Country Friends Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Country Friends is a farm management game from Gameloft that allows players to construct a farm filled with cute little farm animals, while tasking them with fulfilling orders that they can sell to improve their farm and make it bigger and bigger.

Even though Country Friends will be very familiar to anyone who has played other recent farm management games, it still has plenty of challenges that players will need to overcome if they wish to have their farm in proper working order. Our Country Friends tips, cheats and strategies will guide players through the basics as they take the first steps on their new farm.

Take Your Time

Country Friends tips cheats strategies

Country Friends isn’t the sort of game that you’re going to sit and play for an hour straight. You can totally do that, but playing it straight through is either going to be really slow and boring since you’ll be waiting for things to finish building/growing, or very expensive as you’ll spend money to rush those items to completion.

Instead, treat it like gardening. Plant something, do a few more errands, and then let it sit for a few hours. When you come back you can pick up the things that are ready to go, and queue up more things for your return visit.

Pack Your Bags

Country Friends tips cheats strategies

Before you log off of Country Friends, make sure you pack your production facilities’ queues up. Some items take a long time to generate, so while you’re gone you might as well let the game idly generate them. This way, when you return, you’ll have twice (or maybe 3x if you upgraded the building) the resources to collect.

Even if the queues are only 5-10 mins, fill them up, close the game, and go find something else to do. If you don’t even want to put your device down you could just simply switch over to another time based app (juggle farms and play Farm Story 2 or Farmville 2 even!) and come back to your Country Friends farm a bit later.

It Takes A Village

Country Friends tips cheats strategies
Over time your community farm can fill up. This is what it initially looks like.

Use the community options provided to you in Country Friends. The game is pretty lonely on your own. But with friends, you can work together at the community farm to get resources together to improve your own farm. They can also share resources with you, and you can buy and sell resources with other players too.

Connecting your social media accounts is completely optional, of course, but it may be worth it for players looking to maximize their farm’s potential.

Balloon Bonuses

Country friends tips cheats strategies

Occasionally around your farm you’ll find balloons that have mysteriously appeared. Tap on them to pop them to collect the little rewards found inside. It’s never anything amazing, just a few gems usually, but hey, it’s something.

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