Collect ‘Em All Strategy Guide – Best Hints, Cheats and Tips

By Harry Slater |

Collect ’em All is a match-stuff puzzler that sees you connecting chains of colored circles in order to score points and complete challenges. It’s simple to start with, but there are some extra layers of complexity you’ll need to understand if you want to make sure you’re always coming out on top. 

That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve played a good chunk of Collect ’em All and discovered the strategies that you need to take your game to the next level. Follow these suggestions and your matches are going to get even better. 

Whether you’re about to make your first chain or you’ve already cleared a few levels, there’s going to be something here that’ll enhance your play. So let’s do this – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Collect ’em All.

Look for ways to extend your chains

Whenever you’re connecting the circles, keep an eye out for ways that you can extend your chains. That might be doubling back, using diagonals to twist the chain around, or choosing a different direction to the one you’ve already taken. The longer your chain, the more it’s worth, and if it’s long enough you can set off some rockets to clear even more circles from the board. 

Make the biggest matches

Always take a moment to make sure you’re making the biggest match you can. Don’t just go for the first collection of three circles that you see. Peruse the board and find the match that’s going to help you out the most, and then make it. 

Check your goal

Always be sure what you’re trying to do. There’s a panel in the top right of the screen that will show you the circles you need to clear to finish a level. Sometimes you’ll just need to clear a certain number of circles, other times you’ll need to clear more specific colors to complete the challenge. If you know your goal, you’re in the best position to succeed. 

Use your powers wisely

When you unlock the special powers, make sure you use them wisely. Don’t just throw them in to try and save a lost cause – look at what’s happening in the level and make the right choice. Sure, that might mean failing sometimes, but it also means you’ll have bombs and other powers left over for when you need them. 

Play the races

When the game offers you a race, you should take it, especially if you’ve got some time to spare. You’ll get extra rewards for completing the races and finishing in first. The same goes for the chance to unlock chests. Use everything the game gives you and you’ll do just fine. 

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