CLUE Accusations and Alibis Tips Walkthrough

Check out these tips and tricks for Clue Accusations and Alibis courtesy of the game's developer, HitPoint Studios.Overview This document outlines tips and tricks for how to play and complete cases for the Clue Accusations and Alibis game from Real Arcade. Although it provides a walkthrough of how to win a case, it does not give specific details as to where objects are or how to solve the mini-games.IntroductionFirst, the good news: You've been invited to the dinner party of a lifetime,…

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Check out these tips and tricks for Clue Accusations and Alibis courtesy of the game’s developer, HitPoint Studios.


  • This document outlines tips and tricks for how to play and complete cases for the Clue Accusations and Alibis game from Real Arcade. Although it provides a walkthrough of how to win a case, it does not give specific details as to where objects are or how to solve the mini-games.


  • First, the good news: You’ve been invited to the dinner party of a lifetime, hosted by a millionaire mogul. The bad news is, your host winds up dead before the main course even makes it to the table! Everyone’s a suspect in this murder most foul, and it’s your job to find out who did it. You’ll have to investigate every room in the mansion, interrogate every suspect and examine every murder weapon. Better get started – you have only two hours to solve the crime!
  • General Tips
  • In the new version of Clue, making a suggestion is now called “Start a Rumor”. The process is the same as when you play standard Clue and you will receive either a hint from one of the suspects or they will completely disprove your suggestion/rumor.
  • Use the hint log to see all the hints you have gathered from the suspects as you’ve played the game. Instead of trying to write down notes as you play.
  • Mark off hints you have used by clicking on them. This will make keeping track of what hints you’ve used already.
  • While searching the rooms, you will find some “coat checks”. These provide very valuable information about what a player was wearing and carrying when they came to the party. You will be given hints based on what items people brought so be sure to review what the coat checks say in the Evidence tab in the case file.
  • If you start a rumor and select the correct/winning Suspect, Weapon and Room, then the game will prompt you to tell you to make an accusation. At this point, you know the winning combination and can enter the same 3 items in the Accusation screen. Sometimes you could get very lucky and guess the right combination on the first try!
  • Every case is randomly generated and the evidence you must find, what angle of the room you are looking at, where the weapons are and where the coat checks are also randomly selected.
  • In some of the rooms, sometimes you may find clocks. These can be wall clocks, alarm clocks, even a sundial, that, when clicked on, will give you an extra 15 minute bonus. If you gather enough, it’s possible to win the game with more than 2 hours left on the clock! Doing so will give you the Timeless award.

Example of a Clock Bonus

Getting Started

When a player starts the game for the first time, they must create a profile. From the main menu, the player can start a new game, load or create another profile, view the Achievements and status of other players on the computer, access the game options and read the help.

When you start a new game, a case file appears that shows what clues you will start the game with, just like in the board game when a player starts with three cards. Through-out the interface screens, the notebook on the left provides instructions about the current screen.

  • Press the Accept button to continue. Once the button has been clicked, the clock starts and you have 2 hours to solve the crime!
  • Once the case officially starts, you will see your checklist. This screen should be familiar to people that have played Clue before.
  • The items in red are automatically marked off by the game because they were either given to you when the game starts or they were disproven by the Suspects.
  • Clicking on the items in the list will mark them off.
  • Use the question mark button if you *think* if might not be that suspect, weapon or room but don’t want to rule them out completely.
  • At any time during the game, if you think you know the answer, click the “Accuse!” button to bring up the Accusation screen.
  • Pressing pause in the lower left corner stops the clock and brings up a menu.
  • Once you have looked at the checklist, click the Game Map tab.
  • This will be the layout of the Clue mansion. Click one of the unlocked rooms to being searching for evidence.
  • Welcome to your first room. This is the interior of the Guest House and it’s a mess.
  • Along the bottom of the screen is the evidence you must gather.
  • To the left is a hint button that recharges in about 45 seconds.
  • If you rollover the Weapon on the right side of the screen, a popup will display all the weapons that you must find through-out the mansion. Those that have been found are marked off.
  • Every room has one of the weapons and most rooms have coat checks.
  • As you find items, they are marked off the list below.
  • Upon finishing a room, you will see a summary screen of everything you found in that room. The clock will be paused until you click Accept.
  • After the Summary screen, it is time to make a suggestion or “Start a Rumor”.
  • Just as in traditional Clue, select a Suspect, Weapon and Room and click “Accept”. If you want to review your checklist, click the Checklist button in the top right corner.
  • Items that have already been marked off of your checklist are also marked off on the suggestion screen with small Xs.
  • After Starting a Rumor, you will receive feedback from the suspects.
  • If they cannot completely disprove your suggestion, then they will give you a hint. These hints are stored in your Hint Log and are key to solving the crime.
  • In the above example, Peacock is telling us that the murder weapon wasn’t found in the hall. Therefore, when you go to the hall, whatever weapon you find you know is NOT the murder weapon.
  • When you click Accept, the suggestion is passed to the next suspect until one of them can disprove your suggestion.
  • As you can see here, White is telling us for certain the murder did not take place in the Dining Room. Thanks, White!
  • You can now click Accept to continue and you will return to the Case File.

Thanks to White’s tip, we now see the Dining Room is marked off our Checklist.

  • Here in the Hint Log, you will find the two hints you just received from the last Start a Rumor process.
  • At this point we can being searching other rooms and gathering more evidence

Coat Checks

In many of the rooms, you will be required to find a coat check. These coat checks can be tricky to find but the Hint is always there if you need it.

  • The above coat check is telling us the Peacock wore a fur coat and brought gloves.
  • Back in the case file, we can review the hints we received in the Hint Log to see if there are any suspects we can mark of.
  • In the below example, you have learned that the Murderer did not bring a cell phone. Therefore, you will want to check your evidence list to find out which suspect brought a cell phone.
  • Ah… so Plum brought a cell phone. Thanks to this hint we received, we know that the murderer was not Plum. We can now mark Plum off our Checklist.
  • Keep in mind the coat checks will be different for every case/game you play. So Plum will most likely not be carrying a cell phone or wearing a trench coat the next time you play.

Making an Accusation

  • Once you have completed most or all of the rooms and have marked of suspects, weapons and rooms based on the hints you’ve received, your Checklist will begin to look complete. It is at this point you can make a solid Accusation and solve the crime! Click the “Accuse” button in your case file to begin:
  • The Accusation screen will look and work the same as the Start a Rumor screen.
  • Select the Suspect, Weapon and Room you believe is the correct combination and hit “Accept”! Be very careful to fill the selection correctly though, as a wrong Accusation will cost you an hour off the clock. In the Clue board game, you will lose completely!
  • Congratulations! That was the correct solution! In this example, you have won the Speed Demon Achievement for completing the game in under 1 hour. There are multiple awards to be won so check out the Achievements screen to see what you can earn!
  • After clicking Accept, you will return to the Main Menu and can begin the next case.

Secret Passages

If you want to cut diagonally through the mansion and visit one of the locked rooms, you can take one of the Secret Passage ways. Click the Secret Passage button on the map. Before you can open the door, though, you must complete a mini-game! The clock will continue to run during this time but once you complete it, you will also receive an extra hint!