Critical Revengeance Darkness Slime Guide

Our Critical Revengeance Darkness Slime guide teaches you our top tips on how to defeat the enemy, as well as the best build for the job!

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Bit off more than you can chew with the Critical Revengeance Darkness Slime battle? I know how you feel. It’s a tough one! So, with my own expertise, here’s a guide that can help you to beat that pesky slimy fellow.

Face off against the Darkness Slime by loading up the game via the official Roblox page! Want to unlock a new class? Read out Critical Revengeance Railgunner guide and our Critical Revengeance Necromancer guide to learn more.

How to Beat the Critical Revengeance Darkness Slime

The Darkness Slime can be found in the Lost Library area. This location is accessed via a hole in the cliffs of Forest of Stone. The Darkness Slime, as you’d expect, lurks in the shadows of the library. While you can go headfirst into battle, I suggest preparing beforehand. You need the right build for this one!

As for the Darkness Slime itself, its attacks are extremely frequent, covering the ground in dangerous AOEs. Like with the other Slime enemies, jumping is your best friend. Avoid the AOEs as much as possible while jumping, but also remember to stick to the sides of the arena. Hugging the wall to make your way to the next orb is a great start, but you’ll have to dash across the arena now and again to collect an orb.

If your HP lowers, that’s okay, as it’s to be expected with this fight. Because of this, you should make sure to have a build that increases your HP and DEF. To complement this, remember to have HP replenishing items on your hotbar, and equip your character with armor that increases these stats considerably.


For the build, I recommend obtaining the Appltana. A warning though, as the Appltana is a Mythical piece of gear, so it’s not exactly easy to get. It increases your HP by 500, your jump by 6, your walking speed by 5, and your DEF by 10 – all of which are important stats for the Darkness Slime battle! It also features a passive that regenerates your HP by 500 whilst also boosting your DMG for 10 seconds.

As for the rest of your gear, you should focus on equipping armor/weapons/passives that increase your overall HP and DEF. The same goes for the items you bring along, such as potions, and for enchants.

Darkness Slime

  • 17.25K HP
  • 3.25K Shield
  • 950 DMG

Enemy Drops

  • Unstable Residue (100% chance)
  • Darkness (20% chance)
  • Unstable Core (50% chance)
  • Health Potion (16.6% chance)

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