Critical Revengeance Items – Keys, Scrolls, and More

Our Critical Revengeance Items guide contains a list of every obtainable item in the game so far, including spells, potions, and lots more.

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Wondering where to find certain Critical Revengeance items? I’ve split each type of item into its own category to make it easier to browse! Looking for information on Keys? Or perhaps some scrolls?

Play Critical Revengeance now via the game’s official Roblox page. If you’re new to the game, have a nosey at our Critical Revengeance Class Tier List and our Critical Revengeance Bosses guide to help you out!

Critical Revengeance Items

There are tons of items to collect in Critical Revengeance. Some can be purchased, some are enemy/boss drops, and some are simply crafted. Either way, you’re going to need them eventually!


Keys are used to unlock new areas!

Augmented Key

You can unlock a portal that takes you to the Eerie Memory area with this key. And, The Augmented Key is craftable! You just need:

  • 1 Mysterious Key
  • 1 Shrouded Jaw
  • 10 Slime Gel
  • 5 Black Fur
  • 1 Essence of Slime

Forgotten Key

If you need to access the Shadow Prince Slime boss, a Forgotten Key is required. To craft it, you need:

  • 1 Darkness
  • 1 Essence of Slime
  • 5 Unstable Residue
  • 2 Unstable Core
  • 1 Mysterious Key

Mountain Key

This key’s a little different, as it’s a drop from the Spike Wolf. You’ll need it to progress through to the Post-Gate areas, making it a crucial item for all players. My best advice is to farm Spike Wolf battles until it eventually drops! They can be found prowling through the Forest of Stone.

Mysterious Key

The Mysterious Key has a 14% chance to drop when defeating the Hardmode Wolf. You can find this enemy on the Great Cliffs, but good luck! It’s a tough one to beat on your first few attempts, with 3.5K HP and 1K Shield. You get some decent EXP from the fight too, so it’s a win-win!


You’re going to be relying on potions a lot in battle, especially in boss fights!

Endurance Potion

The Endurance Potion can be purchased from a Potion Shop, which is found throughout the game. The main spots are the Mage Guild area, Town of Initia, the Explorer Guild, and Sakura Heights. You also have a chance of obtaining an Endurance Potion by opening the chests that you come across!

  • Boosts your DEF by 50% for a total of 10 seconds

Haste Potion

Like the Endurance Potion, the Haste Potion is also available from various Potion Shops and in chests.

  • Your walking speed is increased by 20 for 10 seconds

Health Potion

This potion is probably self-explanatory, but it’s available in Potion Shops and chests! You’re probably noticing the pattern by now. Although, some random enemies have a chance to drop a Health Potion as well.

  • Healing scaled off of 50% of your maximum HP stat

Mana Potion

Once again, the Mana Potion is found in Potion Shops and in chests that are scattered throughout the map.

  • Replenishes 50% of your Mana

Power Potion

Dropped by random enemies and can be hidden in chests! Or, you can just purchase it from a Potion Shop, which is much more straightforward.

  • Boosts your ATK stat by 50% for 10 seconds

Purify Potion

The Purify Potion can only be found in chests! Make sure you open every chest you come across, as you never know what may be hiding inside. This potion is one of the best ones to obtain in Critical Revengeance!


Use Scrolls to unlock new abilities and spells for yourself.

Healing Scroll

The Healing Scroll unlocks the Healing ability for your character. You should focus on increasing your Magic so that you can utilise the Healing Scroll, as it costs 100 Mana to wield. To craft, you must gather:

  • 2 Kitsune Fure
  • 15 Mana Potion
  • 10 Health Potion

Ignite Scroll

Unlocks a firey spell to use in combat, with the name ‘Fire Ball’. If you wish to craft this scroll, you need:

  • 10 Mana Potion
  • 3 Wood
  • 6 Fox Pelt

Lightning Scroll

Obtaining the Lightning Scroll provides you with a lightning-based spell. It not only deals DMG to your enemy, but it also stuns them. To cast the spell, you must use 95 Mana, so make sure your Magic stat is high. To get the Lightning Scroll, you can purchase it from the shop in Sakura Heights, costing 1.75K Gold.

Shieldsap Scroll

A damage-over-time spell! You attack the shield of your enemy, whittling it down slowly. However, 15% of the DMG you deal to the shield, will then reflect onto you. It costs 275 Mana to unleash, which requires a high Magic stat. To craft, collect:

  • 10 Chaos Fragment
  • 3 Mana Gem
  • 5 Black Fur

Combustion Spell

It’s not a scroll, but it’s a spell instead! Upon use, you deal fire DMG whilst also inflicting the Poison and Burn debuff. It uses up 200 Mana and scales off of 130% of your Magic. To obtain, you can purchase the spell for 1K at the Sakura Heights Shop.

Other Items

These items are mainly enchants and restorative products!


  • Purchased from the Enchanter Shop for 5 Flametouched Fragments and 4.5K Gold
  • Using this item unlocks the Flametouched Enchant


  • Unlocks the Frostsnap Enchant
  • Purchased from the Enchanter Shop for 5 Frostsnap Fragments and 4.5K Gold

Healthy Delight

  • Heals you by 100 HP
  • Can craft with 10 Slime Gel and 3 Health Potions

Powerful Delight

  • Grants you 175 HP
  • Crafted by using 5 Health Potions, 15 Slime Gel, and 5 Power Potions

Legendary Apple

  • Boosts your ATK by 100% for 15 seconds in total, whilst also healing your character
  • Purchase this item at a Potion Shop, costing 50 Rep
    • Also found in chests!

Red Apple

  • Replenishes your HP by 50, but it significantly boosted when holding the Appltana
  • Used to craft the Appltana
  • Can be purchased at the Plains of Initia Shop


  • Allows you to wield the power of stars to attack your enemy
  • It relies on 100% of your Magic and costs 100 Mana to use
  • To obtain Lux, you can purchase it for 750 Gold at the Sakura Heights Shop.


  • Unlocks the Magicflame Enchant
  • Purchased from the Enchanter with 5 Magicflame Fragments and 4.5K Gold

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