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Game Introduction – Cloudstone

Cloudstone is a game developed by Nexon in which you adventure through Sky Haven in search of the sacred Five Stones. Gamezebo’s Cloudstone strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you through your adventure.

Quick Start Guide

Village, the base of your adventure

  • The village on Cloudstone is the hub from where you can prepare for your adventure. On the left is The Flying Pig inn, where you can chat with other Cloudstone players. The practice field lets you practice your fighting skills. The job board at the bottom shows job openings where you can earn extras.


Daily Bonus

  • On the left of your screen, you see a star-door. Once every 24 hours, clicking this door will lead you to the daily bonus room. There, you get to choose one of three doors to go through. Depending on which door you choose, you will receive a small, a medium or a large bonus of resources.


Job Board

  • On the job board, you will find a variety of jobs that the villagers of Cloudstone would like you to fulfill. Although these tasks are separate from the missions you take on in the world map, any items or allies you use will remain used as in any normal mission.



  • While this may seem similar to the job board, a contract is a mission you fulfill along the way. Maureens ‘Blades of Green’ contract for instance, can be fulfilled when you’ve collected 5 saliva pastes and 30 razor leafs.
  • Once you’ve completed a chain contract, another contract will be opened up.


Training your skills

  • When you level up, you will receive a skill point you can use in the skill tree. Carefully choose which skills you want to gain in order to give your character the strengths -and weaknesses- best suitable to your style. For instance, if you like to play hack-and-slash style, focus on skills in the ‘Way of the Warrior’-path, while players preferring magic better focus on the ‘Way of the Wizard’.


  • Skills further down the tree branch can be unlocked by spending skill points in that particular tree. For instance, to unlock the Bigram Yoga skill, you need to spend any 10 skill points in the ‘Way of the Monk’. It does not matter on which skills you spend them, as long as they are spent in that skill tree.

World Map

  • On the world map, you can choose which island you want to visit, and from there, which mission you want to take on. While most missions are unlocked in linear order, at times an optional side mission will open up. At the end of each island, a mission with a skull icon will open up, indication a boss fight.


  • By hovering your mouse over a mission, you can see its difficulty level, indicated by the recommended level. If you’re a lower level, you can still take on the mission though.
  • Once you’ve cleared a mission at least once, and once you’ve gathered the gauntlet, you can replay missions for greater rewards. After replaying a mission on 5 different, each higher, difficulty levels, you can claim a rare reward.


Playing through a mission

  • Moving around in a mission is very simple: just click where you want to go, and you’ll move there. Attacking is equally simple -just click on an enemy to perform an attack.


The art of using skills

  • Regardless of whether you specialize your skills in strength, magic or healing, using your skills is vital to being a successful adventurer. At the bottom of the screen, you see up to six skills. By either clicking on those buttons, or by clicking the corresponding short key, a skill will be activated. If it is an attack-skill, click on the enemy to attack with it. If it’s a healing skill, it will immediately activate.


  • Certain spell attacks, such as the firebat, are also long range attacks. In such a case, you can click to activate the spell, and click on an enemy further away from you to fire the attack.
  • Every skill uses up a certain amount of ‘power’, indicated by the blue bar/meter on your screen. Luckily, this power is refilled by 5 for every time you hit an enemy with a melee attack. On average, this means that for every 5 attacks, you can use a skill attack without having to worry about running out of power.


  • To give yourself an even bigger chance of success, make sure you use the short-keys on the keyboard. Set whichever spells you prefer to any of the six short-keys. With one hand on the mouse, and one hand on the short-keys, you can keep the fight going and master any mission.


Final tips & tricks

  • If your power is not full, go to the practice field and simply hit the dummies until your blue power-bar is filled up.
  • If there is a mission you particularly like, or one where you know you can find a lot of supplies, replay that chapter with the gauntlet. Just short of completing the mission, but after taking the supplies you wanted, simply exit the mission.
  • Only use the rejuvenation plants when you’re low on health. You can always return after having taken care of some more enemies.
  • If there is a bunch of trees or grass, use a healing spell to heal yourself. With all the cutting you’ll be soon doing, you will quickly refill the power bar.
  • If you’re walking up to a group of enemies that have not yet noticed you, select an attack spell, and wait for it to recharge. This way, you can walk up to an enemy, use the attack spell, and immediately use a second attack spell.
  • The higher the level of the firebat spell, the more bats are sent out. As the bats spread out a little over a longer distance, you can use this spell to attack multiple enemies that are further away from you.
  • If your mission is to protect multiple objects, it usually suffices to make sure that when the timer ends, there is at least one left alive. If you’re having a difficult time protecting multiple objects, at least make sure you protect one.
  • In the different levels you may come across some ominous looking places. These are usually caves filled with enemies, but also filled with lots of treasure. Do you feel up to the challenge and the big reward?
  • In a boss-fight, always focus primarily on the boss. Any smaller enemies are just there to distract you and will respawn as long as the boss is still alive. Once you’ve killed the boss, your objective is complete.
  • If you’re planning on playing for a longer time, only call in the help of allies when you really need to. Otherwise you might find yourself in a next mission, much harder, while your ally has to recharge for 2 hours.
  • If you’re in need of more allies, join the Facebook group called “Cloudstone Friends” to find other Cloudstone players to meet up with.


You have completed the quick start guide for Cloudstone by Nexon. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

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