Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios Walkthrough

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Cooking Dash – DinerTown Studios.

Helping Flo and Grandma Florence in this second installment of Cooking Dash can surely become a real frenzy. We hope that you will find this strategy guide helpful as both a general overview and for specific tips and hints.


  • Cooking Dash – DinerTown Studios features a story mode with 50 levels and an endless mode. You can replay every level of the story mode at any time to increase your score. However, you have to buy previously purchased upgrades again.
  • The Goal-Meter at the bottom of the screen displays your progress in the current level with regards to normal and expert goal. The timer on the right-hand side of the Goal-Meter shows you how much time is left for this level:


  • You should prepare some of the meals right in the beginning of each level and immediately refill them after serving, such as ice-cream and those meals which Grandma prepares generally. On the other hand, fried or cooked meals should not be prepared in advance, because those can go off quickly:


  • From the second location on you are able to serve ketchup with your meals. You do not have to wait until certain meals are cooked to add the ketchup. You are able to click on the ketchup at first, resulting in an empty plate with ketchup, then you can add the cooked meal. It works both ways. This strategy also works for the green sauce which is added to your menu later on.
  • If you lose a customer, this will cost you $200. On very rare occasions you cannot avoid to lose a customer, particularly when you are not familiar with a level yet, but generally losing a customer is a no-go and certainly makes it impossible to get expert score on a level.
  • The "Cookie-Meter" at the top right-hand corner of the screen enables you to call Cookie for help after serving a certain number of orders. He will prepare the dishes for you and give Grandma orders, the other tasks are still up to Flo. If you find him really useful is your own decision, because if he prepares too many dishes some of them probably do not receive the perfect cooking bonus:


  • Leftover money is not taken over from one location to another, therefore you are not able to buy any upgrades before the first level of any stage.
  • Dirty dishes are only leftover on the table when customers actually eat something requiring a dish. Juice, cookies or ice cream do not leave any dish after you have cashed out a customer.
  • You cannot drag customers to a seat if there is still a dirty dish on the table in front of it. 
  • The assignment of two parts of an order (for example tortellini and fish) works much better than in the first Cooking Dash. If you are arrange and carry two different orders at the same time, Flo will assemble them automatically.
  • Complete orders currently carried by Flo are also indicated by green-glowing bubbles above the related customer’s head.
  • Flo is able to carry two different items at the same time, and can still cash out customers, giving orders to Grandma Florence and exchange a not prepared and a finished juice.
  • Wasting food is not only unnecessary, but also costs you 30 points each time you throw something away, no matter if it is a little cookie or a whole meal.
  • A really good strategy is to play through a level without much effort, mainly noting in which order the different types of customers come in and which color their outfits have. In this way you can plan how to handle this level much better, than by just playing through it.
  • One of the medals you can obtain requires that you finish the story mode without losing customers. You should work for this achievement separate from achieving expert scores. Serve each customer as soon as he/she arrives and do not care too much about color bonuses or chaining. However, you still have to reach the goal to let it count of course. Whether you have lost customers in any level previously can be seen at the level map:


  • In general, prepare as much food in advance as possible, basically every meal that cannot go off. Ice Cream, Juice, Patties and Grandma Florence’s meals should always be prepared beforehand and immediately refilled when you take one away.

Color-Matching, Chaining and Bonus Points:

  • Seating: If you seat a customer on an uncolored chair you won’t earn any points. If you seat a customer on a colored chair which matches the color of the customer’s outfit you earn 100 points. After this the chair will be marked with a "X2". The next time you seat a customer with a same-colored outfit on that chair you will get 200 points, for the third time 300 points, and so on. Color-Matching is an important strategy to get the expert score on all the levels, but you should not try to always seat customers according to their outfit at all cost. Getting color-matching points is not worth losing customers, because you should always have in mind that losing a customer not only means an instant 200 points penalty, but also losing all the points you would have received from this customer for serving and cashing out, which easily exceeds a singular color-matching bonus.
  • Serving and clearing dishes: Each time when you serve a customer for the first time (no matter what) or clear the dishes, you will get 10 points for it. If you serve two customers in a row (respectively clear two dishes), you get ten points for the first time, and twenty points for the second time. The same rule holds true for serving dessert and cashing out, only that you get 100 (200, 300,…) points instead of 10. However, in case of the cash out, the happiness of the customer is crucial to how much money he or she will pay. 
  • This sort of chaining works best when you try to seat similar customer types together, for example Kindly Seniors, Bookworms and Tough Guys (because they order twice), Business Women, Cellphone Addicts and a free seat between them, or Students, Young Ladies, and Celebrities. In this way you can easily chain a lot of actions without customers already seated getting impatient.
  • You should always seat the impatient customers currently standing in the waiting area at first. If less patient customers lose two or three hearts while waiting it is not really a great problem, because there are various ways to increase their patience when they are seated later on.
  • If you serve someone a perfectly cooked meal, you will get 75 bonus points. So it is important that you always have a look at the current condition of dishes on the grill or the deep fryer. When the green circle on top of a meal is full and vibrating, the meal is ready and you should deliver it to the customer immediately.

