Colorzzle Guide: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Colorzzle is a peaceful puzzler using colors and cubes. Similar to the Blendoku Series, the goal is to lay down blocks in a specific order, using the rainbow spectrum as a placement guide. As levels progress, new mechanics are introduced, including reflecting mirrors, colored light beams, flipping color-switchers, multi-colored rotatable blocks, and color-manipulating rainbows. With no hints or skips, the key to the game is knowing how all of these components and mechanics work together effectively. Here are Gamezebo’s tips, tricks, and strategies for mastering Colorzzle.

Colorzzle Guide Tips Tricks Strategies

Blocks: As the key elements of the game, solid blocks placed in the correct positions will trigger plants and flowers to grow. Blocks can be switched from anywhere by tapping on them consecutively, and can even be moved if they already have a plant or flower growing on them. When positioning blocks, work your way through color relationships to stay focused; for example, work around red, yellow, and orange first because you know they’ll be near each other. Also be aware that many puzzles after level 60 or so are symmetrical; this will help you line up relationships more easily.

Pillars: These are tall, permanent sections that cannot be moved. At the beginning of a level, maneuvering and laying down blocks in relation to these structures will help you through process of elimination.

Colorzzle Guide Tips Tricks Strategies

Color Beams: If there are pillars that don’t have an adjacent block, you’ll need to use a color beam to reach it. Prioritize aiming toward pillars first to set the direction, then aim toward secondary colors which need the beam to complete their mix.

Flips and Rotators: Some blocks are capable of providing different colors, depending on what you need. For those that flip over, cycle through them to determine which will work best; there’s no limit on rotations. For those that rotate like a dial, you’ll need to line up all of the colors for them to work. Keep those secondary and tertiary color relationships in mind to stay focused, and work your way through one color at a time.

Colorzzle Guide Tips Tricks Strategies

Mirrors: Mirrors on round tiles are permanent and cannot be moved, only rotated to direct a beam. However, if a mirror is on a square it is meant to be moved to another more optimal position. Keep in mind that all mirrors will be used in each level, so aim your beams to hit them all; if you aren’t hitting the mirrors, keep rotating your beam until you’ve reached them all.

Rainbow Blocks: The most mercurial of puzzle elements, the rainbow blocks will produce a plant or flower when sharing a side (not just a corner) with a solid color block. Get the most plants out of your rainbow blocks by placing a solid block in a position to touch as many rainbow blocks as possible. A “T” or “+” shape with the solid block in the center will spawn the most flora. While it may not be obvious, is crucial to know that rainbow blocks can be moved around; you’ll certainly need to move them to finish the game.

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