Cooking Dash Tips Walkthrough

Check out our tips and tricks for Cooking Dash. GENERAL TIPS After a customer eats ice cream or fruit smoothies, there will not be any dirty dishes left on the table – the person will wave at you to let you know that they are ready to pay. When you see plates on the table that are pulsating, it means that you have food in your hand that belongs to them. That makes it easy to identify who gets what. Flo can carry two things in her hands at all times. She can still cash out sales even …

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  • After a customer eats ice cream or fruit smoothies, there will not be any dirty dishes left on the table – the person will wave at you to let you know that they are ready to pay.
  • When you see plates on the table that are pulsating, it means that you have food in your hand that belongs to them. That makes it easy to identify who gets what.
  • Flo can carry two things in her hands at all times. She can still cash out sales even when her hands are full. She cannot tune the jukebox unless she has at least one hand that is free.
  • When you cash out a customer you will see the words "very happy". When you see that you will get an extra $100 bonus because they were in a good mood before they left.
  • The customers will not sit down if there are dishes on the table, the more people that come into the restaurant the more money you will make.
  • When you see that the restaurant is about to close, make sure that you seat some customers so that others may come in.
  • When somebody orders more than one item on their plate, cook the orders separately and once you pick them up the orders will merge onto one plate. For example someone wants a steak and fries, cook the steak on the grill and the fries in the deep fryer. Once both orders are cooked, click on each one and they will go on the same plate.
  • When a customer has only one food item on the plate, it will be on either the left or right side of the plate. The position of the food coincides with the position of the stoves. If the food is on the right side of the plate, then you will need to get the food that’s on the right stove etc.
  • Some actions will make you lose money in the game, try to avoid doing them. When you throw away food you will lose $30 for each item you dispose of. The $30 applies to whatever is one plate of food, if there are 2 ingredients on the plate it will still count for one item. If a customer gets mad and leaves because they are tired of waiting you will lose $200 per person that leaves.
  • If you made the wrong item on Grandma Florence’s station (or Cookie’s station at the end), just click on the correct item and the new item will replace the one you made by mistake. This will keep you from losing $30 each time you have to throw something out.
  • When a customer wants either the green or red sauce on their food, you can actually get the sauce while the food is cooking and then get the food. All the items will merge onto the plate once you get the food from the stove.
  • Serving coffee and turning on the jukebox will not affect your chaining.
  • If Flo is blocking an item that you need to get, just click "through" here if you know the exact location of where the item is and it will still register.
  • At the beginning of each level you will have to start purchasing new upgrades all over again. When you get to the Japanese restaurant you will not have to buy double grills and such you will buy upgrades for faster equipment.
  • You can replay a level at any time but you will have to go to the main menu first. Once you get back to the game, you will be taken to the map in which you can click on any restaurant that has a bubble around it. Once you click on the restaurant you will see little skillets with numbers on it, the ones that have stars are the ones you completed with an expert score. Just click on any of the skillets and the level will start over, the game will keep your highest score on file.
  • When you restart a level you will not be able to choose new upgrades you will have to play with the ones you’ve already purchased. However, if you exit out of the level before you completed it, you will be able to start over the upgrade purchases for that level.