Celebrity Power-Ups:

  • There are three different types of celebrities who leave over three different power-ups when they have done eating. Take into account that all these power-ups are activated in the very moment where you grab the empty plate of the said celebrity. You have to work that aspect into your strategy how to use power-ups. If you grab celebrity plates when no one sits at the bar anyway, the effect of those power-ups will vanish without any worth for you. Leave those celebrity plates always until you have already seated and perhaps even served new customers.
  • The Celebrity: This star has even two advantages. For one thing, customers seated next to him want to have taken a photo with him. Simply click on them if such a request appears and the customer as well as the celebrity will gain patience hearts. For another thing, when he has finished his meal, he leaves the speed-up power-up. This is the only power-up where it makes sense to activate it when no new guests have already been seated:


  • The Starlet: You should know about her that she is very sensitive to noise, even more than other customers, so try to keep her isolated from the Director (in the waiting area) and the Cellphone Addicts (in the waiting area as well as at the bar). At the bar she not only increases the patience of the customers directly sitting next to her, she also leaves over the "hearts"-power-up. When you grab her empty plate, all customers currently sitting at the bar will gain hearts. This power-up should only be activated when you have already seated new customers, and it is particularly effective if there are rather impatient customers who have already lost some hearts in the waiting area:


  • The Director: This short-tempered guy can get very noisy in the waiting line, so seat him as soon as possible, because he quickly gets on the nerves of all other customers. When he has finished his meal he leaves over the "instant-eating"-power-up, which is extremely effective when you activate it after seating Bookworms and/or Kindly Seniors. When activated, all customers currently eating will have finished their meals immediately.


Other Customers:

  • The personalities of your customers highly vary, therefore they also influence your strategy to win the game to a certain extent. 
  • The Young Lady: These girls are your easiest customers. They eat relatively fast, are rather patient, all in all quite easy to handle. Of course she does not like noise like most of the other customers, but she does not freak out because of it that quickly.
  • The Cellphone Addict: This guy is a real blessing when it comes to ordering and eating, because he is really quickly in doing that. On the other hand, he is very impatient and always gets on the nerves of other customers with his constantly ringing cellphone. Try to seat these guys quickly and isolated from other customers, or seat them next to the students, the only customers who are not bothered by the cellphones due to their earphones.
  • The Tough Guy: The Tough Guys are also comparatively easy customers. They are moderately patient, they do not need such a long time to order and eat and get not bothered too quickly by noise. However, they are ordering twice, so take that into consideration while chaining and seating customers.
  • The Business Woman: With regards to her eating and ordering speed, as well as her patience, she is very similar to the Cellphone Addict. However, she reacts completely sensitive to noise, so you should keep her isolated from the Director and Cellphone Addicts whenever possible. And it should be always possible. 
  • The Student: The Student is a very important customer, simply because he is the only one who is not bothered by the various noises caused by the Director or the Cellphone Addict. Concerning eating/ordering speed and patient he can be compared to the Young Lady.
  • The Kindly Senior: This group of customers is very slowly eating and ordering, but at least they do not get upset by noise as quickly as the bookworm or the Business Woman. Use the "Instant-Eating"-power-up and the Chili Sauce to reduce their eating time to a minimum.
  • The Bookworm: The Bookworm is very similar to the Kindly Senior in his behavior, however, he freaks out because of noise remarkably quicker, so keep him isolated from any source of noise. Else, it also a good strategy to save Chili Sauce or the "Instant-Eating"-power-up for him.


