Colorbars: Cheats, Tips, and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

Colorbars is a unique match-three game from SproutWorx. Players shuffle around colored bars as they attempt to make matches that can be cleared away. It’s simple, but incredibly fun and addictive. It’s also more challenging than it first seems.

Here are five tips that will improve your score and help you come out of the ordeal smelling like a rainbow.

1. Take a look at the bottom of the screen before shuffling anything around


Colorbars has two sets of bars: The colored set on top, and a subtler, transparent set on the bottom. When you have a run or a set of colored bars that can be swiped away, the bottom bars pop up to indicate that the set is ready to be disposed of.

Always take a look at the bottom bars before you start moving stuff around. It’s very common for runs and sets to appear automatically, even as a result of clearing away other matches. See if anything can be swiped away before you begin shuffling.

2. Runs are worth more points than sets


“Sets” are matches of three or more of the same colored bar. “Runs” are matches of three or more that follow the color wheel. Runs are worth more points than sets – but given that sets are often a vital part of meeting a goal (e.g., “Clear 20 green bars”), they shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Remember the colors of the rainbow: R O Y G B P


Making color sets in Colorbars is as easy as remembering the order of colors on a rainbow. It’s worth your while to memorize that order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. Remembering the name “ROY” gets you halfway there!

If you feel overwhelmed regardless, you can pause the game at any time to review the color spectrum.

4. Bars shrinking down to nothing? You can save yourself if you don’t panic


Though you might not notice it at first, Colorbars’ colored bars begin shrinking as soon as you begin a game. Inevitably, you’ll begin to notice the decline. Once the bars dwindle to nothing, the game is over. Don’t panic, though. It’s very possible to restore the bars back to their full levels if you keep a level head and keep your momentum steady.

5. Making sets is necessary for meeting goals, but only runs give you more playtime. Balance your play  style accordingly


Matching runs is the only way to restore your shrinking bars. On the other hand, sticking strictly to sets will make meeting your goals much more difficult, especially in instances where you’re required to match up a specific number of colored bars. Pay attention to your goals, and balance your time between making runs and sets accordingly.

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