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Game Introduction – Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders is a free to play action strategy game from Game Insight, wherein you must train troops to take on enemies in a story-based fashion to steal their loot. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Tips and Strategies

Cloud Raiders

Observe all buildings you start withCloud Raiders has you starting with plenty of buildings that all have very different functions that can help you earn money, train new troops, and have defensive capabilities. Knowing the uses of these buildings, as well as how to use them is a very effective way to become successful at playing.

Upgrade storage – When you earn enough money, make a priority of managing your troop and money storage. Making sure you have enough of each ensures you will have a successful army on your hands. Besides, you can’t keep any money you earn but have no room for.

Train as many troops as you can – Training as many troops as possible means you will always be prepared when you need to go into battle. If you have enough troops trained at once, it becomes much more difficult for you to be defeated.

Variety your troops – When you are building an army, a good tip to keep in mind is the idea that your troops are most effective when they have other types of troops to use alongside them. You’ll want to make sure you have troops that specialize in melee as well as ranged attacks.

Observe the mission before heading in – Every mission is different, and each may require a different approach than you are used to. When you decide to attack another player, you are given the opportunity to observe the playing field prior to sending troops in. Make sure you have the right kind of troops for the job.

Place troops smartly – If you have troops that specialize in taking out barriers, put them next to the barriers. Other troops are good at taking out other enemies. You may have to play a few missions before you become familiar with your troops, so practice if you need.

Place Shields to protect your base – When you are not playing Cloud Raiders, your base is vulnerable to attack from other players. You can help this by buying a Shield before you are done playing each time you play. Shields can last several days so you can make sure you are always protected from attack.

Place traps and walls – Traps are also effective in protecting your base when you are unable to. You can place them all around your base, and they will trigger and harm enemies when they come close to them. Walls don’t have any active defenses, but serve as a passive offense in not allowing enemies to get by them. It’s not a bad idea to surround your base with a wall, leaving just a hole somewhere for your troops to get out.

Cloud Raiders

Upgrade Buildings often – Buying new buildings can often be expensive, so improving your current ones might be a better option. You can find the option to upgrade by tapping on any of your buildings, and then you can choose to upgrade that particular building.

Complete Achievements – When you complete certain raids and build certain structures, it’s possible that you can earn an achievement for doing so. When you do complete one, head back to the Stronghold in your base, and you can collect Rewards that often include Diamonds.

As you level up, more is unlocked – As you continue playing and level-up by winning battles, you will unlock more buildings, items, and types of troops you can use in battle. When you are given a level-up screen, take a minute to observe what has been unlocked as it will be shown to you then.

Add troops to your defense bunker – An underrated building in your base is the defense bunker. When you add troops to it, these troops will defend your island from attacks automatically, even when you are not playing. You can upgrade the bunker so that it can hold more troops.

Cloud Raiders

Attack the Pirates – Early on in the game, pirate ships will show up around your island waiting for you to attack them. Succeeding in attacking these ships will have great rewards that can help grow your base and army even more. When you tap on these ships, you will be able to see what kind of enemies you’ll be facing so you can attack them with the right troops.

Build more Drills and Beacons – The only way for you to earn more Gold and Cloud is to build new Drills and Beacons. You can potentially double your Gold and Cloud output just by having an additional way to farm the resources you need to have additional troops and upgrade buildings.

Never leave your base idle – If you have the Cloud or Gold needed to have more troops or have a project that needs to be completed, a good idea is to have that being worked on while you are not playing the game. Cloud Raiders is the type of game you can play once a day if you want to, but make good use of the time when you’re not playing if you can.

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