Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamezebo's walkthrough for Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual.CONTROLSHover your mouse over an object and click on it with the left mouse to interact with that object.Double left click an object to run to it, instead of walking.Right click an item in your inventory to examine it.Press F4 to view Dialogue, Journals, and Documents.Press F5 to save the game.Press F3 to load a game.Press F1 to view all the hotspots in an area. Alternatively press the ? mark on the bottom right…

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s walkthrough for Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual.


  • Hover your mouse over an object and click on it with the left mouse to interact with that object.
  • Double left click an object to run to it, instead of walking.
  • Right click an item in your inventory to examine it.
  • Press F4 to view Dialogue, Journals, and Documents.
  • Press F5 to save the game.
  • Press F3 to load a game.
  • Press F1 to view all the hotspots in an area. Alternatively press the ? mark on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Press Esc to quit listening to some dialogue.


Return to Game – Resume your current play session.

New Game – Start a new game.

Load Game – Load a previous game session.

Graphics Options:

  • Shadows and Special Effects – Turn off or on to maximize performance.
  • Background Animation – Turn off or on to maximize performance.
  • Subtitles – Turn off or on to show subtitles
  • Save the Screen Ratio –

Sound Options:

  • Music – Move the slider up or down. Move to the left to decrease music volume, move to the right to increase sound.
  • Effects – Move the slider up or down. Move to the left to decrease effects, move to the right to make them louder.
  • Dialogues – Move the slider up or down. Move to the left to decrease spoken audio, move to the right to increase sound of the dialogue.
  • Global – Move the slider up or down. This affects all the sounds in the game. Move to the left to turn down all sounds, move to the right to make the game louder.

Movies – Watch cut scenes you have already watched.

Credits – Watch the credits.

Exit – Exit the game.


The game begins with a cut scene showing four people carrying what seems to be a chest of some kind. An accident accidentally opens the chest, unleashing something. The camera pans out and you are taken to a room where Sylvie Leroux is asleep on her desk. Her uncle Olivier calls her and tells her of a temple that was found in Malta, which she should investigate to help her with her research. She agrees to go to the temple and says she will be there the next day.

Your house

Start the game by investigating the desk (Press F1 to view what you can interact with in the room, this is very helpful). Click on the plane ticket to Malta to pick it up. Investigate the drawer and pick up your credit card, ID, your old photo. All of these items will be stored in your inventory, which is at the bottom of the screen. Click off to the bottom of your screen above your inventory to return to the room.

Next view the fireplace. You can click on each of the photos, which show your Uncle, Parents, and Grandmother. Clicking on the slider on the fireplace will turn off the fire. Return to the room.

Click on your suitcase to pick it up and add it to your inventory. Lastly, click on the door to leave. Sylvie will turn off the light, and then you will be taken out of the room.

Uncle Olivier’s House

When you arrive you will find that your uncle is missing. You must investigate to see if you can find clues to his whereabouts.

Start by checking his desk. Open the drawer and pick up the Flashlight, the Ballpoint Cartridge, your Uncles Photograph, and the Bottle of Dried glue, they may come in handy later. Leave the Desk.

Next check out the coffee table. Check the pipe, then check the Jewelry Box and pick up the Maltese Coins. After that, leave out of the room, you cannot check the Fragmented Paneling at this point so you will have to return later. Leave through the Hallway door.


First check the recess in the wall. The Vase in the recess has a pattern that is mismatched, so you must solve this puzzle. Click the five pieces of the vase so all the text faces forward as illustrated below.

There is nothing else to do in this room right now, so head upstairs into the Bedroom.

Uncles Bedroom

Start off by checking out his bedside table. Pick up the Sleeping Pills. Return to the room. There are some options here if you want to explore, such as the Family Photo on the desk, your baggage, the screen, Bonaparte’s Portrait, and a Perfume Oil on the left desk. Once you are done here, leave the room back down to the study.


