Charming Keep Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Charming Keep is part idle clicker, part tower building game from Mighty Games. It’s pretty simple stuff early on, having you work to build the most charming looking keep of them all, but there’s a lot going on here. While you can do things inefficiently and slowly, there are plenty of tactics available to speed things along.

Gamezebo’s Charming Keep Tips, Cheats and Strategies provides you with the necessary starting places for building the best keep out there.

The Basics

charming keep tips cheats strategies

  • Timings are everything in Charming Keep. Each floor of your Keep takes a certain length of time to refresh and dish out some coins. The lower the level, the faster it is. Early on, you have to tap on the gold bag to collect the money, but there are far more efficient ways of doing things.
  • A helper is what you need and you can buy these easily enough once you’ve gained sufficient funds. Focus on buying helpers above all else. By automating the process, everything speeds up and you’re able to leave the game alone for extended periods.
  • Not all helpers are the same though, and nor are the floors you build.
  • Each time you unlock a new floor level, you’re given a choice of three shops. Some are better than others. You can see the percentages underneath them, giving you a head’s up on how quick they are or how much money they’ll provide you. Obviously, go with the higher percentages.
  • It’s a similar case with helpers as you can match certain helpers to certain floors. Always check out what’s available to you as bigger percentages mean bigger gains again. It can make a huge difference to your progress.

Money Matters

charming keep tips cheats strategies

  • See the creatures at the bottom of your keep? Tap them to earn some money. The higher the level of your keep, the more money you’ll gain. However little or much it happens to be, it’s worth it for a split second of your time.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your shops. By doing so, you earn more money in the long run. As well as that, each time you reach certain milestones (levels 10, 25, 50, 100, and so on), you speed up your production making quite a difference.
  • The game gives you a head’s up when new upgrades are available via an exclamation mark so keep an eye out for these and go nuts.
  • Try to level things up equally. If all your floors reach a milestone together, you gain an additional speed bonus.

When to Switch to a new Keep

  • After you’ve reached the 10th floor of your keep, you can rescue princes/princesses. This is the only way you can then unlock another keep and move onto the next stage.
  • Work on collecting more royalty before you switch to a new Keep. It ultimately leads to more profit in the long run.

The Importance of Ads

charming keep tips cheats strategies

  • Ads are dull to watch but they’re important to earning you more. Every time you log back into the game after an extended break, you’re given the choice to watch an ad to double your money. Do so.
  • Similarly, when in game, you can watch an ad to double your profits for 4 hours. It’s worth doing if a little dull.
  • Don’t be afraid to use diamonds to skip ahead with time, but don’t waste them on something that could be easily replaced via an advert.

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