Costume Chaos Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our strategy guide for Costume Chaos.


  • There is one game mode in Costume Chaos, 9 unique locations which have 6 levels each for a total of 54 levels.
  • There are 3 rankings that you can earn in this game, Goal (1 star), Expert (2 stars) and Master (3 stars), with Master being the highest score you can earn.
  • You can replay a level at any time. Just select the level you want to replay from the main menu and you will be able to do so with the same options that you had when you played the level initially.
  • From the main menu you can dress up the mannequins in the window. Click on the mannequin that you would like to dress and click on the tabs that are on top of the page. If you want to change their facial expressions, just click on the "welcome" mat that is by the door. You will be able to change their expression, skin tone or give them a new face.
  • If you decide that you don’t like an upgrade that you’ve purchased you can sell it back for the same amount of money that you bought it for. This gives you a chance to make better choices that suit your gaming needs. Just click on the "sell" tag at the bottom of each item in order to sell the item back.
  • Each time you hear the bell ring it means that someone has come through the door. Make sure that you take people out of the waiting room as fast as possible so you can get more people through the door before the shop closes.
  • You can right click your mouse in order to cancel your actions. This is especially helpful in instances in which you queued several actions in a row.
  • As you pick up each customer the station that they are supposed to go to will light up.This will make it easier to identify where the customers are supposed to go to.
  • You can always drag customers to another station while Cleo is doing other things. The only time you can’t drag them is when a pop-up window is on the screen.
  • You can always click on items in the return bin even if a pop-up window is open.



*NOTE ABOUT THE VIDEO-If you want a clearer view of the video click on the link that says:"watch in high quality" on the lower right side of the video. It will help make the images clearer.

  • After you read all the tips listed in this guide, look at the video for the last level of the game. The video will show you some of the techniques that you can use to get the best score in all levels of the game.
  • In the video I used my assistants in the return bin and the costume bin because those where the 2 stations that I liked the least. You should place your assistants in the stations that best suits your needs.


  • Don’t buy upgrades at the end of each level. Sometimes it is best to save your money at the end of some rounds so you can buy a better upgrade the next time around.
  • Buy as many patience inducers as you can afford, they don’t cost too much money and they keep your customers hearts from decreasing too quickly. The happier the customer is the bigger the tip you will get from them.
  • Schedule Cleo to do multiple tasks in one sitting. Click on several people back to back in order to save time. You will know that a task has been successfully scheduled when you see a check mark next to it. Cleo will perform the tasks in the order that you clicked them. If you ever want to cancel a set of scheduled tasks just right-click your mouse and start over.
  • Move three groups of people at a time through a line and then cash them out so you can make more money. Each time you perform a certain service or a person goes to a station their hearts will receive a boost. When you get them through a line quickly they will maintain a high heart rate once you cash them out at the register which means a bigger tip for you.
  • Always keep an eye out on the entire sales floor so you can monitor the people’s patience level you don’t want to let anyone get too angry. If people are getting impatient take care of them first.
  • Customers that have green hearts are in a rush so you have to make sure that you take care of them first because their hearts decrease faster than people with red hearts.
  • It’s very important to make sure that you take care of the return  bin as much as possible. When the bin is full you will not be able to have a costume selection for the people that are in the dressing rooms.
  • While clearing the return bin if you see the lightning bolt and some power-ups appear, click on the lightning bolt and leave the power-ups intact until the bin gets full again.
  • In order to make more money make sure that you keep the waiting area as clear as possible. When the waiting area is full no customers can enter the establishment.
  • Cash out customers before their fifth heart disappears. As long as a customer has some color in their fifth heart it counts in the same way for tips as if their fifth heart was full. Don’t waste a cookie on people that have a partially-filled heart since it will not make a difference in the tips.
  • Sell some of the items you purchased if you need to change your original selections. At times you may need to buy an upgrade that will help you complete a level faster so it may be necessary for you to sell something so you can afford something better. For example if you have an assistant in one of the stations your upgrades there do not help as much.


  • Each station has its own technique that needs to be applied in order to make the customer happy. You want to take care of your clients until they have a smile on their face. Not all customers will have a huge smile on their face that shows they are at their happiest some of them will just give a small grin or a half a smile.  If the customers are happy before they leave they will give you a bigger tip.

Costume Station

  • In the costume station you have to sort through the clothes to look for the costume that puts the best smile on a customer’s face. Once you find the outfit that makes them smile click on it and then click "OK" in order to enter your choice. As you make enough money you could place an assistant at that station which would eliminate the need for you to sort through the clothes at all.