Go back to the Fragmented Paneling. Use the Scooter key to pry the panel  open or use the Ballpoint pen. Doing this will bend the key, but you can now get your Uncles document from the secret area. Read the old volume, and a small cut scene will play. Right click the document that you obtained to read it. You now have to find Mr. Anderson. Leave the house to the street.


Once your outside you have a few places to go. First pick up that wire on the ground, it may come in handy later. Start by checking out the Workshop.


Talk to Stefano. Talk about your uncle, then ask to borrow the pliers if you need them. Keep talking to him and he will say his wife will take care of the house while you are gone. Finish talking to Stefano. Talk to Mr. Kawlata while having your key selected, he will repair your key for you, how nice of him. He will ask you to talk to his brother, so you will have to deliver the message: ‘This evening – no’. After that, leave for the Plaza.

Leave the area and Sylvie will put the pliers back down if you picked them up. Leave the area to the Plaza.


There’s actually nothing you can do here, unless if you want to talk to the old man by the statue, so continue on to the Backstreet.


Keep walking to the courtyard.


Here, pick up the Old Newspaper and the Leaky Ladle. After you collected those two items, head to the Marina.


Talk to Tore Kawlata. He is a gruff old guy who wants you to pay 5 Euros for a boat ride. Ask about your uncle. Tell him your message, and then return to Stefano in the Workshop.


The old man is gone now, but in his place is a watering can. Pick that up using the Leaky Ladle. Underneath the bench is a cane from the old man, don’t bother picking it up right now.


Talk to Stefano and ask about the key to get it back, good as new. Offer to pay him for his job. Leave the area back to Street.


There is a man that calls himself Granc, a police inspector. Talk to him and the conversation will end. Talk to him and ask about your Uncle. He will seem a bit strange and Sylvie won’t like him. Leave the area and return to the Marina.


The Parrot knows of Mr. Anderson, but he wants fish in return for information. You have to repair the Ladle to fetch the fish. Right click the Watering Can and then click the Can itself to get the Rose. Click the Rose in your inventory then click the Wires. Click the Rose with Wires now, then click the Leaky Ladle to repair it. Use the Repaired Ladle and click on the fish in the water to catch the fish. If you try to talk to the Parrot with the fish it will refuse because it is rotten, and instead tells you to feed it to a wild animal. However, the Parrot isn’t too smart and tells you the address, Pjazza Skola 5-R, which is in the Apartment. When trying to return Sylvie will set the net down, you won’t need it again. Go back to the Backstreet and click the Entry Phone. Click the button that says 5-R. Time to go to the excavation site, as he is not home.

Go to the scooter, and insert the key. Click on the key to go to Gozo and a cut scene will play.

Parking Lot in Gozo

Upon arrival check the Cactus Leaf and the Press ID. Go to the Camping area.


If you try to talk to the Archeologist he will want to see verification that you are part of the press. Right click the Dried Glue in your inventory, then click the Cactus, which will make a Bottle With Glue. Click on that Glue then click your Photo. Now click your photo and then click the ID that you found, making a fake Press ID. Now talk to the Archeologist and show him your ‘Press ID’. 

He will tell you that you have his permission to see the Ruins, not his though. Go to the Ruins.


There isn’t much here except for a spring. Investigate the spring, and use your Watering Can on the fresh water. You will need it for later. Carry on to the Temple.


Investigate the Underground Entrance. Talk to the Police woman there, and she will ask for a cup of coffee. Return to the Trailer to get some coffee.


Check out those cases. Pick up the Petrol. Next check the Trailer door, then you have to pick the lock. If your ballpoint cartridge isn’t bent yet, use it on the Grid near the ground to bend it. When or if it is bent, use the Bent Cartridge on the lock. Enter the Trailer.


Pick up the Spatula and Brush. Place your Flashlight on the hook above the desk to provide light to the room, then check the Desk. Collect the Metal Detector on the left, a Thermos of Coffee behind the Laptop, 4 Photographs of Sculptures in the drawer, a photograph of a tablet, and a photo you will print out when you turn on the laptop and then click the screen. Once you have all of that, turn off the computer, then return to the room. Click the printer to collect your photo. Right click the new items in your inventory to investigate them, then head back outside and go to the Temple.


