Cricket League Strategy Guide – Bag Some Wickets With These Hints, Tips and Tricks

By Harry Slater |

Cricket League is a pretty awesome distillation of a game of cricket. You’re batting, you’re bowling, you’re not fielding but that’s the boring bit anyway. While it’s fun, it can be pretty challenging, and no one likes to be on the wrong end of a drubbing. 

Because of that, we decided it was a good idea to write this guide. We’ve played a good chunk of Cricket League and discovered the strategies that you’re going to need to ensure you’re winning more often than losing. Accidents still happen, but you’ll be in with a good shot. 

Whether you’re running up to bowl your first ball or you’ve already smashed some maximums, there’s going to be something to help you out here. Pads on, then – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Cricket League. 

Check the field

When you’re batting it’s important to check the field to see where the dangers are, and where the best place to score your runs is. You don’t have to hit a six every shot, so look for gaps where you can get twos and threes to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

Vary your pace

When you’re playing as a fast bowler, don’t just throw down your speediest balls. Instead, vary your pace – it’s going to confuse the batter and make them miss shots. Bowling slow at the center of the pitch can get you easy wickets when your opponent has a big swing at a ball trundling along. 

Change bowler

You can bamboozle a batter by placing your bowling reticle, then swapping to a different kind of bowler. If they think a fast ball is coming and suddenly you’re throwing down an off-break, they’re going to be in trouble. Use your whole squad and keep them on their toes. 

Don’t just hit straight

Use the whole field to your advantage, cutting shots left and right and even behind you. Make the bowler change their line and length to try and get you out, then react and get quick runs in different directions. Sixes are great, but a swing and a miss can get you out pretty damn quickly.

Play smart

If you’ve bowled your opponent out cheaply, don’t try and win everything with a single shot. You’ve got six balls and it’s alright to use them all. Playing conservatively when you’re chasing down a small total can be a great way to get the win and get your coins back. 

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