  • There are two different types of upgrades, namely functional and decorative ones. Functional upgrades are highlighted in green, while decorative upgrades are highlighted in orange. Of course you should spend your earnings preferably on functional upgrades first:


  • It is always a good idea to purchase a second prep table for Grandma Florence first at every stage, so that you can prepare those meals in advance, too. The same goes for a second mixer for the juice.
  • The "Speed Boost" for Flo is one of the most important upgrades in each stage. You will get problems very quickly if you do not purchase this upgrade as soon as possible in any stage.
  • You are also able to lengthen the time of Cookie helping you when Flo calls him. This upgrade is one of the least important ones.
  • You can also boost the preparation speed of Grandma Florence, but this upgrade can be neglected when you have the second prep-table, because then you are able to prepare those meals in advance.
  • The Food Warmer, at first with one plate, later on with two plates, lets you keep one, respectively two dishes warm. It’s a quite useful upgrade, particularly to prepare two meatballs right in the beginning of a level.
  • A second grill and a second deep fryer are mandatory upgrades as soon as you can afford them at every location. In this way you can prepare two dishes at the same time, thereby making your work more effective.
  • The speed boost for grills and deep fryers is also pretty important in the later levels of every location, since you will be swamped by impatient customers ordering dishes.
  • The larger plate for patties is a quite unnecessary upgrade, particularly when you prepare patties right in the beginning of each level and save them in the Food Warmer. When you incorporate the preparation of patties into your serving routine, it is not required to have a plate that can hold more than two patties.
  • To boost the speed of the meat grinder is worth applying when you have already purchased all the important upgrades, though the difference is not really remarkable.
  • The Coffeemaker is extremely important to be able to increase the patience of customers already seated without being dependant on celebrity power-ups. In later locations you own the Coffeemaker from the very beginning, but you are still able to purchase the Coffeemaker Deluxe, which reloads even faster.
  • The Extra Hot Chili Sauce makes the customers eat even faster the "ordinary" Chili Sauce. In contrast to ketchup and green sauce, you cannot prepare an empty plate with Chili Sauce, so that it always has to be added to filled plates. Chili Sauce is a great way to reduce the eating time of Seniors and Bookworms significantly. 
  • Finally, the radio and its faster version are equally important as the Coffeemaker to be able to calm down the customers in the waiting area. In contrast to the Cooking Dash 1, Flow does not have to spend seconds at the radio until it is working, which means that it is even more effective and helpful here.
  • Super Flames for grills and deep-fryers can come in handy at the end of a stage. You can use Super Flames by clicking on the red light when it is flashing to even increase the speed of already upgraded grills/deep-fryers:


Endless Mode:

  • The endless mode is accessible from the main menu. In fact, it has basically the same rules as the story mode, despite the fact that it is apparently endless. 
  • You can play the endless mode in all the five different locations, and you are able to choose between three levels of difficulty, namely easy, medium and hard. 
  • The main difference between endless and story mode is that you apply upgrades while playing in endless mode:


  • You can always choose between three different upgrades. For the beginning it also advisable to apply a second prep-table for Grandma Florence, more seats, second grills and deep-fryers, or patience-increasing machines:


  • The Star-Meter at the top of the screen shows you how much customers you are allowed to lose until the current game ends for you. Depending on the level of difficulty this may be five, four, or three customers:


  • Again, basically the same strategy should be applied as in the story mode. Try to seat similar customer types together, isolate noise-sensitive customers from noise-causing ones, and patient customers have to wait a little bit longer.


  • Altogether, there are nine medals to achieve. Your personal achievements can be accessed by the "Medals"-button in the main menu:
  1. Salt Lick Saloon completed.
  2. Safari Grill completed.
  3. Buckingham Bistro completed.
  4. Pot Sticker Palace completed.
  5. Crater Café completed.
  6. Story Mode completed.
  7. Total score of over 350,000 points achieved.
  8. Story mode completed with all Expert scores.
  9. Story Mode completed without losing any customers.

Congratulations, you have finished the game. Feel free to post your final score in our forum to compare it with that of other avid players.

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