Here, right click the Thermos and open the cap, you will need to put the sleeping pills in the coffee so you can get past the police woman. Once you have mixed the concoction, click the Sleeping Mixture and then click the police woman to put her to sleep. Once you have done this she will allow you to go inside the cave, which is too dark. Head back outside and you’ll find that the woman has fallen asleep. Go to the generator. Here you will need to fill up the Radiator with the fresh water you have in your Watering Can, fill up the gas can with the Petrol you nabbed by the crates, and then flip the on switch when you’re done. Head back in the cave.


Head down to the chamber, and then check out the Portal near the back to see a vision of a Knight. Once that’s done, check out the Portal and Frame, then head back outside. A cut scene will play when you are about to leave. Once outside, check out Fresh Site. Use your metal detector to find a beeping spot, then use the Spatula followed by the brush to uncover XVI century signet ring. Pick it up. Everything is done here, so head back to your scooter and go back to La Valletta.

Your Uncles House

Ah it feels good to be home after a long night out! Head outside and go to the Apartment to check if Mr. Anderson is home yet. Remember, the Apartment is 5-R, so click the 5th button. Head into the tenement house.

Talk to the man named James, he will tell you about the Knights Hospitaller. He will need the book which is still in the Paneling Fragment in your Uncles Study to help him along with his research, so go get it for him. You will have another vision, one you have already seen before. Go back to James, click on the book, then click on James. He will thank you for the book, so keep talking to him. Offer to show him the photographs of the stone artifacts, and finish talking to him by choosing all the dialogue options. You now must go talk to Henry back at Gozo, so head back to the scooter.


Since we are back here, we ate looking for the archeologist. Head down to the temple and feel free to chat up the female tourist on your way. Once at the temple go to the fresh site and talk to Simon. James will give you a call now, and tell you about an art collector in Istanbul. His address is Galatesaray 23 run by a woman named Fiana Flatow. Head back to your scooter.


Chat up the rickshaw owner if you please, then head to the Street.


There is Fiana’s Flatow, how convenient. Click on the window to check it out. Go right to the Crossroads.


Enter the Art Gallery through the front entrance. Fiana Flatow is in the rear of the building, so go talk to her. Your conversation will be about random things, such as your uncle or garden gnomes. Show her the ring, then exit the gallery. Outside again, talk to the trader. After you are done talking to him, go up the Small Street.

Small Street

There is an advertisement above the car, check it out. Take a peek inside the car and see a vicious cat. Head back to the Street by the rickshaw and take that back alley to the Courtyard by the vehicle.


Pick up that Poker on the ground first off. Investigate the Bin on the ground, and use the Poker to get the Rubber Ball from the bin. Head back to the Cabriolet on the Small Street.

Small Street

Place the ball under the front wheel as illustrated, then check out the car. Place the fish on the Shelf and watch the cut scene. Apparently the cat doesn’t like rotting fish, so it runs off. Check back in the car and move the Gear Stick to Neutral, then back out and use the Poker Stick on the Rubber Ball. Sylvie runs off to the Courtyard, and a bang is heard. Head into the Plaza with Bins, and a small puzzle will start.


You have to move the Bin and Crate in front of the Gallery Back. First move the Bin up one square, then pull it left one. Walk around to the back of the Bin and push it forward one more. Walk around the area to the bottom of the Bin, and push it up 3 squares. Next move onto the Box. Pull it down one space, then pull it right 3 spaces. Walk around behind it and push it once more into the corner. Pull it up one and walk around again and push it up. Once you have done that, click on the Gallery Back area, watch the cut scene, and then you will be in the warehouse.


