Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Pretty Simple’s Criminal Case: Pacific Bay is the latest instalment in the popular casual Hidden Object adventure series. There are plenty of clues to seek out, hidden objects to spot, and mysteries to solve. The action is pretty straight forward at times but there are still some useful ways of getting ahead of the rest.

Gamezebo’s Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Tips, Cheats and Strategies will pave the way to you being the smartest detective out there.

Be Aware

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • A lot of the time, you’re looking for items on the Hidden Object scenes. While you want to be fast with this, you also don’t want to rush into anything.
  • At first, take the time to quickly study the scene in front of you. Then start tapping away at the items. Why? Because you gain a chain bonus for finding multiple items quickly. That’ll increase your score multiplier which means more points for you. Points mean you’re nearer to gaining a star so it’s a win-win situation.
  • Look out for any other items while you’re at it. The item bar doesn’t show everything you’re looking for meaning another item might be needed later.
  • Avoid using hints. Yes, they might seem useful but they’re not really. Every hint you don’t use, you earn 20,000 points at the end of the scene. Those points really add up. Unless you’re incredibly slow at finding items, you’re generally better off not using hints.

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Repeat the scenes often. The items don’t move around so you can memorize what you’re doing, thereby completing the stage faster and earning even more points.
  • After a short time playing a case, you’ll unlock a time based scene. It’s a repeat of a scene you’ve already played and you’re given a set amount of time to find as many items as possible. Memorizing the scene can give you a huge amount of points for not much effort at all.
  • Don’t miss an item. If you tap on the wrong item, you lose your score multiplier and it’s as frustrating as it sounds. You want to be accurate with your taps as everything is about keeping that score multiplier high!

Use Energy Effectively

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Before you pick what scene to play next, check out how far you’re off gaining a star. Aim to complete the scene that requires the lowest score to earn one.
  • There are exceptions. Know a scene like the back of your hand? Maybe focus on that one for a little while until the score required for another star gets too high. Grinding things out might be tedious but it’s a great way to master those scenes quickly.
  • Connect to Facebook. You really need friends that also play Criminal Case: Pacific Bay. That way, you can exchange energy with them, thereby giving you more opportunities to complete a scene. Obviously, don’t spam anyone with invites though. No one likes that friend!

Don’t Forget…

Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You earn coins every once in a while. These can be used in the avatar shop to buy new hair, uniforms, or accessories. Ok, it’s frivolous stuff, but you’re going to be here a while. You might as well enjoy how you look, right?
  • Log in every day. Starting out, you’ll just gain coins as your log in bonus, but you soon earn energy items too. It’s a great way to earn free turns with minimal effort involved.

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