  • If you give a customer their food when it is perfectly cooked you will get a $75 bonus. This does not apply to sandwiches or desserts; it only applies to foods that have been on the grill or the deep fryer.
  • In order for an order to be considered "perfect" it has to come out of the grill or fryer while the circle is still green. If the stove has a red area in front of it then you will not get the $75 bonus.
  • If the customer leaves and they are "very happy" you will get a $100 bonus. In order to get this bonus you must make sure that the customer has a full set of hearts when they leave. Give them coffee and serve them quickly to ensure that you get that money.
  • Only happy customers order desserts and each time that they do you will earn an extra $100. That’s why it’s important to keep them happy, that extra money can really make a difference when you need to pass a level. Not every happy customer will order desserts, just some of them.
  • Make sure that when a customer asks for dessert that you give it to them right away or they will stop asking for it if it’s taking too long. If they stop asking then you will not be able to earn that extra $100.
  • The happier a customer is the bigger the tip will be. Along with all the other things we mentioned, a customer’s happiness can really earn you a lot of money.
  • You don’t have to seat people as soon as they come in, try and seat them at times in which you can make the best color matches so you can earn more money. This is not true for every level, you have to use this rule on a case by case basis.
  • Seat people in groups by their temperaments. For example seat all the fast eaters at once so you can get through the line faster. Let the slow eaters stand in line because they have a lot of patience. Make sure that you turn on the jukebox from time to time in order to boost their hearts while they wait in line.
  • Upgrade to the super-flame ovens and use it to prepare foods for people that are about to lose their temper. It will help you serve them faster and hopefully keep you from losing them.
  • Learn the customer types because it will help you plan your next move when you know the temperaments and preferences for each customer. Read the section in this guide called "Customers" and "Seating Arrangements" and it can help you play the game by making the right selections.
  • While Flo is tuning the jukebox, look around and plan your next round of seating. Look for the seats that have the highest color matches and place the people on there that can earn you the biggest points.
  • Leave the slowest people in line since they can wait for long periods of time. Make as many color matches as you can in the game because the more you do it the more you will earn. Try to seat people in the seats that have the most matches to them in order to increase your money.
  • There will be some levels in which color matching does not help you beat a level. In those cases you may have to concentrate on making your money by chaining tasks instead.
  • If two people come in and you can only match the color of one of them because of the availability of the seats, then match the person to the color that has the highest multiplier to it.
  • For example if your choice is to match a color that has a "2x" and one that has the "4x" choose the "4x" since you will make more money.
  • Foods that do not require actual cooking should be prepared in advance. Before you take care of your first customer, make some ice cream cones, smoothies and anything form Grandma Florence’s counter can be made in advance.
  • In order to prepare things in advance in Grandma Florence’s station you have to make sure that you upgrade to the extra "prep table" as soon as possible. It will allow you to have 2 items on the station at one time. This way when somebody orders something you don’t have to wait for it to be prepared.
  • Replace certain foods the moment that you grab it. For example, once you grab a smoothie that was prepared in advance grab some fruit and place it on the machine. Once you click the fruit onto the smoothie glass the products will swap place. The smoothie will be in your hand and the next one will start blending.
  • When cooking on the grill try to cook similar orders at the same time. For example if you have 2 orders of egg and sausage cook them both at the same time so you can save time and avoid confusion.
  • If you get an expert score on most all or all of the levels you will be able to afford better upgrades right away since you will earn more money per level.
  • It’s better to upgrade both your cooking stations at the same time so they can have the same cooking time. Save your money and buy both upgrades in the next level, if they are not available at that time.
  • You can earn really good money when you cash people out in a row that are also very happy. If you cash out 5 people in a row that are very happy, you will receive $100 for each person giving you a total of $500 extra.
  • In addition to that you will also get a chaining bonus of $500 for cashing out 5 people in a row with no other tasks in between. That’s a total of $1,000. I’m not saying that is easy to but it can definitely be achieved.
  • If Flo is cleaning up tables have her grab a cup of coffee in one hand while she cleans the dishes with another. That allows you to have another cup of coffee brewing for the next round of seating. Since the machine only makes one cup at a time it will allow you to have 2 cups ready.


  • At the beginning of each level Flo will say a few words, most of the time it’s just talk. At other times she’s giving you hints about the upcoming level.
  • Read what she’s saying so you can figure out the best way to play that level. I will give you a few examples below.

Level 8

  • Flo says:"Cookie’s new show airs tonight! And speaking of big shows, here comes the lunch rush. Let’s try to serve our most impatient customers first or we risk losing them."
  • She talks about serving the most impatient people first, make sure you take care of the business lady and cell phone guy. Leave the old ladies for last since they have more patience in line and take longer to order and eat than anybody else.

Level 9

  • She says:"Wasn’t Cookie great on TV last night? I especially loved the way he chained repeated actions together for maximum efficiency! We should try that with today’s crowd."
  • She’s letting you know that chaining, not color matching will be the best way to beat that level.

Level 22

  • Flo says:" Today should be another busy day! Let’s try to keep the spaghetti out of our hair. Oh, and let’s try to seat customers in waves. That should give us more opportunities to chain repeated actions together."
  • In this level you will have to seat people as they come in or you will not be able to make it through the day. Do not worry about making color matches, concentrate on making large chaining bonuses instead.

Level 28

  • Flo says:" This new sauce station should help customers get the flavor they really want! And remember, we can add the sauce to the plate first if that helps us be more efficient."
  • This one just announces that the green sauce will be available in that level. It also gives you a tip on a different way to add the sauce to the plates.

