City of Love Walkthrough

City of Love – Game Introduction

City of Love is a city-building simulation game from Gameview Studios for the iPod Touch and iPhone. You’ll start out with a chunk of land, a few factories and other buildings that can be used to help your city become the ultimate love destination. With Gamezebo’s quick start guide for City of Love, you’ll be a love machine in no time, with plenty of tricks, tips and cheats to help you build the ultimate city of love.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To begin playingCity of Lovefor your iPhone or iPod Touch, you must first download the game from the App Store. To do this, simply click the “Get It Now!” button at the top of this page.
  • Once the app has finished with installation, you will find it on your home screen. Simply tap the icon labeled “City of Love” to being playing.
  • Now that you have started the game, we can get started on the basics of how to start building in your own City of Love.

City of Love

  • At the start, push the “Collect Bonus” button to collect your first daily bonus in City of Love. You will be able to collect this bonus once per day, and it contains valuable coins and XP.

Residences, Factories, and Fun Buildings

City of Love

  • Now, click the Next Step button shown on the tutorial to continue. Tap the Small Factory to begin a new production job. Various production jobs take certain amounts of time. The longer the job takes to complete, the more rewards you will earn, but the more the job costs to start in the first place. Once they’re finished, you’ll need to come back to the game quickly to collect your profits, or else your work will expire, and you’ll need to scrap your job and start again, losing coins.
  • For the purposes of this guide, choose the “Jelly Beans” for production. They will only take 10 minutes to finish.

City of Love

  • You’ll only be able to add new factories to your town dependent on your city’s total population. Adding more citizens allows you to build more factories, and therefore earn more money.
  • What’s a town without anyone living there? Let’s build a house by tapping the icon in the lower right corner. This icon resembles a cupid arrow.

City of Love

  • Now select the “Residences” icon indicated by a door. Select a home of your choice, and place it in your town. Houses add not only population to your town, but also additional XP and coins for you when they are ready to be collected. Just like factories, different homes can be collected from after different amounts of time, ranging from 10 minutes to upwards of two or three days.
  • Fun Buildings also work just like residences, except that they do not add people to your town. They only serve to look pretty and provide you with additional coins and XP. You can build Fun Buildings by opening the arrow menu and selecting “Fun Buildings.” These buildings are generally restaurants, chapels, stores and more.

City of Love

  • Keep in mind that a lot of the buildings in the store are locked from the beginning and will require you to level up a little bit before you are able to purchase them.
  • Also of note is the build time. Buildings do take a little while to be fully built (anywhere from a few minutes to the better part of a day). You can instant build them if you wish for Hearts (premium currency), but that can become very expensive if used too often. Instant builds should only be used as a last resort.


City of Love

  • In City of Love, there are plenty of quests to complete that will let the romance flow through the streets.
  • You may access the quests in the game by tapping the icon labeled “Quests” in the lower left corner of the gameplay screen. Here, you will find quests that will help you build the Golden Gate Bridge in your city.
  • Completing quests will earn you XP and coins, along with any additional rewards found.
  • For the Golden Gate Bridge quest, you will need to find Paint, Steel and Wire to put it all together. Each of these items are earned by completing three to five steps. These steps are mini-quests that will have you producing a certain kind of product in your factories, building specific buildings, or raising your town’s population, as examples.
  • If you’d like to begin additional quests, open the arrow menu and select “Quests” from there. You can then work on other projects such as London’s Big Ben, or the Colosseum in Rome.

Visiting Neighbors

  • While you cannot visit any of your real life neighbors’ towns in City of Love, you can visit artificial towns within the game.
  • To visit a neighbor, open the arrow menu and select “Neighbor.” You will then be taken to the neighbor town immediately.
  • The only reason to visit a neighbor is to collect a few coins and XP for each visit, or for completing a quest that requires you to.

Additional Items & Notes

City of Love

  • Decorations can make any drab place look new, and luckily City of Love gives you plenty of options to decorate with. You can access the decorations menu by selecting it (a Mobile symbol) in the arrow menu.
  • There is a large variety of items to choose from, including red rose gardens, heart gardens and more. Several themes including Valentine’s Day and Christmas should help you decide which is best for your city. You can easily browse special themes, or different types of items (Trees, Flowers, etc.) by category once you open the store. Just tap on the appropriate icon.

City of Love

  • Animated items can be purchased just like decorations, with the only differences being that they cost Hearts and animate once placed.
  • Expansions can also be purchased, allowing you to spread the love even further. Once you select the “Expand” button on the arrow menu, you can choose to wait until you’ve leveled up a certain amount or purchase an expansion with Hearts.


City of Love

  • You have now completed the quick start guide for City of Love on iPhone. With the knowledge you now have, you should be creating a city of ultimate romance in no time. Be sure to keep checking back with Gamezebo for more reviews, previews, guides and more.

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