Cities of Legend Walkthrough

Cities of Legend is an online strategy game created by CBS Films. Choose where your allegiance lies – with the Rebels or the Republic, and fight for the fate of the Republic of America! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Cities of Legend

Cities of Legend is an online strategy game created by CBS Films. Choose where your allegiance lies – with the Rebels or the Republic, and fight for the fate of the Republic of America! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Cities of Legend is free to play. Click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page to play!
  • When playing the game for the first time, you may need to approve certain permissions.
  • As you begin the game for the first time, you will also be asked which side you would like to join: The Republic or The Rebels. The Republic rules the Republic of America, while the Rebels fight their rule from the streets. There is no significant difference between the two in regards to your gameplay.
  • Now that you’ve chosen a side, you will be taken to your Home. From here, a number of meters and buttons are displayed, and it’s important to acquaint yourself with each one.
Cities of Legend
  • Experience- This is where any experience you earn while fighting is displayed. Fill up this meter to reach the next level and unlock new content! Your current level is displayed as the number on the left.
  • Coins- This is the game’s currency, and you can earn these by fighting. Use these to purchase items, upgrades, and even new characters!
  • Energy- Your current energy amount is displayed here. It costs 4 energy per fight, and takes 5 minutes for 1 energy to regenerate.
  • World Meter- This meter combines all the scores of all the people playing to show which side is currently winning the war: the Republic (Red) or the Rebels (Blue).
  • Settings- Game settings, such as sound, music, etc, can be toggled from here.
  • FIGHT!- Click this button to immediately progress to the next fight. By default, you will be taken to the “most current” fight/location.
  • Map- From here, you can view your current location, as well as surrounding locations, locked and unlocked. You can fast-travel to different locations and fight there by clicking on them.
  • Shop- Purchase valuable items and upgrades from here.
  • Gear- Any items you have already purchased will be displayed here.
  • Stats- As of 12/15/12, this button does not currently have a function.
  • Friends- Any friends who are also playing this game are displayed here, at the bottom of the screen.
  • Characters- As you purchase characters to play as, they will be shown here while not fighting.
  • Achievements- These are earned by completing locations, and are proudly displayed at the top of your home.

How to Play

  • In order to play the game, click the “FIGHT!” button towards the lower right corner of your screen in the Home menu.
  • Before beginning your fight, you will be prompted to choose your character. Use the arrows on either side to toggle through your options, then select “Next” when ready. You will start with a single character by default, though more may be unlocked via purchasing them in the Shop.
Cities of Legend
  • Once you’ve chosen your character, it’s time to choose your Power Ups. A menu showing the Power Ups you can choose from will be displayed. Click on a Power Up to add it to one of the slots belonging to your character. If you would like to choose a Power Up that is not currently in your Gear, click on the cart icon in the upper right corner to purchase one.
Cities of Legend
  • All characters have four Power Up slots, though two will be locked by default. Level up to unlock the others!
  • Each character also has a special Power Up that is automatically assigned to one of the slots, and always available to that character, which may be used once per fight. You do not have to select or purchase this upgrade as it is always available to that character. Example: Republic fighter Corporal Kya Buhari has the Power Up “Double Tap”, which allows her to take two turns in a row per fight if used.
  • By default, you will start out with Health x5 in your Gear. This item, if selected and added to your slots, will allow you to recover 10% of your health if used.
  • If you select a Power Up for one of your slots during a fight, but do not use it during the course of that fight, it will automatically be returned to your Gear.
  • The actual fight gameplay, once you start, is fairly straight-forward: click on a row in the grid to drop a piece into that row. That column will be highlighted. It will stop in the empty space closest to the bottom. The goal is to make chains of 3 or more pieces in order to charge your Fight Meter.
Cities of Legend
  • As you make chains of 3+ pieces, your Fight Meter will be charged. The greater the link, the greater the charge. The fist button in the middle must be illuminated before you can attack the other character.
  • Attacking another character consumes a single turn, during which you cannot place any additional pieces on the board. A small cutscene will show your characters fighting, after which a percentage of your enemy’s health bar will drop (displayed beneath their picture).
Cities of Legend
  • There is both a minimum and maximum charge on the Attack Meter. The minimum requires the first of four segments to be filled (yellow), in order to illuminate the fist and activate the ability to fight your opponent. The maximum charge will turn your entire meter blue, with a flaming blue fist. An example is shown below.
Cities of Legend
  • Each fight is timed, taking approximately 2 minutes. The fight ends one of three ways: 1)Time runs out, 2)The entire board is filled with pieces, or 3)You knock the other player out by depleting their entire health bar. Whoever has the most health at the end, wins!
  • You will receive rewards whether you win or lose a fight, but obviously the rewards are far greater if you win!
  • Most of the time when you play, you will spot one or more Mystery Crates on the board. If you drop a piece which lands on the same space as the Mystery Crate, it will open, usually giving you a reward. Rewards include such things as additional Energy, Experience, or Coins. Though, rarely, Mystery Crates may also be empty.
Cities of Legend
  • The larger the chain links you make with pieces on the board, the faster your Attack Meter will charge. You will need at least 3 pieces to make a link. Links may be made vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You can even make combinations of these three for massive points!
Cities of Legend
  • When you win a fight, you will be given a reward. Keep on fighting and you will unlock new Locations, which are also shown on the map. Completing a location will unlock an Achievement banner, displayed in your Home, as well as unlocking the next location.
Cities of Legend
  • As you fight, you will also gain experience. The more experience you gain, the more you will increase in level. As you obtain new levels, you will also unlock new characters and Power Ups, which may be purchased in the Shop.
  • You can access the Shop from both Home and prior to fights. There are many options to choose from, so be sure to read through the descriptions! Some items will require a certain number of coins, or a certain level, before they can be purchased.
Cities of Legend
  • Occasionally from the Home screen, a special mission will appear in the lower right corner. You can accept this mission for much higher rewards than normal fights would offer upon successful completion.
Cities of Legend
  • Keep fighting! The more you fight, the more you will level up, unlock new locations, and help your side in the battle between the Republic and the Rebels!

Tips and Tricks

  • A useful strategy to stick to while fighting is to try and save up your Attack Meter as much as possible. The more it’s charged, the more damage your attacks will do to the enemy.
  • Remember while playing not just to focus on your own pieces, but also those of your opponent. It’s just as important to make your links as it is to break theirs.
  • There should never be any unused Fight in your Attack Meter by the end of a fight, or it’s just a complete waste. Watch the remaining time carefully and make sure none of it is wasted or remaining by the end of a fight.
  • While the most common way for a fight to end is when the time runs out, you can also end it sooner by knocking out your opponent. Completely emptying their health meter via fighting will result in this.
  • Since fights are timed, so are turns. If you take too long during your turn, a 5 second countdown will ensue. If you do not make a move by the end of this, you will lose your turn outright. Though, you can also use this to your advantage, exploiting the countdown to run down the clock and keep your opponent from sneaking in an additional attack.
  • While rewards are offered for both winning and losing a fight, you will not receive any reward if you leave in the middle of a fight. You can leave in the middle of a fight via the Exit button in the lower corner of the screen.
  • Feel tired of fighting for the Republic, or for the Rebels? Not to worry. Occasionally, you will encounter Recruiters. These agents from the other side will try to bribe you into joining their side, so if you’re tired of fighting for one side, you can join the other in this manner.
  • Return to the game multiple days in a row for extra rewards.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Cities of Legend. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!