Critical Revengeance Classes Guide – Which Is The Best Class To Play?

Our Critical Revengeance Classes guide discusses the best classes to play as in the RPG, including how to unlock them!

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There’s a decent selection of Critical Revengeance classes to play as, but which are the best? I’ve compiled a list of my top picks for Pre Gate and Post Gate classes, whilst also shining a light on the runners-up.

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Critical Revengeance Classes

Which classes are the best in both Pre Gate and Post Gate?

Best Pre-Gate Classes

These classes can be unlocked before you reach the Mountain Gate and are, in my opinion, the best Pre Gate classes so far.


A popular choice! The classical mage in any RPG is always a top pick. You can unlock the Mage class in the Forest of Stone, which is located once you pass the Grassy Fields.

As a mage, you’ll be wielding orbs left, right, and centre. You have 5 orbs to work with, some of which buff you and your allies, and others deal damage to your enemies. It’s definitely one of the more complicated classes, but it’s incredibly fun.

  • Regenerate +5 Mana every 0.5 seconds
  • Star’s Blessing now allows you to only take 60% of oncoming damage, with the passive lasting for 4 hits in total


Another magical ranged class, but this one focuses on the support role. Like the Mage, the Heretic class is located in the Forest of Stone.

The Heretic is largely there to buff allies and debuff enemies, making them a useful addition to your party. The damage you deal and the healing you can do scale off of your Magic level.

  • Your Ritual Meter increases as you hit each orb
  • The Ritual passive heals your character, which scales off of your maximum HP and your Magic stat


Use a book to summon minions that join you in battle. Closing your book regenerates your Mana, and you can also boost your minion’s DMG as you go.

  • Close the book to regenerate 10% of your maximum Mana
  • At Style Level 30, minions will start to attack as soon as they are summoned and are able to deal 35% Magic DMG
  • Reaching Style Level 45 unlocks the passive that grants you a 35% chance for an extra minion to spawn

Other Pre Gate Classes

The Pre Gate classes aren’t my top picks, mainly due to how they act in battle, and how the passive abilities aren’t the strongest.


The Combo class is the main starter class! You can unlock this class in the Town of Initia. There’s not much else to say about this class as it quickly gets swapped out as you discover other classes through exploration.

  • Gain a stack of Fury each time you’re hit, which increases your damage (stacks to 10)
  • When you’re Mastery is 30+ and higher than your Fury, your overall damage scaling is boosted

Best Post Gate Classes

Once you’ve ventured through the Mountain Gate, you can unlock these classes!


A melee class that relies on expertly striking your enemies to inflict status effects, specifically Bleed, Backstab, and Weakness. Unlocked in Sakura Heights, found at the very top of the Great Cliffs.

  • 25-35% chance for an orb to be replicated
  • Every orb has a 5% crit chance and can stack with crit-boosting items
  • The weakpoint debuff that you inflict on your enemies lasts a total of 8 seconds


A popular one! The Katars class is unlocked by visiting the Desert Highlands, which can only be found by using a zip line hidden atop the Greats Cliffs.

As a Katar, you must focus on stacking your hits, and then unleashing them all at once in combat. The more hits you stack, the higher your maximum damage. Even the Critical move utilises maximum damage, alongside stunning your enemies as you lift into the air, and fall back down, expelling your accumulated hits.

  • The maximum amount of hits that you can deal is 20
  • Orbs have a 25% chance to give you an extra hit for your stack


Scaling off of your Magic stat, the Railgunner is a notorious class due to its high Magic DMG. You have to stack something called a ‘Mark’ to essentially charge up your Ultimate ability, allowing it to deal 20% more DMG per Mark.

  • The maximum amount of Marks you can stack is 5, and once you reach Style Level 30, you have a 45% chance to obtain a Mark for every orb you walk into
  • Super ability reduces the enemy’s DEF by 25% at Style Level 50

Other Post Gate Classes

The runners-up, so to speak. There’s nothing wrong with using them, but the classes in the section above are stronger and a lot more interesting.


A Hybrid class that’s unlocked via the Great Cliffs. The Shield class focuses on shielding from attacks and dealing damage towards opponents.

  • Orbs give you a 5% buff to your Defense stat (lasts 2 seconds)
  • Super Defense buff is boosted to 35%


Another ranged class! But instead of magic, you’re wielding arrows. Unlock this class on the Great Cliffs, which is located close to the Mountain Gate.

Combining the usage of orbs and arrows, the Bow class relies on debuffing your enemies and increasing your Arrow Stacks. The more arrows in your stack, the more you can unleash on your opponent with your Critical move.

  • The maximum amount of arrows you can stack is 7

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