Level 31

  • Flo says:" Well, we’ve cooked diner food, cafe fare and Italian cuisine…Time to learn Japanese, and fast. Upgrading our cooking stations should help us get on track even faster."
  • This one suggests that you upgrade the speed of your appliances. If you need to do that you will have to restart the level by exiting out of the game first. Then once you’re at the map, click on level 31 and select the faster equipment if you have enough money to do so.
  • There are many more messages like these, I just wanted to highlight a few of them for you. Make sure that you read Flo’s messages at the beginning of each level.


  • Match the customer’s outfit to the color of their seats or to the color of the place mats in order to obtain a color bonus.
  • When you have a group of two people that you need to place, you can drag the customer to the seat and without clicking drag your mouse back and forth. You’ll see the people switch positions. Use this method to help you match the colors of the seat and the place mats.
  • The number next to the chair shows how many times you matched a particular color to that particular chair. The higher the number the more money you will earn.
  • Your multiplier can only go up to 4 times,in rounds where you have a lot of people with the same colors designate 2 seats of the same color for them.
  • In your first round take advantage of the colors that are on the table already. It will help you earn extra money at the very beginning of a level.


  • You can obtain chaining bonuses when you perform the same tasks back to back without any breaks in between.
  • Actions that can be chained are cashing out customers, picking up dirty dishes, delivering food and drink orders.
  • You do not get chaining bonuses for seating customers.
  • When you perform an action different than what you’ve been chaining for the chain will be broken. If you serve two lunches and then take dirty dishes your first chain will be broken.
  • Playing the jukebox and delivering coffee does not break your chaining bonuses.
  • When you are trying to chain certain actions it is best to serve the people with the least amount of hearts first and then serve all the ones that have the most hearts last. This will keep you from losing anyone that is irritated and close to leaving at any given moment.
  • You can do several jobs in advance by just clicking ahead, click on several jobs at a time and Flo will perform them in the order in which they were clicked.


  • There are several type of customers in the game and the more you know about them the better you can be at this game. Once you know their likes and dislikes it can help you plan your strategy for the game.
  • Seating arrangement can be critical at times, besides color matching it is also important to seat people that are compatible next to each other.
  • If you have a hard time identifying the color of someone’s clothes just go by the color of their hair instead.


  • Try to always place the Hippie girl and the Hippie boy mostly when they can sit next to each other.
  • If one is without the other they become quite noisy and will annoy those that do not like loud noises around them like the yoga teacher and the bookworm.
  • The cell phone guy and the students don’t mind sitting next to the hippies when they make noise.

Impatient Customers

  • Impatient people are the hardest to take care of because they order quickly, eat quickly and obviously lose their tempers easily.
  • The customers that are considered impatient are the business women, the cell phone addicts, the yoga teacher and the body builder. You can look at their picture and read their descriptions in the help menu of the game.
  • When you see the impatient people in the restaurant take care of them first since it takes a lot of work to keep them happy as they wait.

Patient Customers

  • Patient customers are patient whether they are standing in like or while they are ordering food.That is why they can be left in line while you take care of the people with the least patience.
  • The most patient customers are the kindly seniors and the bookworms. If you keep them in line, make sure that you play the jukebox from time to time in order to keep their hearts full at all times.

Seating Arrangements

  • You want to place people next to each other that bring out the best in them. When you seat the wrong people together you will make them unhappy very quickly, which in turn will make them angry and possibly leave.
  • For example, some people cannot stand to have noisy people around them because it makes them lose their patience.
  • It is best to seat noisy people either by themselves where they can’t affect those near them or with people who don’t mind noise at all.
  • The hippies are noisy when they are not next to each other. You have to have 1 male hippie and 1 female hippie next to each other for them to be quiet.
  • The cell phone addicts are also noisy and will disrupt those around them.
  • The ones that don’t mind noise are the students, the cell phone addicts and the hippies so it’s OK to place noisy people around them.
  • The people who don’t like noise at all are the kindly seniors, the bookworms and the yoga teacher. Never seat noisy people next to them or you’ll spend too much time trying to keep them happy.
  • The rest of the people don’t like noise either but they have a higher tolerance for it than the ones I mentioned above.
  • You can seat people by their patience levels so that everybody can eat and order at the same time


