

What is Piffle?

Piffle is an arcade puzzler created by the developers of Crossy Road, Hipster Whale. As part of a special promotion for their new game, they are offering Piffle as a playable character in Crossy Road right now, for free.

Crossy Road

How do I get Piffle?

On the character page, you’ll need to scroll all the way to the left and stop at the Piffle section. Here you will find the cat available for a price of $0.00, which means you will need to purchase this item, but it won’t charge you anything. So you will need your iTunes password in order to buy this free character. I don’t know if Piffle will stay free forever, but he is free right now!

How do I get Waffles?

Crossy Road

Once you’ve got Piffle the rest is straightforward. While playing you’ll need to travel a certain distance before Waffles appears. He normally appears after around a score of 20, so if you haven’t seen him it’s because you are dying too early. He is a big brown block that disappears when you get close to it, which means you have found him.

How do I get Piffle Ball and Marmalade?

Next up is the trickier pairing of Piffle Ball and Marmalade. These guys are achieved the same way, by picking up the random items littered all over the road. These items include floppy discs, socks, doughnuts and more. So keep your eyes peeled and try to pick up as many as you can.

Crossy Road

How do I get Pineapple?

The last character is Pineapple, he took the longest to achieve. This is because the only way you can get him is by dying in the right way. The right way involves getting hit by a special type of truck. This truck will have a large pineapple on the roof, which indicates you should dive in front of or into this truck. Once doing so you would have unlocked the last secret character.

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