Cutting Station

  • In order to cut the piece of fabric you must follow the green dotted line with the scissors. Place your mouse on the area that the arrow is pointing to. I found that after you make your first cut that if you click anywhere on the gray line that it is easier to cut the fabric.

Hair Station

  • In this station you will have to sort through a variety of hairstyles that the customers may want to have. As with the others stations click on the hairstyle that gives them a smile. You can buy upgrades that will make people skip this station 15 to 20 percent of the time. You can also purchase an upgrade that will reduce the amount of hairstyles that you have to sort through down to 2.

Measurement Station

  • This is actually one of my favorite stations, I like using the measuring tape on the customers. The way to measure people correctly is to start at the end which has the measuring tape and work your way to the opposite end. You must make sure that your cursor bends around all the green arrow areas  in order to mark a section, then you have to pull the tape until you get to the next green arrow and repeat the same steps over.
  • As the levels progress it becomes more complicated to measure the customers, you can buy an upgrade that will do a certain percentage of the work for you. You can also hire an assistant that would help you bypass having to work this station at all.

Face Station

  • This is a fun station, you must drag and drop different items onto the customers faces. In this section, the customer will smile once you’ve placed ALL the items in their box onto their face.
  •  If you don’t see a customer smiling after you’ve placed the items, it means that you missed something, look again and place the missing item.
  • Some items can be hard to see as you’re placing them because they blend into the background so check the whole square for hard to see items. Tattoos, beards and face decorations are the hardest ones to spot.


  • There are a variety of upgrades that you can purchase for each station. Some upgrades mean getting an extra station in order to service more customers at once, others are meant to make you more efficient or to boost a customers heart.
  • In order to buy upgrades, hover your mouse over any item in the upgrade screen to read a description of what it can do. If you decide that you want that item, click on it and a pop-up window will appear. If you have enough money you can click on the "buy now" button. If you change your mind or if you don’t have any money click on the "continue shopping button" instead so you can exit the pop-up box.
  • You don’t have to buy upgrades each time they are presented to you, you can hold in to your money and buy in the next round instead.

Alterations Station

  • Some of the upgrades in this station include increasing the speed in which you take care of this station. You will also be able to decrease the rate at which your customer’s heart decreases.
  • A separate upgrade will make 20 percent of the people skip this station and go someplace else, which in turn will give you more time to get more customers through the line.

Costume  Station

  • You can upgrade this station to mark the clothes that the customers don’t want. Depending on the upgrade the game will mark off up to 2 clothing items. This will eliminate the need for you to click through unwanted clothes, making it easier to serve the customer faster.
  • If you have an assistant at this station those upgrades will not be as useful.
  • Another upgrade will make sure that 20 percent of the people will skip this game.

Hair Station Upgrade

  • One of the upgrades will make 15% or 20% of the people skip this station. In addition it will give each customer that does visit that station a quarter of a heart.
  • You can upgrade this station so that a customer will only ask for 2 hair choices.
  • One upgrade will make you work faster, cutting down on the time you spend with one customer.
  • Make sure that when you are at this station that you always check for hard to see items, like beards, facial decorations and tattoos.

Face Station

  • You can add an additional station in order to serve more customers.
  • The second upgrade that you can make in this category will automatically place an item on the customer’s face. This is a great upgrade because it saves you one step. It also increases the patience of each customer that visits this station.
  • The third upgrade makes you get the job done in half the time.
  • The last upgrade in this category will automatically put 2 items on the customer’s face.

Moving  Faster

  • You can make your customer move pretty faster with each upgrade that you purchase. making your customer move faster allows you to get the customers through the line in a speedy manner. it is always best not to keep clients waiting too long so the faster you are the less impatient the customers will get.


  • There is a return bin on the upper left side of the page. This bin is introduced in the third level. The return bin has to be kept as empty as possible. If the bin is full your customers will not be able to try on any clothes until the bin is emptied.
  • In order to keep the bin empty you have to play a match 3 mini game. Click on at least 3 blocks of the same color to eliminate them. The bigger the match the faster you will empty the bin out.
  • At the end of each level you will earn bigger points if you totally clear the bin at the end.
  • You can always click on the blocks from the return bin no matter what you are doing.
  • Each time you cash customers out at the register some power-ups will fall in the bin, make sure that you click on the coins first because they only last for a short period of time and they will disappear. The other power-ups will stay there until you use them so you don’t have to worry about those, just the coins.
  • There are some power-ups that come down the bin while you are playing, make sure that you use the power-ups as much as you can so you can empty the bin with less effort.
  • Using some of the power-ups also help you make extra money which you can use to buy upgrades at the end of each level.
  • You can hire an assistant to help you with the bins so you can be free to do something else. I used the assistant in later levels because it meant that I did not have to worry about the bin being full.
  • Here is a list of some of the power-ups that come down the bin:

Colored  Star

  • When you see a star appear that has a particular color, click on it and it will eliminate all the blocks of that particular color from the bin.