It’s pretty dark in the back of the warehouse, so lets check out what we can see right now. Search the desk and you will find a Scarf, and a Business card and Powder Case in the purse. You can right click on the business card right now to find out more about it, and you will see that it is written in Hebrew. Search behind the wardrobe and you will find a Bicycle Chain and Bicycle Pump on the wall. Once you have those, combine the Powder Case and the Scarf to make a Scarf with powder-case. Click this item and place it on the hooks where the chain and pump were to make a make-shift light. Click on the mirror to adjust where the light goes. Perfect, now we can continue to the back of the gallery.

Gallery Back

When you enter the room you will find a light switch illuminated by the light from the other rooms window. Flip it on to make the room light up. You won’t be able to enter the Art Gallery, so investigate the crate on the left. You will need to pry it open, so use your poker stick to open it. You will find the Gozo tablet in the big crate, but it is too heavy to take it. Open the smaller crate on the right to find the 4 small stone cubes. Click on all of them, then leave. A cut scene will play and you will be knocked out. Sylvie get’s thrown out of the Art Gallery and the stones are gone from you. Someone stole them from you and it wasn’t the guards…

James will call you now, so head to the rickshaw owner and talk to him to give him the chain and pump.

Your Uncles Apartment

Someone went through the apartment while you were gone and was looking for something. Check upstairs in the bedroom to make sure nothing is missing, then head outside to the Street.


Inspector Granc is outside so chat to him. He will tell you his theory of your uncle again, nothing very important, so once you are done talking to him go to the Tenement House and buzz 5-R to talk to James Anderson. Go upstairs and talk to him. Once you have talked with James and have chosen every option, head back outside. Go toward the Marina. A cut scene will play and a strange man is following Sylvie, scaring her back. Go talk to James about this, and he will tell you that someone also searched his place, although nothing went missing. Since you have nothing else to do in town, it’s time to head to Gozo again to talk to that archeologist.


When you get off your scooter there is a van there with the same crates as you saw in Istanbul. You can’t access the van yet, so head over to the Trailer to find the archeologist. Walk up to the trailer door and you will listen in on Henry’s conversation. He’s the one that hit you back at Fiona’s Flatow! Steal his key off his baggage on the ground, then head back to that van. Use the key you just took on the lock on the back of the door, then enter the van. There is a small blue toolbox in the van, so open that and take the Chisel and Hammer.

Look at the small crate and use the hammer on the nails, and then use the Chisel on the top to pry it open. The four stones are there, so take them. Replace the crate cover. Look at the larger crate and then use the hammer on the two sets of nails. Use the Chisel on the cover like last time, and examine the tablet. Replace the cover then leave the van. Uh-oh, Henry is coming, so you hide in the van. He drives the van to the airport and loads it on a plane. Where are we going to?

Use the Chisel on the van door to get yourself, which will break the Chisel. You are now in a courtyard.

First explore the area by going to the Archway at the left side of the screen, then go to the Archway at the end of the hall. You will eavesdrop on a Cardinal and Henry. Go back to the Courtyard and examine the thing Next to the Fountain, a pillar which will be used as a battering ram. Go to the window with planks and use your hammer on the nails to get yourself a plank, for leverage; there is also a broom leaning up against the wall so take that as well. Go to the potted plant near the bottom left and you’ll obtain some soil.

Go to the fountain and plug the hose into the faucet and turn the valve, however it will not flow because it is clogged with algae. Re-examine the pillar that is on the ground and use your plank on the column element. Place the soil on the wet ground in front of the hose to provide a slippery surface for the pillar. Use the broom on the soil you just put down to spread it out. Click on the plank and watch the cut scene. Leave the area and go outside through the broken Entry to the Street.


There is a café to the right and street to your left, so go there and talk to the taxi driver. You find out that you are at the Vatican! Finish talking to him and go to the Bough, the bush, against the wall. Go back to that café and watch the cut scene. Take the wet napkins off the table, then return to where you saw Henry and the Cardinal talking. They are gone now so enter the room.

Examine the fireplace in the room and pick up the shovel. Look at the ledge above the fireplace, it is very dirty so you’re going to have to clean it. Attach your napkin to your bough and then take the Thread off the fabric hanging off the furniture in the room, it is at the bottom left. Attach that to strengthen your cleaning device. Look at the fireplace and use the broom to sweep away the soot to uncover some symbols. You will have to press the buttons on the top mantle to activate the puzzle.


