Chain Chronicle Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Tom Christiansen |

So you’re playing Chain Chronicle, and you want to make sure your party of heroes is functioning to the best of their abilities. If this is the first you’re hearing of Chain Chronicle, do check out our review, as it will catch you up on what to expect from the game. And if you’re already on your adventure, be sure to take Gamezebo’s Chain Chronicle Tips, Cheats and Strategies into consideration as you set off on your adventure through the world of Chain Chronicle.

Stop Trying To Hit Them and Hit Them

chain chronicle tips cheats strategies

The basic attacks of your heroes are limited to only hitting one enemy at a time. One arrow will strike one enemy, one sword-swing will slash one enemy. However, you can bend the rules a little with the heroes’ special abilities.

If used correctly, you can inflict damage on multiple lanes of enemies with one good special attack.

A clever player will even utilize the soldier’s dash ability to dash out past a stronger enemy and let that enemy box itself between two heroes who can utilize special abilities that will hit the enemies in their own lanes, as well as the boxed-in enemy.

Archers To The Back

chain chronicle tips cheats strategies

You’ll want your front-line to be an immovable barrier of steel. Unfortunately the soldiers and knights have no ranged attacks, leaving them vulnerable to enemies who deal ranged damage. By keeping the back row clear of other units, you are free to move your archer to the top, middle, and bottom rows as necessary.

Of course, this is assuming you keep an archer in your party. Which you totally should.

Stretch Your Little Legs

chain chronicle tips cheats strategies

It took me a bit to realize this, but you can actually move your soldiers and knights off of the grid, to engage the enemy on the left half of the screen.

The downside to this is that this typically moves them out of the safe range of the healer (who you want to keep safely behind friendly units).

The main reason for sending a unit off the grid would be to engage a particularly tough enemy, to buy time and allow the archer a few extra moments to whittle away at the enemy’s HP bar. If the brave combatant perishes, you should have a fresh reinforcement coming in from your stand-by party group…if you play your cards right. Quite literally.

Keep Your A-Team in A+ Shape

chain chronicle tips cheats strategies

Your main party should be where you utilize your stat boosters.

The clumsy menu system in Chain Chronicle makes it annoying to have to figure out which members of which party need upgrades more than the others. So if you just focus your attention, and upgrade cards, on your main party, that will save you time trying to figure out where you should place your cards and who should be upgraded.

Meet My Best Friend, Skip

chain chronicle tips cheats strategies

Some players will greatly enjoy Chain Chronicle’s lengthy story-bits in between the game’s levels.

For those of you who are not interested in the story, don’t worry, a skip button is readily available that can propel you to the parts of the game that really matter to you. Apart from the opening tutorial, when you elect to skip over a segment, the game brings you to anything you may need to know anyway…so you don’t miss out on anything important.

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