  • At the end of each level you will be able to purchase upgrades for your restaurants.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy upgrades each time they are available, you can save your money and buy something bigger in the next level.
  • There are upgrades that will help you decorate the restaurants and there are others which will help you make more money.
  • You should concentrate first on buying the upgrades that will make things faster or that give customers more patience.The upgrades that only decorate your establishment are for aesthetic purposes only and do not help you with the customers at all so buy those last.
  • By day 7 or 8 of each restaurant, if you scored high enough you should have no upgrades left to buy.
  • One of the first things I bought when the upgrades came around was the second Prep Station for Grandma Florence. It allows you to prepare food in advance. Since Grandma’s station always has 2 different items, the prep station will allow you to have one of each of the foods ready ahead of time.
  • The second upgrade I would most likely buy was for Flo to be faster, it allows you to deliver foods quickly without having to worry too much about taking too long with an order.

Coffee Machine

  • You can purchase the coffee machine which will help you boost the hearts of the customer you choose.
  • After you use the coffee machine you have to wait for it to refill before you can use it again.
  • You can only give coffee cups to the people that are at the counter.
  • The machine can only make one cup of coffee at a time so make sure that you give it to the customer with the least amount of patience.
  • Give a customer a cup of coffee right before they finish eating, the boost to their heart will increase your tip.


  • When you buy the jukebox for your restaurants it will help boost the hearts of all the people that are waiting in line.
  • When you see the yellow outline around the jukebox it means that it is ready for use. Click on the jukebox and Flo will go to it.
  • Since Flo has to find the rights station to make the customers happy she has to physically stand at the jukebox until the circle is completely green. If she leaves before the circle is green the jukebox will not boost the hearts of all those in line.
  • You will also know that the jukebox has boosted the hearts of the people in line when you see the music tunes floating towards the customers and their hearts are a little fuller.
  • Flo can turn the jukebox on if she has at least one hand that is free. If both hands are full you will have to empty at least one item off her hands before you can turn the jukebox back on.
  • The jukebox can be a great tool to have when you want to keep certain people in line longer so you can take care of the unhappy people first. Use it to seat the kindly seniors and bookworms last by turning on the jukebox as often as possible.

Appliance Upgrades

  • In the early stages of the game you will have 1 grill and 1 deep fryer. As you level up you will be able to upgrade and buy an extra grill and fryer. Buy them as soon as possible because as you go up in levels you will need the additional appliances to help meet customer demands.
  • After you pass the third restaurant or so you will no longer have to buy the extra grill or fryer, instead the game will offer you appliances that will cook food in a shorter amount of time.
  • It’s important to get the speed upgrades because once an appliance cooks faster it cuts down on the time in which the customer will get it.

Super Flames

  • By the time you get to the fourth restaurant, you’ll be able to buy the super-flames upgrade.
  • The super-flames button located above your stoves will make all your food cook within a second or two.
  • There will be two buttons above the exhaust fans over the stoves, that’s what you have to press each time you want to activate it.
  • When you click on the button you will see huge flames coming out of one or both of the pots on the stove.
  • That means that the next food item that you place on the stove will cook in a matter of a couple of seconds.
  • You can also activate it once you’ve placed the ingredients on the stove. Simply place the ingredients and then click on the super-flames button and the food will cook immediately.
  • I found it easier to place all the food on the stove first and then click on the button, it made it easier for me to get all food done at the same time. You have to decide which method works best for you but either method will work just fine.

Chili Sauce

  • The chili sauce can be purchased in the upgrade section and is used to make people finish eating their food much faster than normal.
  • The chili sauce can be added to the order of a customer of your choice but it can only be added onto the food that was actually cooked on the stove or the grill.
  • You cannot add chili sauce to food such as salads, sandwiches, smoothies or ice cream.
  • Some people eat pretty fast so the chili sauce should be used mostly on the people who take a very long time to finish eating. Use the chili sauce on the orders that go to the bookworms and the kindly seniors since they take longer than anyone else to eat.
  • Using the chili sauce can help you get people to finish eating at the same time which will help you get a bigger chaining bonus.
  • The chili sauce can only be used when the yellow highlight is around the bottle. Once you use it you have to wait for it to refill itself in order to use it again.
  • As you level up your bottles of chili sauce will make people eat faster than the bottles from previous levels did.
  • It will basically make someone finish eating almost as soon as you hand them the plate.