When you uncover the symbols on the floor they will be in order from left to right. You have to click tiles on the top in the same order you found them in. You can use either the broom or shovel to press them. Clean off the middle tile with the bough and napkin first. The order is this:

Once you have that done, use the shovel quickly to jam the passage way open.


First grab some stones off the pile to the bottom left of the screen. When the platform is on its way up place a stone in the spot that says crack. Sylvie is slow so you will have to do it right before it arrives at the top. If you have done it right the platform should get jammed. Do this again for the second one and continue on to the Storage.


Pick up the Cap, Scotch Tap, Feather Duster, Nun’s Apparel, and Packing Paper. Enter the screen, you will come out dressed as a Nun. Enter the Hallway.


Use the Packing Paper on the Stones in your inventory and put them together. Right click the package to wrap it, then use the scotch tape to seal it. Talk to the Security Guard now. Enter the Study and talk to the Cardinal. Once you are finished talking to him you will automatically start cleaning. Once you leave the room go to the Garden.


Pick up the garden shears. Go to the Garden by the Wall towards the left. Talk to Anderson over the phone, then examine the Recess. Use your garden shears to cut the roses and vines off the wall. Go back to the Garden. Along the Low Wall in the Garden there are Stone Elements, pick up the stones numbered 1, 2, 4, and 7, you will need them first.

Work your way up the wall, using the first stones you picked up, then go back and get 3, 5, 6, and 8 to fill in the rest of the blanks. Climb the wall. You can’t get down to the Taxi, you need a long rope first. Go back to the Cardinal.

Search the Desk, and take the Ballpoint pen, a Sheet of Paper. Use the pen on the package with the stones, then return the pen. Right click the feather duster to get a feather, and combine that with the soot-blackened broom. Combine the dirty feather with the sheet of paper. Right click the paper, and it will read 1565.

Push the ladder to the right, and climb up and examine the portrait. Use the duster over the top of the painting, and a key will fall down. Pick it up. Use the key on the lock on the very left side of the frame. Examine the safe in the wall, and dial the code: 1565. Pick up both items and examine them in your inventory.

A cutscene will play. Replace the items. Leave the room, and drop off your parcel in the Trolly. Pick up the candle in the hallway and combine It with your bottle cap to get a cap full of wax. Return to the safe and open it again, and take the ring. Combine the ring and the cap to get an imprint of the ring in the wax. When you leave the room the security guard will be gone. Go back in the study and push the ladder to the left. Use the shears on both Curtain Ropes to get two ropes. Combine them in your inventory for a long rope. Go to the Recess back through the Garden and to the top of the wall.

Combine your Bound ropes with your hammer and use the new item on the Embrasure. Climb down the wall to the Street. Talk to the Taxi driver and give him your Flowers. Time to head to the airport!

Your Uncles House

Check the mailbox downstairs. There will be 3 packages waiting for you, the stones, a letter from James, and a check for your Scooter. Once you have checked everything in your inventory, go to Mr. Kawlata to have your ring duplicated. The old man is back in the Plaza, and he tells you to go to Gozo to find your Uncle. Go to the Marina now to deliver the message: This evening – yes! to Tore. Once you delivered the message go back to Mr. Kawlata and pick up your replica. Go to your scooter and go to Gozo now.


There is another car there, James car. Head straight for the Temple. Examine the Portal and then check the Telescope. Go into the Underground.


James is missing, but that won’t stop you from solving the riddle. Check out the bottom left Pedestal and place the first Stone Cube on it. Go counter clock wise and place all the stones on the Pedestals. Once you have all four placed, examine the first pillar. You have to rotate the segments in the correct order. Sylvie will say something if you are right, so there is no second guessing. Here is the order:

There is one more, but I’m sure if you’ve made it this far you can figure that one out. Once you have that done, sit back and enjoy the rest of the game.