County Fair Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our tips and tricks for County Fair:

General Tips:

  • Before each fair you are informed about its length and your goals on a separate screen. After starting a fair your goals are displayed on the top left of the screen and the remaining time can be seen on the top right.
  • The ticket window is always near the entrance sign. By right-clicking you get to a menu where you can change the entrance fees for children, teenagers, adults and seniors. 
  • In the main screen you can zoom with the "z-button".
  • The power-scale on the left bottom of the screen shows the current capacity of power of your fair. In the beginning of each fair you have always zero power, so be sure to buy 75 units before building anything. You should always start with the least expensive power-package. Later on the higher packages are a better solution, because for one thing they offer more units for less money and for another thing the more expensive attractions require a greater amount of power.
  • On the bottom of the screen you can also see your current amount of cash and your fair’s popularity. Both of them have a little arrow beside them to give you a clue how these values are developing.
  • There are four additional tabs above the current cash, representing "purchasing", "hiring", "advertising" and "reports".
  • On the main screen you are sometimes informed about upcoming storms that are scaring away your customers. This simply means that the popularity of your fair is decreasing and you should always react immediately if this message appears. Either you can lower the entrance fee or you can invest more money in advertising to restore your popularity and to avoid losing customers. 
  • Food stands and rides are more profitable if upgraded. However, you should not start upgrading too early as it is very expensive and consumes money you need for other things which are more important in the beginning.
  • Construct your attractions always as near to each other as possible. Especially from the fifth fair on you need a lot of space for all the different rides and stands.
  • You are informed about occurring problems by your staff regularly, for example broken rides, harassing teenagers, ill visitors or filthy areas on your fairs. These problems are represented by red flashing circles on your fair. To get rid of these problems you simply have to click those circles to assign a worker to it. In the later fairs, which are comparatively large, it can be quite challenging to find those little red circles between all the walking visitors and the blinking and moving rides. If you wait too long with solving such a problem, your popularity will decrease constantly.
  • If you are currently moving through the submenus you are still informed about new events on the main screen. A little white message will appear above the submenu, telling you how many messages are on the main screen at this very moment.
  • The "reports"-tab offers a great variety of graphs and tables for you. Here you can analyze which of your attractions are already very profitable and which may be in need of further adjustment. Do not underestimate the worth of these reports. They may look a bit boring and static, but they can be extremely helpful to understand why the cash is not flowing in as quickly as you want it to.
  • Under the "advertising"-tab you will find the possibility to promote your fair by sponsored discounts, newspaper-, radio- and tv-ads. They increase your popularity and at the same time the number of visitors immensely, but the amount of money you decide to spend on advertising are directly deducted from your current cash and increase your daily costs strongly. 
  • Different inspectors may visit your fair to check if everything is working properly. If you get the message that one of them will arrive soon, be sure that there is nor red-flashing circle to avoid fines and a decrease of your popularity.
  • There are four different basic types of goals you have to fulfill during the various fairs. You have to earn a certain amount of money, construct specific attractions, hire so and so many workers or reach a certain degree of popularity, for example 85 percent. Some of the attractions you have to construct may become available later on so be sure to save some space for them.
  • It is also helpful to observe the satisfaction icons when you adjust ticket prices. Be always sure that your attractions are popular and profitable at the same time.


  • This tab includes six different submenus. Here you can purchase the attractions for your fair, namely small rides, medium rides, large rides, game stands, food stands and shows. There is additional information about every ride, more precisely its capacity, the fun factor, the power it needs, its daily cost and the purchasing price. After purchasing an attraction you still have to place it. Be sure that you always have enough space left on your fair when purchasing new attractions, otherwise it is only a waste of money. In this context it is important to know that you can indeed remove buildings from your fair, but you are not able to sell them.
  • Later on in the game there will be fairs which enable you to book indoor and outdoor shows. Sometimes you have the choice between different indoor/outdoor shows, but you can only book one outdoor- and one indoor show at the same time. Additionally, if you have already booked an indoor show, the other ones won’t be visible before you have removed the booked one.
  • By right-clicking on any attraction you can get additional information about it depending on its type. This menu displays the current profit of this attraction as well as the satisfaction of the visitors with it. Besides you are able to change the ticket prices, remove this attraction, advertise it specifically and upgrade the rides. However, to change the value of the prize for the winner at the game stands or to upgrade the food stands, you have to click the "show details"-button. It will redirect you to another menu where you can make the desired changes. 
  • Advertising specific attractions becomes especially helpful when more expensive shows and rides are available. Maximize their advertising to 30 $ per day so that as many visitors as possible will use the most expensive attractions.


  • In the beginning of each fair you should always hire one or two mechanics before purchasing any buildings, because without them you are not able to construct the attractions.
  • There are four different types of workers you can hire, "mechanics", "health workers", "sanitation workers" and "security workers". They all fulfill different tasks and are of equal importance for your fair. In the menu you are able to hire or fire them and set their salary. Besides, the coverage of each type of worker is displayed on this screen. Check the staff tab regularly to assure that the coverage for each of them is one-hundred percent, for that your fair is running smoothly. 
  • Sometimes you may get the message that one group of your workers demand a pay rise. Now you have two options with different consequences. If you accept, nothing will happen except for a sharp rise of your daily costs. If you deny their demand, the salary stays the same, but some of them may quit. If some of your workers quit you will be fined double of their salary by the union.
  • More mechanics speed up the construction process.

Advanced strategies:

  • The same strategies work for every level, as every fair is basically the same, except for more available attractions and higher (but similar) goals. These hints should help you to finish all the twelve fairs without any problem. The following tips become helpful from the fifth fair (Gator in Florida) on, for the first four fairs no specific strategy is required.
  • You can adjust the salary of all your workers to 1 $ right in the beginning of each fair. Be sure to hire two of them, because one may leave. When they demand a pay rise, deny it. Some will leave you will get fined by the union for each leaving worker, but only once. Now you can hire as many workers as you want to for only one $ per day and none of them will demand a pay rise anymore.
  • You should place the most expensive shows and rides near the entrance, as the attendance will be higher then, as well as your profit. 
  • Book indoor- and outdoor shows as soon as you can afford to and maximize their advertising.
  • Begin to advertise with radio and tv from the second day on to rise the number of visitors as soon as possible. This is the only way to earn the required amount of money in the later fairs early enough to succeed.
  • Instead of building as many attractions as possible you should begin to focus on the medium rides early on and upgrade them very soon. This will increase your income much more than a bunch of attractions which are not upgraded. Furthermore you can neglect game stands in the beginning, as they are less profitable than rides, food stands and shows.
  • Besides advertising there is another easy way to increase popularity sharply. Just lower the entrance fee for all groups of ages to 1 $, but not before you have met the money goal.

With these strategies you should be able to manage all the fairs while enjoying the wonderful animations and your crowded, but smoothly running fair.


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