9 Multi-Colored Blocks

  • You will  see 9 tiny multicolored blocks appear in the bin. When you see that, click on it and all the blocks of the same color will be grouped together. This is a great way to get the bin down to zero blocks.

Gold And Silver Coins

  • When you see the coins appear, click on them and you will earn extra money. The silver coins earn you $10 per coin and the gold ones earn you $25 dollars each.
  • The coins will only be on the screen for a short time, if you don’t click on them in time they will disappear. You will know that the coins are about to disappear when you see them shaking on the scene. Click on them as fast as you can so you earn the most money.

Lightning Bolt

  • When you click on the lightning bolt all the blocks in the bin will disappear.

Spray Bottle

  • The spray bottle will eliminate all the blocks that surround it.


  • At a certain point in the game you will be able to afford an assistant. The assistants can help you perform certain tasks in the shop. You can hire the assistants to help you with the return bins, measuring customers, to help you in the dressing room or they can help in the hair station.
  • You can have a maximum of 2 assistants per level, the good thing is that you can move them to another station for free if you decide that you need them to help you at another station instead.
  • Play around with moving the assistants from station to station so you can judge in which location they are most helpful to you in the game.

Assistants at the Return Bins

  • When you have an assistant at the return bin they will help you keep the bin about a third full. This will ensure that no customers are ever kept waiting in the dressing rooms because the bin will never be full.
  • I chose not to buy the assistant until the last few levels because at that point having the assistant there made it easier for me not to have to worry about emptying the bin.
  • When you have the assistant at the return bin you will still be able to clear the bin if you want to. The only time you really need to click on the bin when you have an assistant is to collect the coins in the bin.

Assistants in the measurement station

  • Hiring an assistant at the measurement station will eliminate the need for you to measure the customers yourself. Having them at this station will free you up to get more customers through the door.

Assistants for the Dressing Rooms

  • These assistant will automatically take care of the customers in the dressing room as soon as you drag them there. Hire an assistance for this location as soon as you can afford it so you don’t waste too much time sorting through clothes.


  • There will be times when your customers will get impatient when they are left alone for too long. You will need to take care of them right away or you can buy upgrades that will keep your clients happier for a longer period of time.
  • When you’re done servicing customers at a station they will receive a full heart. You will see a big red heart form in front of the customer at the end of a particular service.

Waiting Chairs/ Stations with heart  boosts

  • You can upgrade the chairs in the waiting area so the customers will have more patience as they wait for you to serve them.
  • Each upgrade will give the customer a certain boost to their heart rate. The first upgrade gives each customer that sits in that chair a half of a heart. if you only have one patience inducing chair in the shop, make sure to get the people out of that chair quickly so that as many people as possible will have a boost to their hearts before they go on the sales floor.
  • You can also upgrade the different stations so the people will get a boost to their hearts as soon as you place them on there.


  • Give a customer a cookie and you will be able to restore 4 of their hearts.
  • You will start being able to purchase only 1 cookie at a time and by the end of the game you will be able to have 3 cookies at a time.
  • Once a cookie is used on a customer you will not be able to have another one available until the next level.
  • The best times to give someone a cookie is when they are at 2 hearts or less and they are getting very impatient. You can also give them a cookie at the cash register right before you cash them out and you will receive a bigger tip.
  • Do not give a cookie to a person that has a partially filled 5th heart. You will get the same tip for someone that has a a partially filled fifth heart as one who has a full fifth heart.


  • The TV will keep all the people in the waiting area patient for longer. You don’t have to perform any actions once you purchase the TV, it will take of the customers patience without you having to lift a finger, what a great deal!!

Flat  Screen TV

  • When you upgrade to the flat screen TV the customers will be patient for a longer period of time than the regular TV would.

Music Player

  • Buy the radio and it will keep all the people that are waiting at the register happier longer. The radio can be bought for a small amount of money so it is a good investment.


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